Nita Johnson, May 2019


Then we have something glorious! The mantle that was upon Moses is going to be given to those who have been prepared to wear it. People think that if they like somebody’s ministry they can just decide that this is what God needs to give them too. When in actuality, you don’t decide what ministry you’re called to. God does. He creates you for the ministry He calls you to and as such, He already knows who He has created and who He has put in place in order to anoint this individual with the mantle of Moses. What was the major thing that Moses said? “Let my people go.” It is this mantle that is going to be given. God is going to set aflame certain individuals with these powerful mantles to confront Satan face to face, and their message will be: “Let my people go.” And they will move in such signs and wonders that any nation that wants to terrorize the Church will fall. They will fall before the power of God through these Moses’. They will move in great signs and wonders. 

Great miracles and healings will happen. Do you remember how the Bible said that Moses brought them out and not one was infirmed? Not one needed healing. Not only that, not one feeble was among them. God moved in a supernatural miracles to enable these people to walk and to run. When He sends His Moses Company forth again, He is going to give the same miracles to the Church, and there will not be one among us that will be sick or infirmed. Not one. If you are worried about healthcare, you will not need to worry. If you will believe God for your health, He will grant it to you. Just like He is going to give it to me. I am telling you, when He gives it, you are going to be shouting and dancing. As am I! He is going to give it, but it is for a kairos moment. He’s going to work a great work through this Moses Company! 

The Elijah Company is soon going to be called forth. This will be very soon, in order to help bring the Church out of Egypt. What was the other thing Moses was used for? To bring the people of God out of Egypt, so if you are not ready to leave Egypt, don’t pray for those Companies to come forth. Because when they come, you are going to wake up, and you are not going to want Egypt any more. Contrariwise, there are going to be some difficulties nipping at our heels to make sure that we don’t become like Lot’s wife so when it’s time to come out of Egypt, we’re going to go. Amen? 

Obama and the Elite: 

Now the Elite are trying to destroy our government, but God is going to restore our government. It’s not going to be what we are dealing with now. He really is going to give us a government that the Lord Jesus Christ is going to carry upon His shoulders. It seems kind of utopic, doesn’t it–to say something like that? America has never been perfect, and I am sure that America will not be perfect in the future. Notwithstanding, Jesus uses imperfect people to do great things, and He really is going to give us people who love Him, who love righteousness, and who want to give America a righteous backbone. God is going to do that, if you will pray. I know our prayer list is getting long; restoration of government, of science, of economy, of education, of military, of banking, and restored favor with the nations. But, if we will be faithful, God will honor our faithfulness because it is His will to restore this nation and when we pray according to His will, it shall be done! 

Jesus told me that America was created to be a Father of nations. He is going to fulfill His purpose. So when America is restored to favor, America is going to have the heart to be a father—a righteous father to the nations. We are going to have a time when the Lord’s glory is going to be seen as vast as the waters covering the sea. Yes, we must pray, and we must not grow weary, and we must not let anything harm our faith. 

There are going to be continued revelations of secret things, big and small. This will continue. These outstanding revelations that we’ve been seeing have been because we have been praying for God to reveal the wickedness under the covers. We prayed that He would uncover it, and He is! So more revelations are going to come, but our faith has to be strong enough to hold onto this, right? We can’t just back up and say, “Well! With what I see in this nation, He just needs to destroy it.” No, that is not the heart of God. When the revelations come, we say, “Oh praise God! He’s hearing our prayers! And He’s revealing the secret and hidden things so He can deal with the corruption in our land.” Remember, it is the beginning of something grand. So keep praying. You keep praising. The American people are going to get to the place where they are just not going to put up with it anymore. And that is what we need to pray over as well—that God’s grace will come upon this nation to stand up against unrighteousness. 

To be continued next week!