The Future Of The Messengers Of Shiloh and Deeper Insight Into 9/06/20 Message (video, right), Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

Seaborn Hall, 11/19/20

CS Synopsis: Follow up message to introductions. Terry talks about his own mistakes. He discourages people from moving to TN to attend his church without knowing from the Lord that you are supposed to be there. Listen to this before you move to TN!

About 11:00. Terry talks about his own sin and struggles with self and his own fears. About 17:00 The possibility of Jesus returning in our lifetimes. This could be the generation in which the Lord returns. About 19:00 Privilege and restriction of being part of a body of believers How to know whether you are called to be at Messengers of Shiloh. Around 25:00-26:00 – Terry starts talking about Shiloh.

About 30:00 to 50:00 Terry talks about the prophetic ministry, his message, understanding his message and call and how to view and respond to his prophetic words and message – the similarities to Jonah –  and what is needed in the church today. About 50:00 he begins talking about Revelation 19 and ‘getting ready.’ One way or another He is coming for you, even if it is by your death.

At 54:00, Matthew 24. Jesus is near to us – at the door. 1:09 Are we in the Day of the Lord? We are close to it if we want it. 1:11 False prophets and teachers will be right inside the Body of Christ in the apostasy. They follow the senses and the soul and lead people away from Christ because of it. 1:17 this is a message from the Lord to all nations.

1:18 Seeing the Lord is an inward thing for us…there will be mockers in God’s own house, as Peter says. This is a sign of His coming. We’re going to have a great apostasy first…We are not wrong about the Coming of the Lord because we got the date mixed up – we are wrong because we are not ready. Do not get back into your former lifestyle – don’t be dogs that return to their vomit.

1:30 READY OR NOT HERE HE COMES! (see Dana Coverstone’s dreams on this site) God’s own people are the worst nightmare for those seeking to go forward with God. The opposite of readiness is mocking. 1:41 All of your seven mountains are going to burn. They will be destroyed, not taken over. 1:43 The millennial reign of Christ and the Second Coming. We could live to see the return of the Lord. The Lord can make you live longer – like Simeon. Don’t go to the tents of Korah and beg them to repent. Step back from the tents of Korah and let God deal with them. 1:52 First comes the apostasy…if you are looking for a revival and not the apostasy then you are wrong. 2 Thess 2 There will not be a great revival in our nation – there will be false signs and teachers and a falling away.

We are not going to have a revival in our nation we are going to have a Civil War. It has already begun in the church. 2:00 Know the Lord – then be as wise as the ant. Repent. Humble yourself and repent for what you didn’t even do.