…the context of the entire revelation is unclear here – so CS wonders if the timing is different than Neville supposes here as well. For example, in this piece from Z3 News (whose interpretations CS does not endorse, but is a source of Neville’s words), Neville predicts that 2015 will be a hallmark year of trauma for the US. This did not occur, so apparently, either God delayed these events, or there was some misinterpretation or misapplication of the revelation.

The full text of the revelation, from November 2014, a record of an experience Neville had on Yom Kippur that year, may be accessed here. It provides a better context to interpret the full revelation.

Note that Neville – like the writer of the book of Revelation – interacts with both a ‘heavenly visitor’ (whom another place he identifies as Joseph), and an angel. Note that the sequence “Shake, Expose, Transfer,” will start first in the church, then in the world.

As with any revelation, there are many things that are difficult to understand within this piece. Here is one such passage relative to the timing of fulfillment, towards the end:

“This heavenly visitor also spoke to me saying that within [bold italics, CS emphasis] seven years it will be impossible for Christians to buy or sell. I knew this was a reference to Revelation chapter 13 verses 16-17. The word “within” [bold, CS emphasis] was not a definitive time period but reflected a time period somewhere within that time frame” [bold italics, CS emphasis].

Exactly what the bold portions of the above statement means is hard to discern. But, since earlier Neville says that a crisis will happen in the US in 2015 and that did not unfold as he predicted, it seems rational to interpret the rest of the revelation for being for a later date as well. For example, Neville writes:

“I saw Japan being shaken by Volcanoes and earthquakes in a way that had repercussions around the world. I saw upheavals in Thailand. I saw China taking a much firmer grip on Hong Kong (This was before the recent demonstrations in Japan). There will be clashes in the South China Sea.

Australia will be impacted but will stand the shaking for now. New Zealand, hidden things will come to light and ethnic unrest will increase. In the USA a great shaking will occur with the present administration. 2015 will see events in government occur which will cause a shaking in the USA that has never been seen before [bold italics, CS emphasis]. The government will be in turmoil and change will be forced upon the nation. Seeds of revival will begin to sprout in the UK in the midst of turmoil.”

None of these events has occurred. At most, we could say that shaking of the nations has just begun. The earthquake in Japan being one example, the recent Mexican earthquakes another. The recent US hurricanes, a repeat of a 2005 sequence, perhaps another.

CS Interpretation

CS interprets the statement of the ‘heavenly visitor’, who Neville identifies elsewhere as Joseph, as pointing to the Scripture in question as to the time fulfillment. That is, what Joseph meant was not that the events would begin immediately – but that the events laid out would begin once the events in Revelation 13 begin to unfold.

Have those events, the events of Revelation 13, yet begun? No. And they appear to be years in the future at this point.

That said, it is interesting that as of October of 2017 we can see certain elements of this word manifesting now in the US and globally: multiple severe earthquakes, hurricanes, + Celebrities, pastors, and politicians beginning to be exposed for their sin, corrupt acts, and/or hypocrisy.

The question is whether this indicates that we are already in the good seven year period – or, as with other prophetic pronouncements that have occurred that these are merely the ‘birth pangs’ of the word, a divine affirmation of it so to speak, and a sign, or indication, that this seven year period will come and begin at some future date.

This later statement is more reflective of CS’s present view. Presently, we are most likely experiencing the birth pangs of “Shake, Expose, Transfer” that will lead to the intensity and fullness of the process taking place in the Church.

For example, denominations are being split over theological issues at present. This is one example of a ‘shaking.’ Some pastors are having sin exposed and are resigning or are resigning voluntarily to pursue more humble and decentralized ministries. Once the church has gone through this process, the process will move to the nations and the world in greater intensity.

For now, this word has not been fulfilled, and in the opinion of CS, the seven year periods have not begun. At present, the US and the world is seeing birth pangs indicative of the future fulfillment of this word during the End Times described in Revelation 13.