Maybe its just me, but having seen the London stage version of Mama Mia, then the New York Broadway version shortly after it opened, Mama Mia, Here We Go Again, or any version, remains a musical for the stage, not the screen.

Sure, this version is just fine and it probably beats the first one – if only because Meryl Streep and Pierce Bronson have much smaller roles and hardly feature in the singing. Lily James does fine as the younger ‘Donna’ and the talented Amanda Seyfried hardly disappoints in any role, much less this one. Much has been made of how Cher steals the show – but the truth is she hasn’t been seen in so long and looks so good for her age, all she had to do was to walk on screen to accomplish that. Plus, she introduces two of the best ABBA songs featured in this, Part 2 of the film musical series.

Still, I’d much rather see this on stage with a stellar vocal cast than at the movies.