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CS Commentary/Synopsis: Around 20:00 message starts; around 30:00 Sadhu shares what the Lord told him about the Covid vaccine. Many ask for his opinion on it, so he sought the Lord in prayer: the Lord clearly showed him that the vaccine is not the ‘mark of the Beast,’ as some Christians have apparently been told.

The Lord spoke to Sadhu from Revelation 13. Around 47:00, ‘not all vaccines are bad. Use your wisdom and make your own choice.’ The vaccine is voluntary, the mark of the Beast will be forced on everyone.

Around 50:00, the purpose of the things God reveals to the prophet is to warn the people (Revelation 14:9-11).

Around 55:00 he begins to speak of the New Year and what it holds. At 1:00 forward, in 2021 the sword of the Lord will go before you and fight battles for you. The Lord says, ‘Tell My people not to worry, the enemy will come in and flee seven ways.’

At 1:07, What is the Word of the Lord for us in 2021? A word of promise and a word of counsel.

At 1:10 – Word of Promise: The Lord will be a strength to you. Isaiah 49:5 Not God will be our strength, but God will be a strength for us. Even though we are at the end of our faith God will come and be a strength for us and come along side of us.

God will crush Satan. Romans 16. The Lord Jesus will crush Satan under our feet. Romans 16:20

The wonderful things God will do for you in 2021 will wipe away all the tears of 2020.

At 1:23 – What is God saying for 2021? What to do and what to look forward to. He fasted and prayed all of December. He had several visitations.

On December 12, 2020, the Word of the Lord came to him: Tell My people to sanctify themselves in 2021. 2020 a year of preparation. In 2021 you will take the next step and that is sanctification.

EX 19:10,11,14,15 And the Lord said to Moses go to the people and sanctify them and wash their clothes. The possibilities for 2021 and 2022 are modeled in Exodus 19. Sanctify the people, meaning fast and pray. The people are to keep themselves ‘clean and holy.’ Abstain from all sexual relations between husband and wife. A 3-day process. You are preparing for a visitation. God will visit you personally, and corporately as a church body.

At about 1:30 – the Revival you have been yearning for will happen if you prepare yourselves.

Year of 2021 – year of sanctification

Year of 2020 – year of visitation

Sanctification is to touch no unclean thing. It means you stay away from the defiled. How are we to sanctify ourselves?

1 Thess 5:23 your entire body, soul and spirit, three areas: spirit, soul (mind), and the body

First – Sanctify your heart (spirit) of all impurities. Why the heart? Mk 7:20-23 from the heart comes things that defile us, spoken by the Lord Jesus Himself

Second – We must sanctify our mind.

About 1:50 starts to speak of Kenneth Hagin, Sr. How our thoughts can lead our lives astray; Col 3:2 answers how to sanctify the mind – set your mind on heavenly things

Third – Sanctify the Body. Why? Because it is the temple of God 1 Cor 6:19-20

Sexual immorality and fasting

The Lord is for the body and the body is for the Lord.

At about 2:09 forward. Before Moses had a big change in his life, God asked him to cleanse himself.

Children of Israel purified themselves for 3 days before hearing God.

Before there can be a turning point in our lives in coming days, we must sanctify ourselves in 2021.

At about 2:12 – The glory of God is going to break forth in you and in your midst. Your spiritual eyes and ears are going to be open. Experience transportation spirit, soul, and body. Carried from one place to another like Phillip.

Churches going to experience mighty outpouring of the glory of God. Individually and collectively as a whole church.

Col 3:4 speaks of a visitation

At about 2:15 – The Third Word of the Lord, December 26, 2020 at 8:45 in morning

Caught up to the throne of the Lord…Surrounded by many Saints in heaven – Lord spoke about 2021

A year of challenges, turmoils, struggles for the nations

Reason: God is going to shake the nations

Heb 12:26 – One more time I will shake the heavens and the earth

They will turn away from Me to serve their Gods

The gods of their inventions, imaginations, and works of their hands

Money will become a driving force to turn away from Me

Bible warns: the love of money is the root of all evil

Rich people will hoard riches just for themselves

Apostasy will increase in the Body of Christ

They will allow sodomy to become acceptable and common

They will pollute My Body – saying, it is for people of other faiths

Other faiths should not partake of the Lord’s Supper

2 Thess 2:1-3 A great falling away

Pope will have increasing influence with world leaders and make earth-shattering statements

Currencies will tumble and economies of many nations will fail and fall

Rise of the Kings of the East will begin to take place, Revelation, powerful economies, political powers or great nations of the East

Their legs and hands will be strengthened – they will stretch out and stamp down, but I the Lord will crush your enemy under your feet. Though He tarries He will not fail.

Counsel to church leaders: Equip my army with the knowledge of the ways of God

And instruments of righteousness; equip with knowledge of warfare, heavenly and earthly

My people should walk in love and stay united to be strong and formidable

You are to preach the gospel of the kingdom of God Mt 24:14 This is the final sign

Preach the gospel of the kingdom in all the world, the acceptable will of God and the vengeance of God has come, Is 61:2

About 2:27 – At about December 27, 2020 3:55 pm

I am going to judge the world

Covid-19 is global judgment to woo people to turn back to righteousness – but I found none

So, I will come swiftly to judge the nations

Sound the trumpet, Sound the alarm

Behold I am coming soon

Fire in unprecedented nature will be found in many nations

High rise buildings on fire on a large scale

Fires in the seas, sea mining for oil takes place

Fires in the land and in the fields – large tracts of land will burn

The Angel in the Sun will cause climate change, Rev 17:19 Temperature will soar in a record manner

The Maker of the Sun is judging them – let them know. Fear God. And worship Him. Give Him the glory.

Rev 14:6-7

About 2:32 of the video – December 31, 2020 10:05 pm Word of the Lord for many nations

The presence of God came very powerfully.


aim upon Taiwan; woe unto Taiwan – Who will intercede for Taiwan? Who is there who will stand in My presence to plead for Taiwan?

Symbol of China is dragon

Dragon will step forth its leg on the nations of Asia: target is the smaller and weaker ones

Dragon shall lift right front leg towards nations once again: Middle East and Africa smaller nations – seems like it is going to bless, but trap into submission

New Zealand 

shall become a tipping in balance between righteousness and unrighteousness, between light-darkness, right-wrong – two scales in balance will swing up and down

Holy living vs homosexuality – which way it tips will be a sign for a ripple effect for all the nations of Asia


What shall I say concerning this nation that I love?

What is the Lord’s view of this nation? Those who worship idols will increase and gain prominence and authority.

The cries of the poor shall be heard in the streets

He that has pity will be moved by compassion to help them

A drought has been appointed for the land. People will go with pails and buckets to find water but will find none.

Plead with me to stay my hand.

Let there be intercession all over the land that I might be moved with compassion.

Blood sacrifices taking place to appease worship.

United States

Woe to the nation who turns its back towards God who came to show her grace.

Now she will be stripped naked and made naked more than her former state.

That the people may know that their gods of gold and silver and those who sit in ivory castles cannot save or redeem them.

Her economy shall slide.


The anger I have reserved over the nations is not over yet.

I have reserved a blight of strong winds to sweep the nations.

Cold icy winds shall sweep the nations causing frozenness beyond the normal.

Middle East

My grace will rise over region as they favor My nation Israel.

Didn’t I say I will bless those who bless you?


I will give her favor among nations and open doors for her. May concern The Abraham Accord. Peace with Muslim nations.

Peace will come before wrath is manifest.

Church at large

My favor will come upon My people to make them strong in their knowledge of Me.

They shall be made fat and strong as they grow in the knowledge of the Lord their God.

They shall learn to do exploits before the days of darkness come.

They must learn to put on the armor of light to stand before the evil day.

I will raise up true teachers to teach them My ways as the Priest taught the Laws during the day of Josiah. 2 Kings 22:8-10

I will wipe away the false teachers and raise up true teachers.

I will sharpen new swords to give to my young warriors.

Those who have been trained and are waiting on Me.

Put on the shoes to announce that the King is coming, His kingdom is coming.

I will raise up a new breed of leaders who will have a heart of obedience to My ways.

They will model their lives like the Lamb of God in sacrifice and humility.


Therefore put away the things that defile body and mind and eyes.