Updated 11/04/20 – Summary of Sadhu Selvaraj’s Word From The Lord to the United States

According to Sadhu Selvaraj, speaking at Lancaster, CA, on Friday night, 10/16/20 through Sunday morning, 10/18/20, the Lord Jesus sent him to the United States as a result of a special encounter.

In this encounter, Sadhu was caught up to a large gathering in heaven and told to go back and speak a message to the world: He was to put a measuring scale on the podium in front of him (which he did during the Friday night message) and declare that the nations have been measured and found wanting (Daniel 5). Time has changed and judgment is coming – to the church first. 

According to Sadhu, President Trump will ‘triumph.’ Note that to ‘triumph’ is a victory after a battle.

According to what The Lord told Sadhu, President Trump is God’s man for this hour. If another is elected, it will be the last hour for the United States. If President Trump is elected, there will be one more release of grace and President Trump – who has fulfilled his first assignment of supporting Israel, will have a chance to fulfill his second assignment of bringing back righteousness to the United States.

Sadhu was exhorted by the Lord to tell all US believers to pray and fast for President Trump and for the election – like Daniel prayed during his time – from now until President Trump is confirmed in office again on January 20. Up until that time, anything can happen. It is up to the prayers of the people of God.

We believe that Sadhu’s message complements the prophetic message of Terry Bennett, below. Terry, as a prophet called to speak from the Lord, is seeing the ‘worst case’ scenario. Things that could occur if President Trump is not elected, or whenever the next ungodly President is elected, but also things that may occur even if Trump is elected. Some of these things could be ‘pushed back’ or lessened as a result of the prayers of God’s people.

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