Sunday Service – Terry Bennett 9-20-20, Messengers Of Shiloh



Commentary/Synopsis by Seaborn Hall, 9/27/20, updated 10/09/20


CS Commentary/Synopsis: Also see the commentary on the Spiritual Life Page, 9/27/20 under Nita’s Map Vision Judgment of America.

The following three links will help put Terry’s prophetic words about America and President Trump in the message above in better context and make it more understandable: 

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3 – CS Commentary and Synopsis That Further Explains The 21-Year Time Frame Within The Message, ‘The Fate Of Two Nations’ by Terry Bennett

Introduction Towards End Of Message Into Prophetic Words

At 1:40f, ‘what is first love?’; what Christ is not the initiator of He does not appreciate…not ever.

At 1:48 We are living in the moment of Revelation 12 – Terry says that he is saying that ‘from the Lord.’ History will move into Revelation 12 within a few ‘short years.’ “We are not far from it.” “Are you kidding me? I am not kidding you.” “We can have His end now if we want it,” According to Terry, “He knows whether it will happen or not – I don’t.” See our comments and briefs/articles and links elsewhere on the Spiritual Life Page for an explanation of what Terry might mean behind these words.

Prophetic Words

Starting about 1:50 Terry releases multiple prophetic words the Lord spoke to him weeks ago, centered around America specifically:

Judgment on America

division and secession. My people have not listened to My messengers. I will no longer be your protector. You will cry out but I will not listen. Steps of Exodus, but only for a remnant – those who have not listened will be destroyed. Your banks close, your crown has fallen, your borders breached, your boundaries crossed. Ezek. 14:16-20; Jer. 15:1-3 America is an adulterous nation.

Where is the hope? Faith, hope and love abide in Christ in us. Our hope is in a Person only.

Just a few of Terry’s words from the Lord:

Federal Reserve will be cast down. Federal will fall. A wolf pack of rogue states will lead to leave. Freely let them go to My pronounced fate. Let the pack withdraw – all 15 of them, that I might divide and judge all fifteen states. Floods, fires, storms, shakings will always be a few of My weapons…D.C. shall fall to rioting, killing, and looting and I will turn away from your violence and civil war…I will hide My face, but display My power to judge…your idols are falling, your money with it…the dollar will fall…because of our pride, it all will fall…

But let My people be silent – do not cry out for this nation. He will not listen.

According to Terry, the Lord said to him:

“I placed Trump against devious plots that I will now expose to trumpet and to awaken My people for battle.”…”I did not send you those other leaders, I raised up Donald Trump…many hate him, because they hate Me. My people are divided. They are in a stupor of division. So is your nation. So I will turn My judgments on you.”

The nation will be divided along four lines: Division of Black and white, Division of Hispanics, Division of the Homosexual agenda, the division of Islam.

“Your great wealth has been squandered by those who hate me. You have become like Sodom to Me America.” If you will not flee to Me, you will perish. Arise My people to prayer and to battle. I will heal your wounds and bind you to Me.

Your own weapons, your own military will be used against you.

September 2022 will be the beginning of the end for America. The nation will go through a new birth and arise out of the ashes. The capitol will be moved away from D.C. because of fire and shaking. Jezebel will be broken in our government.

Lookout Mountain, TN Prophetic Word To America [Part or all of the above and below prophetic word was received at Lookout Mountain, TN]

Lookout Memphis, TN, now is the time for your shaking.


Lookout Seattle WA, for in British Columbia lies your warning…water. Doom.


Lookout Smoky Mts Forest, Blue Ridge Parkway…the beginning of man’s troubles. Smoke of burning fuel for fires of rage.


Lookout Baltimore Maryland. Your decay is present….fires of bloodshed in your midst.


Lookout Manhattan. Your door is open and your backdoor unkept. The burning of your city will mean the days of panic.


Lookout Boston, MA your lanterns are unlit and your watchers asleep…your tunnel is unsafe to travel. No escape from he who approaches…


Lookout Washington D.C…the wars will begin in the Capitol…nationwide martial law is coming.


Lookout Oregon, your shaking awake will strike before dawn…the eruption of a mountain named Hood…Hood will blow its top.

Prophetic Word To President Trump [a summary of words Terry spoke to the President]

Lookout President Trump [the next paragraphs in italics are all a word to the President]…prepare now for your unplanned (Gettysburg) address…our most bloody conflict on this soil…(Bill) Lee [Governor of TN] will stand with you.


Civil War begins this year. It will not all happen at once, but the election is its key. God will guide Trump to re-election. The Constitution and Bill of Rights will again emerge over the remnant states in this nation. The Sum of all Fears is coming upon us.


Don’t be premature about getting out of the world system. God will speak as to the time. But God will judge Babylon in this nation beginning this year. God will devastate this nation so that the Anti-Christ spirit does not want it. America will escape as one nation passing through the fire. Thus says the Lord. It will not be the nation that we know now.


Most of California will slide off into the ocean. [Terry saw Los Angeles disappear completely – all 18 million people died in a single moment.]


God is saying to His people in CA, “Get out” – of California, Oregon, Washington, now. Let there be an exodus to the inland. Nevada, Washington, Oregon, and California will all secede from the Union…America must fall from the hands of the unrighteous nation and be governed by the righteous.


President Trump, prepare the address, and mobilize and prepare for war…God will enable President Trump.

At about 2:19, Terry appears to affirm George Washington’s vision for the 3 conflicts of America as a genuine vision that George Washington actually had. [CS has featured this vision several times on our site.] “General Washington prophesied a third great war on this soil.” [Note that some fact checkers have disputed that this is a real vision from George Washington or anyone else, asserting that the ‘vision’ is a fictional creation of a known author during the time period it was originally published shortly following the Civil War].

According to Terry, that third great war in America, prophesied by General Washington begins this year. it is not going to come all at once, but the [2020] Election is its key. The God of peace knows war well and will guide you – President Trump – to re-election. The Constitution and the Bill of Rights will again emerge over the remnant states in this nation….The sum of all fears is coming upon us…

When the Babylon system is crushed in the future, God will then speak to His people to ‘come out of her.’ Do not be premature in your actions [in withdrawing from the world system]…

But God is going to judge ‘Babylon’ in this nation – America – beginning this year. God will devastate this nation so that the anti-Christ spirit does not want it…and we will escape [we believe by this he means the remnant in America] as one nation passing through the fire.

About 2:22f – 

California will slide off into the ocean. Get out of California now…I saw Los Angeles disappear completely. All 18 million people died in a single moment…[The Lord] is saying to those in California, don’t go back in, Get Out! He is saying to Oregon and Washington, Get Out!…Let there be an exodus to the inland…Flee to Utah or Idaho. Not Nevada. Nevada will secede from the Union. California, Oregon, Washington [will also secede].

Now there [will only be] peace on the other side of war.

This is still a word to our President…all of it. [Everything from the heading, in italics and bold italics above.]

Mobilize, President Trump. Prepare the address. [by this he means the next Gettysburg Address to the nation because of a great, costly civil war battle.] Mobilize and prepare for war!…God helped and enabled President Lincoln – and He will enable President Trump.


The church is no longer a ‘Sleeping Beauty’ but an old, sleeping woman and in need of Jesus Christ. [See Dana Coverstone’s latest vision for a complementary prophetic word]. From the ashes, like Cinderella, shall God awaken a nation. She shall come through the fire, and out of the fire – few in number – but, refined.

P.S., added 10/09/20

The last five minutes of this message Terry says that the Lord told him that Trump would win the election in a landslide, unlike anything in recent history. He also warns that we need to pray that Trump will not be assassinated shortly after the election, as was Abraham Lincoln. His other words are relative to judgments that will begin to quickly unfold on the U.S. if for some reason Biden-Harris are elected.


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