Though CS accepts unsolicited submissions and does not currently pay authors for articles or other submissions, we have a high standard and strict criteria for publishing works on our platform.

Article Submissions

All briefs, articles, and research or academic pieces should fit into the general themes and parameters of our website. For more on this, see About CS on the Home page: About Common Sense, and Mission. Please note whether you are submitting a feature for the Week Of section, an interpretive piece for the Common Sense Interpretation section, or a prophetic statement or video. The CS Editor makes choices for the Editor’s section from all categories.

Briefs should be no longer than one 8 1/2 page in length. Articles should be approximately between 1000 and 3000 words in length. Research or Academic pieces may be longer, but these should reflect Master’s, or even better, Doctoral, methodology, writing, documentation, and analysis. Prophetic statements in written form or video form from original authors are appreciated and will be evaluated on a per item basis for use. Links to other prophetic statements or videos by other authors users feel would be helpful to others on this site are appreciated – but, only the prophetic voice or author will be credited, if the item is published.

All original submissions, briefs, articles, or research/academic pieces should contain hyperlinks to sources and quotes. No submissions with footnotes or endnotes will be accepted.

Submission titles should reflect a clue to or a summary of content and, as much as possible, describe to the reader/viewer why the submission is worthy of their time. A review of the featured Week Of entries on our home page provides some examples.

Video Submissions

Original videos are welcome, but should already be posted on You Tube or some other venue and a hyperlink included. As with written pieces, note the type of submission: comic, short, or long video, and the subject matter: political, prophecy, culture, or money.

They should not have already been published on another news or magazine or any other publishing type site.

Submissions Format

All written submissions should be an attachment in Word format emailed to [email protected]. Write Common Sense Submission in the subject line. Video submissions should be emailed to [email protected] with the hyperlink to the video included.

All submissions should include author’s name, email, address, and phone number, as well as a short Bio (100 words or less) on the author.

No submission may have been published by any other publisher or in any other format (with the exception of YouTube or some other video format) on the worldwide web.

Acceptance of Submissions

If accepted, expect all submissions to go through an editorial process in which the author will be asked to make revisions as to form and, possibly, content. Title and other minor changes, including grammatical corrections, may be necessary to help your submission fit our website parameters, purpose and mission, or to make it more accessible to readers.

Acceptance of Submissions is normally communicated within 3 weeks.