Evaluating our Interpretation of Dana’s First Two Dreams – Where We Were Wrong and Why

Seaborn Hall, 1/16/21


Our interpretation of Dana Coverstone’s first two prophetic dreams had a large positive slant. We titled that interpretation, Literary Irony and the Positive Message in Dana Coverstone’s Prophetic Dreams. We subtitled it, How God Will End This Present Crisis. At the present place that we are in current events, that positive spin on Dana’s dreams appears to be wrong.

Here we evaluate how and why and seek to learn from the mistakes that we made.

Dana’s First Dream

Dana’s first dream pointed to March and to June, underlining and tapping both months three times. We all know what happened in March – the coronavirus became an official ‘pandemic’ and the stock market and the economy crashed.

What happened in June 2020? The economy began reopening and there was hope that the coronavirus surge had peaked. But now we know that that was premature, to some extent.

Over and over in June 2020 there were protests and other symbols of Black Lives Matter taking over the nation in various ways. There were protests due to the George Floyd killing all over the world and another man, Rayshard Brooks, was killed in Atlanta which sparked further protests. In St. Louis a couple was forced to draw weapons to protect their home – they were subsequently charged by the St. Louis prosecutor instead of the criminals.

As Dana’s first dream predicted there was much chaos during the first half of the year and it was signified by what happened in both March and June.

Dana’s Second Dream

Dana’s second dream points to the months of September and November. The finger taps on September three times, then the fist decimates the calendar in November.

What were the main current events in September 2020? The only events of large significance were Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s death and an assassination attempt on President Trump’s life when ricin was sent to the White House. Later in the month Amy Coney Barrett was nominated as a new Supreme Court justice and President Trump and Joe Biden engaged in their first Presidential debate.

More minor noteworthy events in the month: President Trump was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize, he formed the 1776 Commission, wildfires destroyed much of California and Oregon, protests broke out in Rochester, NY over a previous police killing, and Authentic won the Kentucky Derby.

As to Part 2 of Dana’s dream, we would have to focus on the major events above to find significance in the underlining and the finger tapping the month three times. This certainly seemed to us to point to the death of Ginsburg and the subsequent nomination of Amy Coney Barrett. But, if it does, how that plays into the events of the calendar – if at all – is still to be determined. So far, the Supreme Court has refused to get involved in the election controversy.

What significance has the fist in decimating the calendar in November? At the time we said that this was the fist of God and the explosion of the calendar was a good thing – that it represented God ending the crisis, tearing it apart, and bringing His justice. At present, that remains to be seen, but our interpretation is not looking good.

The Meaning of the ‘Fist’

The fist of November, in retrospect, seems to refer to one thing – the stealing of the election and the apparent victory of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris to the Office of President and Vice-President. If this is what it means, then it seems to destroy our neat little ‘literary irony’ interpretive slant on Dana’s first two dreams.

If we totally throw out the ‘literary irony’ element of our interpretation and just focus on the obvious it certainly now appears that the fist is the fist of God shaking the United States by the apparent election of Joe Biden as President. The dream then depicts the chaos that will result from that event. For many Americans this then destroys the calendar as we know it – it stops our lives and leads to a level of chaos in America that we have just begun to see. This is certainly not a positive development at all.

The Gargoyles being lifted off the ground in the air would then represent the increased power of evil to control the nation. Their control is leading to the chaos in the dream that is seen previously – including economic hardship and loss. This part of the dream, in part 2, could be symbolic of persecution of the church coming under a Biden presidency.

When you look at the dream in this light – a more simple and direct interpretation – given the warning of ‘Brace yourself’ at the end it appears to suggest a heightened chaos from November forward. This is more in keeping with where we are at present.

Why Did We Get it Wrong?

How did we get it so wrong?

If the modified interpretation based on a Biden Presidency is correct, then we projected the positive prophecies of Trump winning the election – and our own need and desire for that to happen – on to Dana’s dream and let that shape our view of what it was saying instead of listening to the dream and its context more clearly. This is a common interpretive mistake known as Confirmation bias.

Confirmation bias is “bias that results from the tendency to process and analyze information in such a way that it supports one’s preexisting ideas and convictions.” Even when you are aware of confirmation bias it is easy to be its victim. We appear to have just illustrated this with much of our interpretation of Dana’s first two dreams.


That said, we are not quite ready to give up on our ‘literary irony’ slant so quickly. Is this fist the fist of circumstances of the devil or is it the fist of God? We would still maintain that it is God’s fist, His justice come to bring His will, however eventually, to what is happening in the U.S. It is just going to play out in a different time frame and in a slower and more difficult manner than we previously thought.

At present, we appear to have been wrong – but we need to wait a little longer to find out for sure.

God’s timing is always different than ours and things tend to play out in the natural much more slowly than we think they will when God speaks to us. This is because when God speaks to us we see things from a ‘big picture’ perspective, from a position overlooking all the events – like we’re in a helicopter or a plane. Like we are an eagle soaring above it all.

The playing out of the events is different, more like the perspective of the ground soldier that has to fight through each individual battle to get to the ultimate goal and the victory of the war.

Stay tuned for how everything plays out over time.