Seaborn Hall

This prophetic dream occurred on 8/22/09:

First frame: I’m in a building trying to find the secret passageway. It was dark.

Then in the second frame, I’m with a friend who comes and gets me and we’re on the roof of a building – a skyscraper. My friend asks if I can help her with something to fix the building. She takes me across the roof of it and we’re looking at the building and I look down the edge of the building from the roof, looking over the side. We are high up. I see that the structure of the building is unsound and I say this could collapse at any time, we have to get off of here.

Third frame: My friend and I start running across the roof of the building towards the exit. I look back across the way and another building – a skyscraper – that looks like it is just across the street from the roof of the one we’re on explodes horrifically, in color.

Then in the fourth frame I’m on the ground alone in the middle of a square, like a government square. Government buildings all around, but mostly behind me and to my sides, I think.

Fifth frame: Suddenly, every building around me starts exploding one after another and I realize at the same time that it is terrorism. They are like consecutive explosions, one after another; very vivid and horrific, just like the first explosion, but on the ground near me and all around me. Strangely, I’m not hurt. (I can’t count the number of explosions in the dream, but it was more than three, less than ten – I think now it was probably about seven, which could mean that the fulfillment will happen in God’s time – when it is supposed to occur).

Then in a sixth frame, after the explosions, further down the street some people come – military maybe, some of them in armored-type vehicles – with assault rifles. They – the individuals – start shooting people with the assault rifles, and I know my life is in danger. This part might be gray scale, not sure.

Seventh frame: I know if I can get back to the secret passageway that I will be OK.

Then in the eighth frame, I’m being interviewed by a guy on the radio and he’s asking me what happened. I tell him the story, but can’t remember what I say after I wake up (from the dream). I don’t do the interview perfectly, but I do OK and he interviews me about what just happened. The guy might be a local news person and there is some mention of a sheriff. There was also something about Walter Cronkite.

Dream is mostly in color, with the orange/yellow of the explosions the most prominent color. End.

There was a “wow” effect when I woke up from this dream. That is, it felt real and it had a big emotional impact on me.



  • Life Context: A friend and I had periodically been talking about the global and US economy in the context of personal investment strategies. We had specifically discussed whether or not there would be a second, worse, financial crash. The night before I had this dream I had a conference with my family concerning investment strategy, particularly relative to whether there might be a second global financial crash (that would follow the one just experienced in 2008-09, now known as the Great Financial Crisis (GFC)).
  • Dream Context:
    • If the dream is divided into eight frames, as I have divided it, the first seven frames act as a symmetry and the eight frame acts as a postscript of sorts.
    • Note how the dream balances itself: the first frame balances the seventh frame; in the middle or fourth frame, I’m alone and everything is quiet; the third and fifth frames balance each other with explosions; the second and sixth frames balance off each other by providing important information. This is further evidence (in addition to color, and vividness) of a God dream.
      • In Hebrew times, this structure was known as “chiastic:”
      • In a chiastic structure each corresponding segment can be used to further interpret the one to which it relates.
      • A classic chiasm (or chiasmus) is perfectly symmetrical.
      • The structure of this dream is more complex – a slightly modified chiastic structure. This points to emphasis and provides interpretive clues.
    • The time period the dream predicts is divided by the “then’s” in the dream description. There are 7 frames or possibly, time periods, the dream covers, + a postscript
  • The first frame represents a journey to understand something and the secret that unlocks the meaning of it. In this context, the financial-economic world. This is both from dream context and from my life context at the time (see above comments on dream).
  • The second frame or time period represents the present time that I had the dream, a time that my friend and I were having regular talks about the economy and what was going to unfold in the future.
    • So, my friend is literal and symbolic for my inner dialogue about the economy and financial safety.
    • The building we’re on is the U.S. economy. The dream affirms our insight of the time that the U.S. economy is unsound, the structure is weak, and it could come apart at any time.
    • Our being high up means that we have perspective to see what is unfolding and key parts of the structure and the environment, but not all of it.
  • Third frame: Running across the top of the building to get off affirms our action to protect ourselves from the building’s (U.S. economy’s) possible collapse.
    • The building that explodes “across the way” is the first Eurozone Financial Crisis. The way I know this is that this first explosion (economic crisis) occurred in March 2010, approximately 7 months following this dream.
      • The S&P 500 corrected, or fell, 16%, during this Spring 2010 market correction that was the result of the first European crisis.
      • The European crisis of 2010 was primarily due to Greece debt issues.
        • Note that Greece is known as “the cradle of Western civilization.”
        • That Greece is the First Nation with symptoms due to debt issues can be seen as highly symbolic – it says that Western civilization could very well be brought down by debt issues eventually. It is a warning.
          • Greece’s problems may very well be symbolic for the beginning of the fall of Western power and the rise of Eastern (Asian) power and influence.
        • We are entering a new economic season globally.
      • The building explodes before we get all of the way across the roof and reach the exit to indicate that the explosion – which will happen in March 2010, about 7 months following the dream – is approximately current with the time of the dream, a time in which my family and I are a little over halfway in the process or journey of understanding how to protect our assets.
    • The fourth frame till the end of the dream is yet to unfold in the future: it is the introduction to the scene by the government square and the consecutive explosions of government buildings.
      • Note that a square is usually the part of a town in which all of the important government buildings and offices reside. Since the first explosion in the dream can be synced to the first European Crisis in March 2010, it is likely the second set of multiple explosions in the fifth frame are also related to a future European Crisis.
        • Terry Bennett has said that four countries in Europe are the countries to watch relative to any future global economic crisis: Greece, Italy, France, and Spain
        • In another experience during the same season in which I had this dream – the Holy Spirit told me that Spain would be the nation that would kill the global bull stock market.
        • I believe that Spain – with its issues of real estate debt and enmeshed and interconnected banking and sovereign debt and Catalan independence issues – is a nation to watch.
      • Is “terrorism” during the sixth frame a timing key?
        • The explosions are terrorist related: I believe this is symbolic for sudden, unexpected, and alarming government related events. In other words, events that will have the same emotional impact as a 9/11 and that are inherently “Black Swan” type events – they can’t be predicted as to timing, but they come suddenly without warning.
        • But the terrorist events in this sixth frame may point to the general season that the next European Crash occurs. That the terrorist events occur subsequently to the explosions in the dream does not matter from a time perspective because dream language involves a different “time code.”
          • Dream time code is not necessarily sequential or chronological – dream time is different from real time
          • Because dream time is symbolic and can be represented by a sort of cyclical pattern, frames following one event can represent prior or subsequent events in real time
        • Seventh frame: “Getting back to the secret passageway” is dream code for unlocking the truth, for finding the answer to the problem: if I can figure out the truth of what is unfolding and how to make my way through it I will be protected.
          • It can further be symbolic for getting into the hidden place with God, so He provides the answer.
          • In the first frame, I’m “in the dark”: to get out of the dark I have to find my way back to the secret place, to deeper relationship with God that will provide the answer of wisdom
        • The eighth frame of the dream: this frame relates with the journey to understand the economy and find a place of protection outlined by the first frame.
          • The radio is symbolic for sound waves – it is me trying to hear, trying to understand what my inner interviewer (or God) is saying about what is to unfold.
          • Interestingly, Walter Cronkite died July 17, 2009, about a month before this dream. I did not know this when I had the dream.
            • In this way, Cronkite is the voice of God – the voice from beyond – saying, “That’s the way it is”
            • The most famous TV anchor in history, Cronkite was well known for his on air sign-off, “And that’s the way it is.” He was known as the most trusted man in America.
            • Cronkite is the ultimate sheriff
          • This last frame is symbolic for me trying to figure out which voices I can trust – which voice is the ‘Sheriff’ or, the authority.
            • I am getting some things right, but I’m not hearing perfectly: this may mean none of us can be totally prepared
          • It also affirms this as a God dream, saying, “This is the way it is,” or this is the way it will be and this is something that you can trust.


Summary Interpretations

  • There is a bigger crash – that will be related to the European Crisis – than March 2010 that is still coming
  • This future European crash will involve more than just one nation – it will involve multiple nations
  • The crash will likely impact the United States, but may not immediately cause the same effect as in Europe, though we will certainly feel the reverberations and the “heat” – the warning – of the crash here
    • The original European crisis caused a 16% correction in the US Stock markets
    • It is likely a future crash would cause at least this kind of correction – it may cause a larger correction of over 20%,
      • Since corrections of over 20% are normally seen as the beginning of a Bear market, the future European problems could cause a recession or Bear market in the US eventually
      • If CS is correct that Spain’s problems will cause the end of the global bull market, then these European problems will lead to at least a US recession
    • However, CS does not believe that these problems will result in the global economic crash that is meant to be part of the End Times scenario (see below)
  • The timing of this future European crash may be coincident with random terrorist attacks on civilians that involve assault weapons and the institution of martial law
    • These terrorist incidents have already begun, so it appears we are already in the season where this larger European Crash may occur
  • The crash will cause investors in the US to feel that they are in danger.
    • It will be a warning. But it may not immediately hurt investors
  • It may be impossible to prepare perfectly for what is coming
  • The best thing any of us can do is get back to the secret passageway – get back to the secret place and spend time seeking the Lord. From Him comes wisdom.


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