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Goldman Sachs Sees S&P 500 At 3000 By Year End (video, left), Bloomberg Markets & Finance

Bank Of America Says Gold Will Hit $3000 Within 18 Months (video, right), Bloomberg Markets & Finance

CS Commentary: Interesting view, but CS does not agree with it. See chart below.

Cramer Lightning Round: What To Buy What To Not Buy, Tyler Clifford, CNBC

The Stock Market In Three Buckets, Jim Cramer, Real Money; Also see, Cramer Says Forget Index Funds And Buy These Covid-19 Winners, Tyler Clifford, CNBC

Contrary Opinion: Guggenheim’s Minerd Sees S&P Falling To As Low As 1200, Sonali Basak, Bloomberg

Contrary Opinion #2: Stock Market Could Still Fall By 50%, Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

Mortgages Below 3.5%?

Reaction Of Gold During A Stock Market Crisis – CS Believes Gold May Be Near A 5-6 Year High

Who Will Be The Winners In A Post-Pandemic Economy? Mohit Joshi, Webforum.org

Coronavirus Market Crash: Where To Invest $1000 Right Now, Joe Tenebruso, Motley Fool

Bank America Says Lows For Stock Market Are In, Yun Li, CNBC

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money; Also see, Lazy Portfolio ETF – Different ETF Portfolio Options, with alternative choices for risk, Lazy Portfolio

Coronavirus: Why We Are 100 Times Safer Now Than We Were In Early March, Inan Dogan, PhD, Yahoo Finance/ Insider Monkey

The S&P 500 Has Rebounded 25% In Less Than 3 Weeks – Here’s Why, Fred Imbert, CNBC

Must See – Mark Cuban Townhall Q&A With Maria Bartiromo & Others (video, left), Fox Business

What The Collapse In Oil Crude Prices Means (video, right), CNBC

US Oil Fund Drops And Fools Investors – It Does Not Track The Price Of Oil, Kate Rooney, CNBC

Why Home Sales Will Survive The Crisis, Stephanie Bedard-Chateauneuf, CCN

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This Week:

Bitcoin versus Other Historical Bubbles

Crypto Market Cap And Prices, 4/24/20

Bitcoin Prices Surge As Perfect Storm Drives Gains, Charles Bovaird, Forbes

Here’s What’s Driving Bitcoin Rise Among Retail Investors, Cole Petersen, Bitcoinist

You Tube Sued By Crypto Firm Ripple, Jeff John Roberts, Fortune

Facebook’s Libra Still A Major Threat To Bitcoin: Economist, Samuel Haig, Cointelegraph

Must Read: Bitcoin Flips Bullish – Here’s Why It Could Still Sink To $5500 Or Below $4000, Keith Wareing, Cointelegraph

Previous Weeks:

Bitcoin Lost $7K Support Right After Large Tranche Sold, William Suberg, Cointelegraph

This Historically Accurate Pattern Suggests Bitcoin Plunge To $3000, Joseph Young, Cointelegraph

This Is Bitcoin’s Moment According To Virgin Galactic Chairman, Liam Frost, Decrypt

Just One Major Coin Outperforming Bitcoin Now And Its Rising Fast, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Bitcoin Crashes – Why? (video, left), CNBC

McDermitt Vs. Moas On Bitcoin And Cryptocurrency: Buy, Hold Or Trade – Which Is Best? (video, right), Cointelegraph

Bitcoin: Will It Hit $100,000 By December 2021 Due To Halving? Kitco News

Bitcoin Creator Also Founded Monero, New Research Suggests, Anatol Antonovici, Bitcoinist

Fed’s Quantitative Easing Strategy Holds Long Term Benefits For Crypto, Andrew Singer, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Facing New Death Cross Suggests No $10K Before Halving, filbfilb, Cointelegraph

6 Cryptocurrencies To Buy For 2020 And Beyond, Sylvain Saurel, Medium

Bitcoin Expected To Break Records In 2020 Based On These 4 Elements, Sylvain Saurel, Medium

All Cryptocurrencies Ranked, Coinmarketcap

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Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

S&P 500 – The Big Picture

Mortality Rate Higher Than Expected, But Are Things Already Looking Up?

How Do We Interpret This ‘Coronavirus Moment? In the World And The Markets, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Also see, Special Update, 4/01/20: Coronavirus And The US Stock Markets: The Bottom Line, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Bear Markets – How Long Do They Last On Average? Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

How To Improve Your Finances In 2020 (video, left), JPM

Must Read: How China Will Take Over The World, Tatiana Koffman, Forbes

Must See – Mark Cuban On Amazon and The Importance Of AI: FANG Has An AI Advantage (video, right), CNBC

Must Read – Ten Facts Investors Need To Know To Achieve Investment Success, Scott MacKillop, Advisor Perspectives

Worst Thing Investors Could Do Right Now Is Sell, Stephanie Landsman, CNBC

What Is The QQQ ETF? Emily Norris, Investopedia

Must Read: The Difference Between Investing And Speculation (10 Investing Rules), Lance Roberts, Advisor Perspectives

Quote: “Understanding that all things are cyclical suggests that after long price increases, investments become more prone to declines than further advances….However, a very high priced stock CAN be cheap.”

Most Popular Stocks Among 30 Somethings

Must Read: There’s Only One Stock Millennials Prefer Over Amazon And Tesla, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch

How 2019’s Market Tops Parallels Time Right Before 2008 Financial Crisis, Real Vision Finance

Ray Dalio’s ‘Holy Grail’ Of Investing In 5 Minutes (video, right), Investopedia

This Is Now The Best Bull Stock Market Ever, Yun Li, CNBC

Quote: “The most outstanding feature of this cycle since 2008 is always going to be fear,” says Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at The Leuthold Group.”

Fed Chair: US Debt On An Unsustainable Path, USA Today

A Growing Club Of Powerful Countries Abandoning US Dollar, Eustance Huang, CNBC

CS Commentary: If the end of the dollar is a concern see, Evaluating the Arguments For The Demise Of The Dollar. This 2015 article is still relevant today.

I Wrote A Popular Piece On ‘Lessons From The Madoff Fraud’, Then I Got Scammed – Here’s Why, Seaborn Hall, Medium

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Financial Advisor’s 2019 Top 600+ RIA Rankings, FA

Financial Advisor’s 2019 RIA Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms, FA

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Heart Attachments: How what you love shapes your thinking, behavior, and destiny, Bruce J. Hammond; For the Kindle/E-Book version of the above, click here; Also, read the excellent reviews for this book here


Must See – They Believed The End Times Were Imminent – The ATF-FBI Didn’t Like That, Retro Report

CS Commentary: Waco was months following Ruby Ridge. The Netflix series, Waco (see trailer below), based on two non-fiction books by participants on opposite sides, tells quite a different story than some of the conclusions stated in this video. Be sure to listen to the portion just after 11:00 – “all that is needed for real carnage to happen out there, is another Waco, a spark, something that will light the movement on fire.” Why was the FBI forced to back down in the Nevada range war of 2014? Well, they were forced to make some procedural changes after both Ruby Ridge and Waco in the early 1990’s. However, the primary impediment that prevented them from strong-arming Nevada ranchers? – Armed citizens organized in militias.

Meghan McCain Shares Who She’ll Vote For In Presidential Election – Its Not Trump, CNN

CS Commentary: McCain is married to Federalist co-founder and publisher Ben Domenech, which may explain a lot about The Federalist site.

Covid-19: Humanity Or Hypocrisy? Raymond Ibrahim

7 Year Old Has Prophetic Dream About Coronavirus Ending – Perhaps As Soon As April 30, Will Ford, Charisma

Bloomberg News Shameful Sell-Out To Beijing, NY Post


Meghan Markle has ‘clearly had a disastrous effect’ on Prince Harry (video, left), Sky News Australia

Science Is The Only Answer (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Is Dr. Fauci To Blame For Everything? Is There A ‘Rat’ In The White House? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Powerful New Israeli Disinfectant Kills Virus, Breaking Christian News

Coronavirus Dies Fast Under Light, Brown/Sink, Bloomberg/Yahoo

Stanford Professor: Covid-19 Death Rate Magnitudes Lower Than Originally Thought, Marisa Herman, Newsmax

Trump’s Opening Up America Again Guidelines, Fox News

If Someone Is Violating Social Distancing Rules – What Do You Do? Katy Steinmetz, Time

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus, medicare.gov

CS Coronavirus Update (click this link for complete Daily Update)


Best Pandemic Movies (video, left), Misquoted On Movies

Could Alleged FBI Misconduct Save Lori Loughlin? Joey Garrison, USA Today

Chris Pine Replaces Chris Pratt As ‘The Saint,’ Ben Pearson, Slash Film

Video: Coronavirus Is Changing Hollywood, Variety

The Best New Movies On Netflix In April 2020, Haleigh Foutch, Collider


American idol 2020 Top 20 Performers (video, left), American Idol

American Idol Makes History With At Home Results And Performances, Lyndsey Parker, Yahoo.com

New Zealand Family Lockdown Boogie Passes 200,000 Views, Stuff

‘I’m Definitely Born-Again’: Kanye West Opens Up About Faith And Christians Speaking Up, Charisma

Julia Gargano Hits All The Notes, American Idol 2020


What Happens When An Angry Fan Emails An NFL General Manger? Jeff Schultz, The Athletic

A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez Retain JP Morgan In Bid For NY Mets, Ronald Blum, AP News

2020 NFL Draft First Round Grades, Danny Kelly, The Ringer

Thursday’s 2020 NFL Draft: How To Stream, and More, CBS Sports


Delta Boeing 737 Ingests 2 Geese While Accelerating On SF Runway, Jay Singh, Simple Flying

This Toiletry Bag Nails All The Details, Discoverer

Global Health Advisory Level 4 Travel Warning, US State Department


Waco, Official Trailer (video, left), Paramount/Netflix, Vodu Trailers

CS Commentary: Based on two non-fiction books by participants from opposite sides this is a fact-based, informative and riveting series based on the 1993 siege of Branch Davidians led by self-proclaimed Messiah David Koresh. Similar to watching a horrendous train wreck, once you start it you can’t take your eyes off of the events as they unfold. The writers make some concrete choices of events that others say remain shrouded. Its great writing presented by an equally great cast. Challenge: try not to be enraged and scared by the Federal government and the FBI. These are events – along with Ruby Ridge, which happened months before this – with which every American should be familiar. CS Grade: A (where A is the highest grade possible)

Waco Survivor Gary Thibodeau And FBI Hostage Negotiator Gary Noesner (video, right), Megyn Kelly, NBC

Dirty John, Season 2 To Premiere On USA Network In Pre-Summer, Erik Pedersen, Deadline

Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In May, Mike Murphy, MarketWatch

Everything Coming To Amazon Prime In May, Mike Murphy, MarketWatch

Quotes Of The Month:

“If you are in a position to prevent further violence, strike first, strike hard.” – Dalai lLama

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