Note: CS uses the standard graduate school grading system on films, where A is the very top grade (there is no A+).

This is an old, classic film with Gregory Peck and Dorothy McGuire, nominated for 8 Oscars and the winner of 1947 Best Picture. It is easy to see why as you watch it. Directed and written (with Moss Hart) by Elia Kazan and based on Laura Z. Hobson’s bestselling novel the film is groundbreaking for its time. It deals with the subject of anti-semitism when a successful gentile journalist concocts the idea to impersonate a Jew to determine the real nature of racial bias in America. It not only upsets his whole life but his new relationship with a woman that he has hoped will become his wife.

The insight and subtlety with which the script – and we assume the novel – deals with racial bias of any kind is still relevant in contemporary America. It reminds us of the insight and moral clarity that used to come out of some in Hollywood. Jane Wyman has a small role and Dean Stockwell plays the young boy. If you haven’t watched this film, it is a must-see. You can find it here on Amazon, or on You Tube.

Grade: A