Nita Johnson, May 2019

[Prayer] How wonderful You are, Lord. How glorious You are. We cannot make it without You, Lord, and we are not ashamed nor are we afraid to declare our absolute reliance upon You. You are the Glory and the Lifter of our head. You are the love of the Father spread across our hearts, Lord. You are our Strength. You are the reason we live—Your purpose and Your plans. You are the reason we live. How beautiful is Your voice, Lord. How lovely You are. Who is like unto the Lord? Great and mighty, glorious in holiness. Majestic. None like You, O Lord. In Your precious name. Amen. [End of Prayer]

It hurts me when prophets speak to the people and yet they do not depict the true heart of God. It hurts me more than I can express. I have to keep telling myself that they just do not understand the effect they are having on the intercessors. Yet, as a prophet, it is our responsibility to ensure that we pray thoroughly over what the Lord gives us. 

I could share many things with you tonight, in fact, I could keep you here for hours but, we are only going to speak about the things that are the most critical. Sometimes, when prophets are finished speaking, you find that their words have taken your faith away making prayer nearly impossible. Isn’t that true? I want to say to you, shame on you if you continue to listen to prophets who steal your faith. Shame on you! You should protect your faith. I say again, my friends, you should protect your faith. How can the Church pray with no faith? How can the Church stand in the gap with no faith? If the prophets are speaking to you and you feel your faith grow faint, get up and walk out because your faith to God is more precious than gold. Do you believe that? 

Those who are praying today are standing in the gap so that God does not have to pour out His wrath. If that’s true, what does the devil want? He wants to take your faith and break it until you can no longer stand in the gap for the nation. Your prayers are of no value because you have no faith that God is going to listen to you. Now if you have a nation in America’s present state—you must stand in faith!  America is the blind one and in need of a Savior. You must stand! I love you guys. I’m so glad to see your faces. I’m so glad to be here tonight. And those who are online, who have stood with us week after week in our days of prayer—thank you. Thank you for standing in the gap for this nation. The day you get to heaven, you will find out how absolutely and utterly critical your prayers were. I am telling you the truth – Jesus told me this Himself; those who are interceding for this nation, that God’s glory and not His wrath will come upon America, are the ones who are building up the wall of protection around this nation. You are the ones that will stand before the Church in the end and God will say to the Church around the world, “These are those who stood in the gap and who were faithful in the hour of need.” 

I do not like it when prophets break the faith of God’s Church. I’ll never understand why they do it except that they just don’t know His heart. God is not so angry at America that He can’t stand the stench. He’s like a loving Father reaching out to the prodigal son, saying, “Don’t go any further! Don’t go any further! Stand for righteousness! Stand for righteousness!” But since those who are causing the most trouble can’t hear His voice, His Church must hear it and those who are willing to pray and stand in the gap will win this nation. If God’s wrath had to fall, it would not be because it was His desire. I promise you, what He wants and what He is calling out for and speaking into every heart that will listen is: “I love America. I want to save America. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray. Pray.” It is the most important thing you can do for this nation. 

I’ll never forget one time when God took me into the Spirit to meet Abraham Lincoln. The Lord took me into the Spirit and with tears, President Lincoln spoke to me and said to me that the thing this nation needs now more than anything else is prayer.

Jesus Himself, took me up onto a high mountain in Colorado, and He told me to look out across the nation. Suddenly, I could see the whole nation, and He began to weep for America. And He said to me, “Hear My heart. My heart is broken for this nation. Pray! Stand in the gap! Pray! And see what I will do.” How can you give up if the Lord has not given up? How can anyone listen to prophets who tell you that God is not interested in your prayers when the Lord Himself is weeping for America? How can you give up on your nation when Jesus doesn’t want to give up on her? 

When we came up here to Seattle and through our intercession, which was based on the revelations given by the Lord in order to help us gain the understanding of the things necessary to repent over in order for the land to be healed and stay the hand of judgment, the prophets contacted me. They emailed or called telling me I was wrong and that I didn’t know what I was doing up here—the judgment of the Lord was going to fall. It was going to fall right on time, and there was nothing I could do about it. And all I would say to them is, “Watch me. Jesus cares about the hundreds of thousands of souls in the Northwest, and He will stop this thing if we will pray.” What happened after our Seattle Gathering? Yes, that is right, nothing happened. Oh how exciting to see the truth revealed about God’s heart for this nation! He desires to see her saved! 

Why did the Lord intervene? Because Jesus loves America. He doesn’t want to tear this nation apart. What He wants is a holy nation. Can anyone understand that? Can anyone see it? Will you let your hearts be enlivened with the faith that you’ve got a God that cares about the land upon which you live? Now I’m getting too excited, but it excites me when I think about His love…… yes, it excites me when I think about His love.

I was taken into a terrible, terrible experience — I want to show you through this experience who is really after America. I was taken into an experience where Satan himself was trying to push me into a cesspool of sin. He had pushed many others there, and these people were trying to entice me into sinning within this cesspool of sin. I kept fighting and fighting.  

Finally, Satan grabbed me, and he pulled me up to himself. I was clothed in my full armor, but so was he. He couldn’t have put a sword through my armor, nor could I have put a sword through his but, he had only one thought in mind, and that was to kill me. As shocking as it seems, he was trying to push me down under the water to drown me, and using all of his might attempting to do so. I was like a willow tree compared to Satan’s might. But I knew I was standing because He who is in me is greater than he who is in the world. As Satan was trying to push me down, he was screaming this chant at me; “There will be sin in this nation! There will be sin in this nation!” He kept chanting it over and over—not saying it—chanting it, but in screaming language. Over and over and over again. He knew that the only way he could succeed was to destroy me. Why? Because I’m rousing the intercessors to pray and stand in the gap for this nation. 

CS Commentary: This is a great perspective on the prophetic and a great reminder to all who embrace or believe in the prophetic of its true purpose, God’s true heart, and that we should never allow anything prophetic to overwhelm us or discourage us. On the other hand, we disagree slightly with the perspective that the prophetic – whether genuine or not – should discourage us in the first place, and the reasons that it does at times.

We believe the primary reason that many believers are discouraged by supposed ‘negativity’ within some prophetic circles or among some prophetic voices is a lack of understanding of what the Bible says about it. If the church had been taught properly, the prophetic, or prophets, genuine or false, would have little power to discourage us in the first place.

For example, take a fairly recent prophetic announcement by Terry Bennett, featured on the Spiritual Life page, under ‘Must See Videos.’ Titled, ‘Warning: America Faces Possible Judgement in 2020-21,’ Terry makes clear in this prophecy that what he was told by the angle Gabriel about this period in America – a period that others have also prophesied about – was a warning meant to bring about repentance and prayer.


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