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Insight Into the Passing of Kim Clement and How the Prophetic Operates, Lance Wallnau

Common Sense Commentary: Must viewing for everyone who would like to understand ways in which the gift of prophecy operates, Lance’s view of why Kim died at this time, and the insight Kim had into Trump’s Presidency, including the need for continued intercession by the Body of Christ. “A true disciple is a lifelong learner,” and other kernels of wisdom. Well worth the time of viewing.

What I Learned From Kim Clement On Warfare And Worship, Lance Wallnau, The Elijah List

Kim Clement: Kushner, Israel, Middle East, Donne Clement Petruska

CS Commentary: Though Clement’s daughter interprets this series of prophecies as being about Kushner, we are not convinced that that is the case, in spite of the fact that many of them seem to fit his present role, nature and character. At one point, Clement advises to remember ‘gold.’ At another, to remember the name ‘stone.’ The prophetic words here are not about Trump and seem to be about another future President or leader in the US during a critical time. But, it is not clear that this person will be Kushner, in spite of the leanings of this video.

A Review Of Some Kim Clement Words On North Korea And China, You Tube

A Review Of Kim Clement’s 2015 Words On North Korea, Iran, and The US, You Tube

Did Kim Clement See Betrayal In The Trump White House In March 2010? Kim Clement, You Tube

Kim Clement 2005 In Nashville: First Prophecy About President Trump?, You Tube

CS Commentary: At about the 6 minute mark Kim prophecies that oil will be found in the soil of the US and then that we will not have to depend on the Middle East; at around 9 minutes he prophecies the abolition of the UN; at 11 minutes he prophecies about a President that will be a prophet and bring down “leeches” who have tried to destroy the US. Is this one of the first prophecies about President Trump?

Also see, Kim Clement 2011 In Nashville: Trump Presidency, Oil, Unity With China, Restoration, And The Rise Of The Church, You Tube

CS Commentary: Even though the screen on this video notes Nashville 2005, it is apparently a mistake – the video begins with a prophecy from 2011. According to the note below the video, the prophecies here then range from 2007 to 2014. At the 13 minute point he prophecies from 2007 in Redding CA that “Trump will become a trumpet.” According to Kim, he will go in whispering God’s name, but will be a praying President; he will have “hot blood,” but he will be filled with the Holy Spirit.

Mr. Clarke and Donald – Kim Clement Prophecy From April, 2013, You Tube

Donald Trump To Be A Praying President in Office, Kim Clement, You Tube

Here’s One That’s Hard To Believe – a Hillary Clinton Conversion, January 2006, Kim Clement, You Tube

War In Europe, November 2010, Kim Clement, You Tube

Kim Clement’s Word in Nashville: Esther Will Come in the Middle of a Restorative Presidency, 2011, Kim Clement

Common Sense Commentary: The prophecy about the ‘woman,’ Esther, is in the opinion of CS, a metaphor for the coming of and the rising up of the church, during the middle of a certain Presidency, perhaps that of Donald Trump.

America Will Enter Into Seven Years of Prosperity: A Great Supply of Oil and a New Energy Arising, December 2014, Kim Clement

Common Sense Commentary: Over 15 minutes of Kim speaking on a wide array of international and American events/issues that are coming.

Kim Clement’s Amazing 2007 Trump Prophecy Explained, Charisma News

Common Sense Commentary: The original You Tube video is linked below under Prophetic Words Concerning The Election, but this video by Zach Drew and Sasha Volz expounds and explains how the prophetic word by the late Kim Clement lays out the next 8 years in America. Especially amazing in light of Time Magazine’s recent announcement of Trump as its Person of the Year. The link to the transcript is here. The video link also features news on Rabbinic identification of the Messiah and their belief he is now on the earth, as well as an explanation of The Temple Institute in Jerusalem and how it has prepared for the construction of the Third Temple.

A Review of Kim Clement’s Prophecies From 2007 Forward Regarding The Election and American Prosperity, You Tube

Synopsis: This new video is inter-spaced with news clips showing the prophecies and the fulfillment’s. It predicts that America is about to enter a new era for energy. The video seems to be narrated and put together by someone who believes his new energy company may be a fulfillment of some of Kim’s prophecies – CS withholds endorsement of this view, but does affirm that Natural Gas and other new energies could be future energy sources for the US. The video makes for interesting viewing. Also see, A Review Of Kim Clement 2007 Trump Prophecies: He Will Be A Praying President, Filled With The Holy Spirit, Revive American Economy And Restore A Wall Around America, You Tube/CBN

Kim Clement 2014 Prophecies Eruptions, Summer, And A ‘Fall In the Fall,’ Charisma; Also see, Kim Clement Prophesies Supreme Court Changes And A Future Post-Trump President, Charisma

CS Commentary: Note that this President is a ‘David’, is not verbose, and doesn’t speak enough – definitely not speaking about President Trump, but a future President.


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