Must See – The Meaning Of The Present Crisis Relative To What Is Coming The Next Decade, Sunday Service 4/19/20, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

Synopsis/Commentary by Seaborn Hall, 4/20/20, updated 4/28/20

CS Commentary: The whole message is good and worth listening to but the relevant portion directed to Coronavirus, the meaning of this crisis, and the church begins around 1:28 (1 hour, 28 minutes in).

At 1:35: There is a greater shaking coming. The next decade will be the most difficult in America’s history. At 1:39: What’s going to happen in the US vs. what is going to happen in the world.

What we are experiencing now is not a Biblical type of judgment. There will be other judgments in the US over the next 2-3 years of varying degrees, but they will also not be Biblical types of judgments. When a Biblical type of judgment comes, we will know it. They are coming to all nations sometime following the next 2-4 years. Around 1:42 he speaks of John Paul Jackson and other prophetic people who have spoken similar things to what he is saying.

We respectfully disagree with Terry’s representation that John Paul Jackson predicted that these things would begin to happen in 2020. As the videos in the Editor’s Choice section on the Spiritual Life page 4/12/20 show, John Paul Jackson mis-timed many of his prophecies (in this Jim Bakker appearance and video, JPJ puts the dates of 2010 to 2020 on the Perfect Storm) as taking place and/or beginning in the 2010’s. (As we explain in, Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy, this is a common occurrence, not only among prophets, but among most of those attempting to interpret and time prophetic utterances. The basic reason goes back to Jeremiah 18:1-10 – God will do calamity or relent based on the response of the people to a prophetic word. Note that delay does not mean that the judgment is eliminated – only deferred. See Jonah, and Obadiah for more reference) John Paul did indicate 2020 a significant year that some events would occur, and perhaps that is to what Terry is referring.

According to Terry at 1:46: “We are coming into sobering times.” In the later part of the 2020’s we will see Biblical type judgments in the nations, including America.

There will be problems in the auto industry, airline industry, and there will be major food shortages. Demand will far out strip supply. Not only difficulties in having food (agriculture/farming?), but difficulties in supplying that food (transportation/distribution). If you were wise, you would learn to farm. Contamination is coming to our food supply: to grains, meat, milk, vegetables.


The price of food in this time (that he’s speaking of) will skyrocket (he is most likely speaking of the effects of a hyperinflation here).

In past prophetic words, Terry has also predicted that there will be multiple explosions of aircraft over the oceans, we believe due to terrorist related activity. Heidi Baker has also had a vision of bread lines in America – this was featured recently in Charisma magazine.

According to Terry, if you have 3-4 years, please don’t waste them. If you are unprepared inwardly – in your relationship with the Lord – you will regret it. Terry repeatedly says that he is not being precise in these predictions, but that he is being ‘generally specific.’ By this we believe he means that, as usual, God can speed up or delay these things, dependent on how the Body of Christ responds in prayer and repentance.

According to Terry, in the US, we stand on the brink of civil unrest and civil war.

According to Terry it is fear that causes us to believe that nothing is coming. It is not fear to prepare. We need to wake up and become sober and sober minded. Repent and take hold of the Lord.


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