Seaborn Hall, 8/22/19

Re: Philippines Emerges As Hub Of Global Dark Web, Asia Times

This one is too crazy to believe but the sad thing is that many people will believe it – quotes from Facebook about how Duterte’s election led to Trump’s election and Brexit, and the writer of this article buys into it all!

This is another example of the global media’s insane bias – we would call it ‘deceptive reporting’. They twist the truth, reverse it, calling the lie the truth and the truth a lie, and project their own pernicious attitudes and actions onto the side they attack. 8chan may have begun in the Philippines -that’s about the only truth in this piece from what we see.

The Philippines may also may be ground zero for the dark web – but if it is, it is a place for Facebook, Twitter, Google and You Tube to test their dishonest, liberal slant and algorithms churning out news that is much more like propaganda every day. The ‘dark web’ of liberal news may be social media platforms in the Philippines, which have much more influence over the populace – especially the poor and the young – than any legitimate or traditional news form.

What everyone should be asking is, ‘Why is the global media after Duterte and the Philippines in such a big way?’ Could it be that, like Trump, Duterte is taking on elitism and corruption, and fighting for federalist causes in a big, and increasingly successful campaign?