Encounter On Lookout Mountain, Terry Bennett, 9/06/20

Synopsis by Seaborn Hall, 10/08/20

CS Synopsis/Commentary: At about 38:00 forward. God is not concerned with dates, He is concerned with readiness. The issue is not time, it is readiness. The New Testament writers believed the Lord would return in their time – they were not wrong. Readiness will bring the return of the Lord and nothing else.

The church needs to get ready for conflict, for lack of supplies and basic goods.

At about 48:00. God refers to the 2020’s as ‘the blazing 20’s.’ At about 53:30 – What will occur over the next 9-10 years? About 1:30 Terry’s encounter with Jesus and the red robe. God’s arising will mean judgment in the house of God, then judgment in the nations. The sign of the end will be the nations of Europe in Civil War. The False resurrection of the Anti-Christ. America is on the threshold of civil war now.

About 1:38…Years ago Gabriel pinpointed the time of America’s civil war as 2020-21. The DOW is going to drop further than 2008 this time. When? Be ready people.

We are about to see the toppling of governments right before our eyes. The climax of the 2015 seven-year period? Russia will attack communism so it can be free from communism. Be wise as the ant and store up supplies and food. A hidden remnant will be inwardly ready. John Paul Jackson told Terry this in heaven. He is not dead.

About 1:45…There will be a hostile takeover of the organized church system by Babylon the harlot.

If we are ready, the Lord will return in our lifetime. If not, He will push it to another generation.

About 1:49, the False prophet, false power, and false signs. Violence coming in the U.S.

The woman and the dragon of Revelation 12.

The time we live in and what we now face in the 2020’s.