Prophecy Review: The Coming Perfect Storm, Full Version (video, left), John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

Seaborn Hall, 2/15/20

CS Commentary: JPJ first delivered the word in July of 2008. It was sent out to his mail list in August 2008. The video appears to be made later in 2008, but not posted till years later.

JPJ indicates that most of the word will begin to take place ten years in the future from the initial giving of the word, placing initial fulfillment around 2016. Again, timing is an issue in prophetic words and events can be delayed and pushed back by the church’s response and God’s grace and mercy. It appears this has happened.

Five Elements of the perfect storm begin at 3:20: Economic, Political, Religious, War, GeoPhysical. Multiple events, simultaneous and consecutive in each area of varying intensities. Why is this happening? At 5:00 and following. At 9:00 – God can bring a disaster upon a nation, Jer. 18:7-12. At 13:39 – What Are Some Of The Things That Are Coming?

At around 13:00 JPJ begins describing, what in 2008, he assumed were some elements that would occur in ‘The Perfect Storm.’ Most of the described events through 20:00 and following appear to be from another prophetic revelation that elsewhere he describes as ‘Heaven’s Headlines.’ Following 2008 when these revelations had become more understandable to him he says that the ‘Headlines’ were not necessarily part of ‘The Perfect Storm.’ We note this so the reader may realize that there is some mis-interpretation inherent in this initial description of the two separate revelations.

This explains the present confusion of how and when these things may come about as contemporary writers mistakenly interpret both JPJ’s revelations and his interpretations – and also mistakenly interpret modern events related to both. It may be that many of the events that JPJ describes here are not part of ‘The Perfect Storm’ but merely events leading up to when the ‘storm’ begins.

Shortly after 19:00 he speaks of a ‘bubble of hope’ coming to America that gives godly people just enough time to make ‘necessary preparations. Is this the ‘eye of the hurricane’ that we are in now? We don’t know for sure, but we expect it is. Pray for four more years for President Trump so this ‘eye’ might be extended, if possible.

Beginning shortly after 20:00 he speaks of how to invest during this time. He says the dollar will devalue and be on par with the Mexican peso and the Canadian dollar. See this link to understand the phenomenon of hyperinflation, how it works, and how it may affect the US in the future.

At about 26:00 and following he speaks of 4 things the church can do to lessen the effects of this coming global perfect storm.

This is the best and most complete explanation of JPJ’s ‘Perfect Storm’ prophecy that you will find. Must viewing for anyone who wants to completely understand it.


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