Seaborn Hall, 7/27/2018, updated 5/10/20


According to 1 Chronicles 12:32, the Sons of Issachar understood the times and what Israel should do.

Why Did The Sons Of Issachar Understand The Times?

When Israel came into the Promised Land, the Sons of Issachar were given the land in the Jezreel Valley, the land of Armageddon, in the shadow of Mt Tabor and Mt Carmel and Nazareth. This land was the crossroads of the world. Traders from nations all over the world had to come through the Jezreel Valley to pass from North to South or from North to East, or vice versa. This is also why the valley was the staging ground for every army seeking to conquer adjacent territory in the Middle East.

The Sons Of Issachar’s parcel was next to the Sons of Zebulun, who were merchants. Issachar was first farmers, then scholars. Even though Hosea, the prophet, was from the tribe of Issachar, Issachar were not primarily prophets. They were interpreters. The Sons of Issachar understood the times because of the combined knowledge from studying, and relating and talking with the merchants of Zebulun who had current and practical knowledge from all over the world.

Here’s What Happened

Here’s what probably happened: Issachar was sitting around waiting for the crops to grow and they got bored and said, “Hey, we need something to do. Let’s study the Torah and the prophets.”

Then they got bored studying the Torah and the Prophets, so they studied any literature available in the day.

At some point they got bored with that and they said, “Hey, let’s go over and talk to Zebulun and see what’s going on – they talk to all kinds of people coming from all over selling their wares. Maybe we’ll learn something.”

Over generations Issachar learned how to apply Scriptural truth and the words of the Prophets to the unfolding of the times. This was passed down from the parents to the children.

In other words, they acquired knowledge, including an understanding of the prophets past and current, with understanding in general, then they applied it to their current lives, all of which equals wisdom. They understood the times and how they should conduct themselves to prosper.

They understood the times, and what Israel should do.

The Greatest Need Of The Prophetic Church Today Is Wisdom

Prophecy is not enough, we need the whole Body and in particular we need wisdom to understand the times and what we should do.