Seaborn Hall, 2/27/20, updated 3/29/20

Of course, we never exult in sickness or death, however there are some positive things that can be taken from any negative experience. These are the positive aspects of the coronavirus for the United States:


  1. The virus has exposed the US dependency on China for its medicines and antibiotics. Something in the neighborhood of about 70% or more of ingredients in US essential medicines are made in China – this has to change.
    • As a sub-point to #1, the virus has exposed that the US military has a dependence on China for many of its essential medicines as well – this will enable the US military to counteract this dangerous dependency on a major enemy
  2. The virus has exposed weaknesses in testing and distribution of test kits and information about the danger and preventive measures
  3. The virus has exposed weaknesses in hospital capacity in the US that we now have time to correct – there are only 940,000 hospital beds in the US and at any given time 640,000 are being used. We need more capacity, prep, and plan for a major crisis.
  4. The virus has provided a test case for Quarantines, vaccine making, and distribution of essential medicines for any future threat
  5. Gun sales in the US have skyrocketed. Stores have been sold out of essential goods. The virus has acted as a window into the ‘Walking Dead’ type of conditions that could result in a real crisis – helping people to know how to prepare for when a real crisis comes.
  6. The decline of the stock markets due to the virus fears have also provided investors another chance to buy quality at value
  7. Last, and perhaps most importantly, the ‘social distancing’ and ‘self-quarantine’ isolations give Americans a chance to reflect on their character, values, and perspective. The fear and uncertainty created by the virus and all of the economic uncertainties give us a chance, once again since 9/11, to reflect on our true purpose and calling, to repent of our self-centeredness and sin, and to ‘draw near to God’ (Hebrews 4:16).


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