Nita Johnson, World For Jesus Ministries, May 2019

Think about this: I want you to understand the power of prayer. The last time, all it took was with the shooting of one man and America exploded. This time, look what the Elite have done to try to stir up racial wars. It’s been issue after issue, yet, they have not been able to accomplish it because we have been praying. 

We must continue to keep praying and repenting of our treatment of the African-American people. We must ask God to intervene against the plans and purposes of the Elite. We want unity of heart and spirit, and one of the ways it’s going to happen is if African-Americans get saved. Only about five percent are saved. God is going to move in this nation in a mighty revival among the African-Americans. I’ve seen stadiums filled with African-Americans, and they are filled with people getting saved, healed, and filled with the Holy Ghost. I’ve seen it many times. God is not finished. He has to fulfill every promise He’s made to me because we are standing in the gap for this nation. Amen?

One of the major reasons that the Elite want this racial war to occur is to implement martial law. They are going to try to make it happen through financial triggers. However, they are also trying to make it happen through a crisis among the African-American community—racial wars! The Elite want martial law, and we have got to keep praying against that plan. Don’t be afraid to pray against it – and pray with passion. Ninety-nine percent of the people that come to our Gatherings really understand what we are doing and pray with a fervent passion. We also have this one percent of the people do not quite understand, are fearful, or even doubt the involvement of the Elite. When this happens, we must listen to what the Word says. The Bible tells us we are to pray for the place that we live in, that we may have peace. So when you have Christian friends who do not understand what you are doing with WFJM, pray for them. Encourage them with the Word, and pray for them. 

Jihadist ISIS:

I’m sure that most of you have heard about ISIS. Years ago, I was in New York and I was there to minister in a Chinese Church. The first night I was there, I went to sleep. And the angel of the Lord came to me, told me to wake up, that he needed to take me with him. He started taking me to nations where there was a Jihad going on. Every place he took me I saw similar things. He showed me city after city in nations. Some places he took me, the entire area was gone—like one of the islands down in Indonesia—one of their big islands—he took me to fly all over the island. He took me to the borders, to the beaches, to the borders of the islands. He would fly me high. Then we would go right down where I could see faces of the people who were laying all over the island. They were all dead. He said, “There is not a living soul on this island.” I said, “It looks like a bloodbath down there.” I was feeling physically ill over what I was seeing. “What happened?” I asked in horror! “It’s a Jihad”, was his response. He took me to nations all over the earth. I don’t know how long we were gone, but he would bring me back. I would be so traumatized, I would just lay there and cry. 

Finally, I’d fall asleep, and then I’d have a dream of seeing more places where the same thing was true. I’d wake up in horror, even terror from the dream, and the angel of the Lord would be standing right beside my bed, and he’d say: “It’s time to get up. I need to take you and show you some more.” He took me to places in France. He took me to places in the South Seas. He took me to places in Africa. All over. And what I would see in action is the Jihadists going all over, killing every person they saw. They would rape, kill, and pillage until everyone in the city or the village was dead. And then they would catch the whole city on fire. And I’d say to the angel, “What is this? What is this that you’re showing me?” And he’d tell me: It’s a new Jihad movement. Their plan is to go throughout the world. 

What we are seeing in ISIS is the beginning of what I saw then. We have got to pray, and we must pray hard that God is going to break the back of this thing so that it cannot prosper at this hour. Pray. God will listen to your prayers. I promise you He will. Don’t get discouraged. Don’t get overwhelmed. Your faith is able. Pray! Ask God to give you the burden. Remember that the ones they are chiefly going after are our brothers and sisters in other nations. You might say, well the Elite are the ones behind this. I know that, and so do you. So you need to pray for both ends: those who are doing it and those who are sponsoring it. Pray that God will perfect His will, perform His will, and stop this movement. Can you pray? Yes. Will He listen? Yes. I am your captain, and I’m giving you your assignment…write it down. Whether it’s on your computer, in your brain, or on a piece of paper, I don’t care as long as you remember and you pray. Tell the Lord, “Don’t let what Nita saw happen. Stop it. We command that these Jihadists be stopped. We don’t accept what you’re doing. We stand against you, in the name of Jesus.” Ask God to save them. You might say; well they are too evil to get saved. I’m glad no one thought that about Paul. So you’ll do it, right?