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Shawn Bolz Predicts President Trump Will Win Second Term (video, left), CBN

CS Commentary: Portion with Bolz begins right after the 12:00 mark.

Sadhu Selvaraj’s Perspective On Coronavirus And Church Closings : The Story Of John G. Lake, MicheleGolois Mouelet

Special Update, 3/18/20: A Recent Prophetic Visitation: Donald Trump And The 3 Judgments, Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook

Special Update/Must See – Rats In The White House/Coronavirus A ‘Boomer-Remover’ From The Enemy (video, left): Jeremiah Johnson, Sid Roth/Facebook

Donald Trump And Political Warfare, Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook

Heidi Baker Prophecy 2015: People With Beautiful Clothing In Bread Lines In America, Elijah List

CS Commentary: We believe this vision refers to a yet future crisis.

Donald Trump And Political Warfare, Jeremiah Johnson, Facebook

Why 90% Of Evangelicals Think Trump Impeachment Is ‘Nonsense’, Stephen Strang, Charisma

How A Prophetic Word Propelled Trump To Fulfill His Destiny Regarding Israel, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Jonathan Cahn’s Last Words To President Obama – Presidential Prayer Breakfast 2017, Jonathan Cahn

CS Evaluation: What Prophetic People Have Said About President Trump, Impeachment, And America’s Future, Elijah List; Or, see individual links: America Is Not Sodom And Gomorrah But Nineveh, Charles Shamp, Elijah List; President Trump Will Not Be Impeached, Hank Kunneman/God Is Exposing Corruption, Kathie Walters, Elijah List; Gold, Johnny Enlow, and Kim Clement’s ‘Gold’ President Prophecy, Elijah’s List

CS Commentary/Evaluation: There are several possible perspectives on the above prophetic words – words that seem to contradict other voices we feature on this site (see below in Editor’s Choice, and more recent posts in the Archives back through July 2019 and before). The first perspective is that the words, largely positive for America, are alternative possibilities that could take place over the short to medium term if…For More See this link

African Pastor: I Saw A Vision Of President Trump As A Bloodied Scapegoat, Taylor Berglund, Charisma

False Pastors Surround President Trump Causing Him To Make Mistakes – Pray For Them To Be Removed, Sadhu Selvaraj, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: At about the 6:30-7:00 point Sadhu talks about being caught up to the Council Of God in heaven and witnessing former US Presidents praying for the nation. At 10:00 he prophesies that the Liberty Bell in Philadelphia will be broken to pieces. Shortly after, he speaks of the ‘Eagle’ as a symbol of freedom for the U.S. He says if the U.S. goes into captivity then the whole world will go into captivity and implies that if there is a woman President then the U.S. will ‘ride the Beast.’ He states that it is Trump’s destiny to help Israel rebuild the temple and to guard the freedom of this nation by being an ‘uncompromising’ President.

How Kim Clement And Chuck Pierce Prophesied Trump’s Presidency Long Before His Election, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Mark Burns: God Told Me – Show The World That Trump Isn’t Racist, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Christian Leaders At Trump Rally – President Could Win, But Only If Believers Vote, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Prophetic Dream About President Trump’s Future, Jim Bakker Show

A Preview Of 2020 Elections With Lance Wallnau, Jim Bakker Show

You Must Pay The Price To Advance In The Higher Things Of God, Sadhu Selvaraj, MastersPiece

Judgment For America, 2020-2021, Terry Bennett, Women Of War

CS Commentary: We are repeating this post because it is such an important message for the American church at present.

Trump Blood Moon Eclipse 2019: Heavenly Signs Point To Trump’s Destiny, Steve Cioccolanti, Discover Ministries

CS Commentary: Long, and it is all worth listening to, but if you’re in a hurry just listen to the first 12 minutes and minutes 40:00 to 44:00. Salient quotes? “The Nobel Peace Prize is an abomination,” among others. Also see,

New York And The Sacrifices Of Baal: The Prophetic Meaning And Significance Behind 911 And Trump’s Presidency (video, right), Jonathan Cahn

When Prophecy Comes True – How God Sees The U.S. And How To Preserve It (video, right), Sadhu Selvaraj, You Tube

CS Commentary: the relevant portion on the U.S. begins at about the 18:00 mark, but the preceding information is also good and insightful about prophetic fulfillment and how it can function as ‘signs’ leading into the End Times. 

What Spirit-Filled Christians Need To Know About The War On America, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Also see, What Christians Need To Know About The War On America, Part 2, Stephen Strang, Charisma; Also see, Dr. James Dobson: 3 Ways Christians Must Respond To America’s Spiritual War, Steve Strang, Charisma

Kim Clement 2004 Prophecy Of A Santa Barbara – National ‘Mass Suicide’ Cult, You Tube

CS Commentary: This is an interesting prophecy by Kim Clement. The first few minutes is an interpretation that we suggest you ignore – the remaining 2 minutes is the prophecy by Clement. This appears to us, if it is fulfilled and there appears to be a chance that it may not be – to be for a much later time in the U.S., perhaps during a period of future unrest brought on by the already in effect judgment of the nation for extraneous reasons.

USA, The Eagle Has Landed, Katie Barker, Elijah List

God Told Me Kennedy Would Resign, Trump Would Appoint 3 Judges, James Goll, Charisma; Also see, A New Prophetic Bird Is Being Birthed In The Earth, Charles Sharp, Elijah List

Mid-Term Elections Response

Were The Prophets Right Or Wrong About The ‘Red Tsunami’ Of The Mid-Term Elections? Are They ‘False Prophets’?, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense; Also see, Rick Joyner Offers Prophetic Insight Into Mid-Term Elections, Charisma; Also see, My Mid-Term Election Response, Dutch Sheets, Elijah List; Also see, What Happens When We Miss An Election Prophecy?, Steve Schultz, Elijah List

Charles Shamp Predicts Republican ‘Red Tsunami’ For November 2018 Mid-Term Elections And An Eventual Third Party System In The U.S., Elijah List

Mark Taylor Predicts Republican Wave Of Victories For 2018 Mid-Terms, You Tube

God’s Rescue Operation And The Red Tsunami Effect, Johnny Enlow, Elijah’s List

Kat Kerr Prophesies September 2018 On Mid Term Elections And What Will Follow, You Tube; Also see, God Told Kat Kerr The Results Of Next Five Presidential Elections, You Tube

CS Commentary: We hope Kat’s predictions hold true, but in our view all prophecy is contingent on the actions and reactions of the people of God. In some prophets’ view, the future is not so definitively set as Kat seems to believe.

He Predicted Trump Would Be President – Now He Says ‘Two Terms’ (video, left), CBN

Other Posts

Where America And The Church Are Today, Jim Bakker Show; Also see, The Last Days Of America, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube

CS Commentary: This vision comes from a different perspective and is all the more remarkable because the pastor who had it does not seem to have foreknowledge of what others have shared. The revelation here is good, but the interpretation may be a little off… Continue reading here

Jerusalem Will Be Divided, Sadhu Selvaraj/You Tube. CS Commentary: We put this in this section because more than one prophet has said that America will be judged if it has any part in dividing Jerusalem and Israel. This video is from another ministry and some of it is lower in quality (and a little over-dramatic at the end), but it puts together two prophetic words on Jerusalem that Sadhu gave at two different times and helps the viewer understand what he is saying will be the sequence: Continue reading

The Significance Of The US Embassy Move To Jerusalem And Why President Trump Will Be Like Cyrus, Sadhu Selvaraj/Jim Bakker Show, You Tube

CS Commentary: The first few minutes of this video is a good review of all 3 parts of Sadhu on the Jim Bakker Show. The designated portion begins at about 19:00. CS has a few problems with this interview because…Continue reading

Will Donald Trump Be Re-Elected In 2020? It Is Up To The Church, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube;

Also see, Four Critical Words For The US Church In 2018, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube;

Also see, Prosperity Teaching, Taking Mark Of Beast, And Other False Teaching, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube;

Also see, Why Did God Choose Donald Trump? Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube;

Also see, Why Is President Trump A God-Fearing Man?, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show;

Also see, Why President Trump Is In Danger & Who From, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show;

Also see, Three Things America Must Do During Trump’s First Four Years, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show;

Also see, The U.S. Will Be Restored To Glory Under Trump – If The Nation Prays, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/You Tube

Three Prophetic Events That Will Occur From 2017 Forward, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Three Cyrus Type Men Of History, Perry Stone/Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Prophetic Destiny Of Lancaster, CA, Sadhu Selveraj, Jim Bakker Show; Also see, Cities Of Refuge And The Gospel Of The Kingdom, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show; Also see, False Teachings On End Times, Sadhu Selveraj/Jim Bakker Show


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