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Inward Preparation For Difficult Times, Session 1 (video, left), Terry Bennett

CS Commentary: This is a must view for anyone concerned about deepening their own spiritual life or about the future of America. For those who have limited time and want to get right to the meat of this message: At about the 56:00 mark he begins to talk about an encounter with Gabriel that he had in December 2001 in which the angel spoke of a 21 year time frame that would begin in 2008 and go to about 2029. He also speaks eloquently about the cross involved in true prophetic ministry, the ‘supposed’ negative nature of his own ministry, and his heart and purpose in speaking the things that he speaks. He goes on to speak about the character of true messengers of God and the present day condition of the US church. He then talks about the distinction between prophetic messages as warnings vs. concrete judgments (for more on this see Jeremiah 18; also see Evaluating Prophets & Prophecy). He then talks about how 2020-21 may be pivotal in the governmental arena of the US and explains why America is already ‘ripe’ for judgment. The relevant portion goes through at least 1:15, though listening through to the end is recommended. At 1:42, approximately, he expounds on the coming judgment to America. Terry is someone we consider a genuine, modern day prophet, and one of two people that we know of that have experienced a series of visionary prophetic ‘headlines’ from the Lord about the future of this nation. The other, the late John Paul Jackson, is featured below.

Synopsis Of The 21-Year Time Frame: The angel, Gabriel, came to Terry in 2001 in a 4-Day encounter. The time frame of the message was to begin in 2008 and go to about 2028-2029. According to Terry, there has been a lot of misinterpretation regarding this encounter. Not everything has been released and will not be until God releases Terry to share it. We should not be controlled by money. God is calling us to speak not what people want to hear, but what He tells us to speak. It is important to know what God has called you to, especially if you’re a leader. You are a God-servant – no one else’s.

2020-21 will be pivotal in the governmental arena of the US: If things remain the same the US will face civil unrest and civil war in at least parts of our nation that will so bring our nation into a state of chaos that the US will face invasion. [He says elsewhere that the entire three 7-Year periods will be: Economic, Governmental (2015-2022), and Religious (2022-2029).The Economic 7-Year Period began with the Great Financial Crisis in 2008. There was no indication by Terry in describing this message that the 7-Year periods had to be separate from each other, that is, perhaps the Economic upheaval bleeds into the Governmental and they both bleed into the Religious. This would be more in keeping with other prophecies, like John Paul Jackson’s Perfect Storm prophecy.]

The Lord is warning about a disruption in this nation that is short in coming. It is still coming – unless the church in America repents. Repentance is a change in lifestyle that totally devotes itself to the Lord. Could we face Civil War in the next few years? Yes, we could, horrifying civil war. Christians will be targeted in the US – unless there is a clear repentance. To quote Terry: “it is not a great revival coming – it is a great falling away.”

2001 4-Day Encounter With Gabriel: The Future & Fate Of America And Israel (video, right) Terry Bennett, In His Presence

CS Commentary: We do not know when this message was given, but it sounds very much like a message that was given in Mott Auditorium in Pasadena CA on New Years in early 2015 (correction). It is not that message but has some intersections with it. For more on that message and its import, see Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy.

This video was published in 2015, there is no video to speak of, that is it is all audio, and it is over an hour and a half. This is one of the more important prophetic messages that Terry has given and helps place everything else that he says prophetically in context. For a written summary and commentary on this audio/video, with time markers, see here.

Terry Bennett – 21-Year Time Frame Gabriel Prophecy, Z3/James Bailey; Also see, Terry Bennett: You Will See 666, Z3/James Bailey

CS Commentary: This first link is based on a 2009 interview Terry Bennett did, we believe with Mike Bickle, but we are not sure. This second link is based on a September 2014 interview Terry did with Tru News. For more commentary and a summary and outline of the prophecy, see here.

John Paul Jackson Prophetic Headlines For 2020 (video, left), You Tube

CS Commentary: There is too much to comment on here, but yes, Mt. Fuji in Japan is an active volcano – see below in Prophecy Related Articles for more. Also watch Sysco Foods and KraftHeinz Foods as possible investments in the future as inflation is likely to soar at some point. The election of Trump, in our opinion, has pushed back the eventual fulfillment of some of these headlines. We look to two events that will push them forward again: 1) whether or not Trump is reelected in 2020. If he is, events will be pushed back again, if he is not their fulfillment will be speeded up. 2) Does the United States and the US President get on the wrong side of Israel, that is, do we have any part to play in the division of Jerusalem or Israel? If we do, all bets are off and judgment is not far away.

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