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Must See – How To Respond And To Prepare During This Pandemic (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

Must See – They Will Be Called My ‘War Eagles’ (vdieo, right), Dutch Sheets, King of Kings Worship Center

Sid Roth: God Is Using Covid-19 To Do Something Supernatural On The Earth, Charisma

Michael Brown: Fear Not, This Is Not The End Of The World, Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

Fox News Anchor Takes You Inside Her Life And Reveals Why She Prays Every Morning, Billy Hallowell, Charisma

How A Simple Prayer Led To A Healing And An International Prayer Movement, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Prophecy: Trump Was Re-Elected, But Hillary Was Resisting (video, left), Tracy Cooke/Sid Roth

What Is God Doing In 2020? (video, right) Tracy Cooke, Cheque The Wall

CS Commentary: Notice Tracy says that God told him that He was going to ‘expedite time.’ According to the internet, expedite means to “make (an action or process) happen sooner or be accomplished more quickly.”

Coronavirus Update

(see The Coronavirus CS Daily Update Page here)

This Week

Why Has This Pandemic Come? Italy And New York Are Examples Of Why (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: For the complete and longer context of this video see video above, How To Respond And Prepare’

Be Prepared: The Next Great Pandemic As The Lord Shared It With Me (video, right), Sadhu Selvaraj, Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: Again, he clearly says that ‘by the time’ a vaccine for the Coronavirus is discovered that this new virus will come to sting. According to Sadhu, it will cause a great amount of fatalities. It should be noted that in another message around this time Sadhu also said clearly that he does not know when the new pandemic will come – see comments on video below in Editor’s Choice for more. Regardless, this is something to repent and pray to the Lord about – that He would delay the coming of this pandemic.

Shawn Bolz Summarizes His View Of Prophecy And Some Of Other’s Prophetic Words About Coronavirus (video, left), Praise

What Has Just Happened And What Is Coming? Five White Tornadoes (video, right), R. Loren Sandford, New Song

CS Commentary: Interesting that the South just experienced some of the most devastating tornadoes in its history.

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Previous Weeks’ Coronavirus Prophetic Words

See This Link

Editor’s Choice

Special Update/Must See – The Meaning Of The Present Covid-19 Crisis Relative To What Is Coming The Next Decade (video, left), Sunday Service 4/19/20, Terry Bennett, Messengers Of Shiloh

CS Commentary: This message and the video to the right complement each other. The whole message is good and worth listening to but the relevant portion directed to Coronavirus, the meaning of this crisis, and the church, on the video at left, begins around 1:28 (1 hour, 28 minutes in). At 1:35: There is a greater shaking coming…To continue reading see this link…

Sadhu Selvaraj Clarifies His ‘Coming Plague Prophecy’ And Shares A Visitation From The Apostle Paul And Moses (video, right), Digital Workshop

CS Commentary: Note that Sadhu now says that he does not know when this second more terrifying plague is coming. Previously he said it was coming before a vaccine for the Covid-19 could be found. We attribute this to prophetic protocol: the Lord may ask true prophets to say things for the purpose of motivating people to repentance and action, hoping that their actions will enable Him to delay judgement (Jer. 18). This is not misinterpretation or prophetic error, though those do occur among less mature or false prophets.

‘Headlines From Heaven’ Related To ‘The Perfect Storm’ (video, left), John Paul Jackson, carlo sando

CS Commentary: JPJ says clearly that he does not know for sure whether these headlines relate to ‘The Perfect Storm’ or not – but they might.

Two Minutes With JPJ: Where Are We In ‘The Perfect Storm?” The Eye Of The Hurricane, (video, right), John Paul Jackson, Tru News/Real Thing TV

CS Commentary: Here, we again see the difficulty related to interpretive attempts, especially related to timing. JPJ pinpoints 2015 as the date to come out of the ‘eye’, but that has obviously been ‘pushed back.’ More than one prophet is now pointing to 2021-22. However, we must always allow for the effects of intercession and repentance from God’s people, and even more, the grace and mercy of God. For more on investment strategy in crisis, see our Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio.

Prophecy Review: The Coming Perfect Storm, Full Version (video, left), John Paul Jackson, Streams Ministries

CS Commentary on Prophecy Review: JPJ first delivered the word in July of 2008. It was sent out to his mail list in August 2008. The video appears to be made later in 2008, but not posted till years later. JPJ indicates that most of the word will begin to take place….To continue reading click this link

The Coming Perfect Storm (video,right), John Paul Jackson, Cheesman Romero/Jim Bakker Show

CS Commentary: In this important video, we get a clear explanation of exactly what ‘the coming Perfect Storm’ involves: the perfect alignment of ‘five types of events that had never happened before.’ The Perfect Storm prophecy regards multiple things in each of the five areas – Religion, Politics, Economics, War, and Geophysical – and is a global event. JPJ describes it as a ‘ten year period of escalation.’ But then he puts the dates of 2010 to 2020 on it. These dates have been pushed back in CS’s opinion. As to that phenomenon and the attacks of ‘false prophecy’ relative to this that some will erroneously make we refer the reader to Evaluating Prophets And Prophecy.

See the new CS Dream Interpretation – Spiritual Life Page Here

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Prophecies And Insight Concerning the USA, 2020 Elections, President Trump & The Mid-Term Elections & Results – See This Link.

Terry Bennett’s 21 Year Gabriel Prophecy – See This Link

Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page See This Link

Prophecy Related News & Resources

Maybe Covid-19 Will Wake The World About China

Erdogan Accused Of Waging Biological War On Europe, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

Is The Coronavirus Dividing Europe? Con Coughlin, Gatestone Institute

China Admits Coronavirus Death Toll At Least 50% Higher Than Previously Reported, Ramy Inocencio, CBS News

China Bans Churches From Streaming Services, Even During Pandemic, Michael Foust, Christian Headlines

Coronavirus Is Likely To Reduce Stability In The Middle East, Caroline Glick

Pompeo: Annexation Of Territory In Judea, Samaria An Israeli Decision, JNS

Next Week Israel Celebrates Its 72nd Year Of Independence – Roots Of Its Legitimacy Lie In the 1920 San Remo Resolution, Melanie Phillips, JNS

Germany’s Largest Paper To China’s President Xi: ‘You Are Endangering The World’, Benjamin Weinthal, Jerusalem Post

Quote: “Now, China is known as a surveillance state that infected the world with a deadly disease.That is your political legacy.”

How The ‘Evil Called Barack Obama’ Enabled The Genocidal Slaughter Of Nigerian Christians, Raymond Ibrahim

For More Click Here For Politics Page

Click Here For Earthquakes & Natural Disasters Page: Prophetic Insights and Resources

For More Must-See Videos See This Link

Common Sense Interpretation


CS Evaluation (see below): Prophetic Dream: Trump Catches The Big One (video, left), Bonnie Jones/Bob Jones

CS Evaluation: We do not believe this dream is about President Trump, the economy, or the gold standard. It is about the retrieval of a destiny that has been lost because of a poor decision made about twelve years ago. The biggest interpretive question here is...To Continue Reading And For Video See This Link

CS Evaluation (see below) – Ask Pastor John: God, Guns, and Biblical Manhood, Desiring God

CS Evaluation Of Ask Pastor John: CS totally disagrees with Pastor John’s point of view, which is: Christians should be discouraged from owning firearms for the purpose of self-defense. To Continue Reading And For Video See This Link

CS Evaluation: Christian Financial Expert – Do March’s Economic Numbers Point To Financial Ruin? Dan Celia, Charisma

CS Evaluation: We don’t believe the Coronavirus economic ‘event’ will immediately lead to financial ruin. The stock market, separate from the economy and leading it by about 6 months, will come back sooner. Goldman Sachs is predicting a third quarter recovery, others sooner, or slightly later. The economy will come back in stages and recovery will be different – some businesses will thrive, others will go out of business. The world has changed, no doubt, but the consumer has always come back after crisis. Longer term, this crisis continues to set the US and other nations up for an eventual global debt explosion – but this should happen later, into the late 2020’s or 2030’s.

CS Evaluation: John Paul Jackson Prophesied About A Second Pandemic, Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

CS Evaluation: As we’ve said previously, no, this is not the End Times virus that JPJ prophesied about – a little checking would have made that clear to Charisma.  According to the website JPJ founded, Streams Ministries, JPJ prophesied about an End Times virus that would be typified by red splashes or a red rash. He also prophesied about another virus before that one that would create a lot of fear and be thought to be the one to worry about. That sounds a lot like Coronavirus – but only time will tell. As we’ve shown, H1N1 in 2009 was so far a lot worse than this one in terms of infected and number of deaths. But, it is still early – and regardless, for various reasons, mostly the contagion effect and the uncertainty, Coronavirus has caused a lot more fear and panic. For more on this, see the Common Sense Interpretation section, below.

Michael Snyder Says John Paul Jackson’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Prophecy Is Happening Now – Is It? Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

CS Evaluation: Though there is much continued potential for Jackson’s prophecy to begin to unfold, we don’t believe that we are there yet. Snyder mentions Trump’s impeachment, worsening manufacturing numbers, and ‘plummeting global trade’ as signs. Dubious. Jackson referred to a confluence of events as evidence of the ‘perfect storm.’ As John Paul himself says in the video above in Must See Videos (see our updated commentary), it is a confluence of crises in 5 areas: economic, government, religious, war, and geo-physical. It is not just one event in each area, but many events in each area that will occur at the same time. No, the ‘Perfect Storm’ prophecy is not here yet.

Predictions about the Future Price of Gold – see The Perfect Storm Commentary in Must See Videos above.

The Stock Markets, Money And The Bible, Michael Brown, Charisma

CS Evaluation: A pretty one-sided treatment of money and investing, and fear-based relative to the stock markets. Proverbs also has plenty of other wealth advice like ‘throw your seed on many waters’, etc.


On Critiquing Public Dreams, Interpretations, And Other Public Statements, Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

How Can We Know The Truth? Examine The Founder Of Any Religion To Know The Truth About That Religion, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual LIfe

How Did Jesus Interpret The Scriptures? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Two Red Flags When Looking For A Church Or Any Kind Of Relationship, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The Greatest Need Of The Prophetic Church Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Daily Do-ables: This Is What Resisting Temptation And Repentance Looks Like, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Church Must Be Done In A New Way Before New Things Will Come, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

‘Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment’ – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The #1 Objection To Prophecy: Prophecy Is Not For Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The #2 Objection to Prophecy: If It Does Not Come True, It Is a False Prophecy Given by a False Prophet, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

See Dream Interpretation – Spiritual Life Page Here

Joseph’s Dreams: What Can We Learn? Part Two, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Joseph’s Dreams: What Can We Learn? Part One, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Tertullian On Dreams, John Boruff

Dream Discernment: Discerning The Source of Dreams Is The Most Important Aspect Of Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

A Dream From God Has 6 Clear Characteristics, John E. Thomas, Charisma

How Should You Respond To The Crazy Thing You Dreamed Last Night, John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries

Video: What Do The Numbers In Your Dreams Mean? John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries/Charisma

Misinterpreting Dreams: Personal vs. Universal, Part 2, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Misinterpreting Dreams: Mistaking A Personal Dream For A Universal Dream, Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life


Correct Theology Or Tradition?

Shawn Bolz Predicts President Trump Will Win Second Term, CBN

CS Commentary: Portion with Bolz begins right after the 12:00 mark.

The Gift Of Prophecy Vs. The Ministry Of The Prophet (video, right), Jeremiah Johnson

CS Commentary: This is a good beginning on the distinction between the gift and the office. 1 Corinthians 12-14 delineates the gift, while Jeremiah 1, 18 and 23 elaborates on the office and true ministry of the prophet. While any believer may prophesy or operate in the gift at any time, there are those who have the gift of prophecy. Of those who have the gift there are fewer who are called into the ministry of a prophet. Miriam is a type of the ministry of a prophet; Moses is a type of the office of prophet (see Numbers 12). Of those who have the ministry of prophet, there are even fewer who attain the office of prophet. Even in the office of prophet, there are distinctions between personality, function, and call. For some of this theology, see 1-2 Kings. Also see Sadhu Selvaraj’s messages on prophets and the prophetic.

Video Compendium: Are You Called To The Office Of Prophet? Charisma

Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy: We need truth over tradition, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy


The Hook Interlocking Structure of Revelation, Seaborn Hall, Novum Testamentum
Note: This article, published in 2002, was the academic basis for the 3 part article on Revelation in the section above.

Click here for the Dream Interpretation-Spiritual Life Page

Click here for the Prophecy-Spiritual Life Interpretation Page

Review Of Some Of The Late Kim Clement’s Words

See this link.

Prophetic Words Prior To, And Concerning, The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

See this link.

More Common Sense

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Heart Attachments: How what you love shapes your thinking, behavior, and destiny, Bruce J. Hammond; For the Kindle/E-Book version of the above, click here; Also, read the excellent reviews for this book here


Must See – They Believed The End Times Were Imminent – The ATF-FBI Didn’t Like That, Retro Report

CS Commentary: Waco was months following Ruby Ridge. The Netflix series, Waco (see trailer below), based on two non-fiction books by participants on opposite sides, tells quite a different story than some of the conclusions stated in this video. Be sure to listen to the portion just after 11:00 – “all that is needed for real carnage to happen out there, is another Waco, a spark, something that will light the movement on fire.” Why was the FBI forced to back down in the Nevada range war of 2014? Well, they were forced to make some procedural changes after both Ruby Ridge and Waco in the early 1990’s. However, the primary impediment that prevented them from strong-arming Nevada ranchers? – Armed citizens organized in militias.

Meghan McCain Shares Who She’ll Vote For In Presidential Election – Its Not Trump, CNN

CS Commentary: McCain is married to Federalist co-founder and publisher Ben Domenech, which may explain a lot about The Federalist site.

Covid-19: Humanity Or Hypocrisy? Raymond Ibrahim

7 Year Old Has Prophetic Dream About Coronavirus Ending – Perhaps As Soon As April 30, Will Ford, Charisma

Bloomberg News Shameful Sell-Out To Beijing, NY Post


Meghan Markle has ‘clearly had a disastrous effect’ on Prince Harry (video, left), Sky News Australia

Science Is The Only Answer (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Is Dr. Fauci To Blame For Everything? Is There A ‘Rat’ In The White House? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Powerful New Israeli Disinfectant Kills Virus, Breaking Christian News

Coronavirus Dies Fast Under Light, Brown/Sink, Bloomberg/Yahoo

Stanford Professor: Covid-19 Death Rate Magnitudes Lower Than Originally Thought, Marisa Herman, Newsmax

Trump’s Opening Up America Again Guidelines, Fox News

If Someone Is Violating Social Distancing Rules – What Do You Do? Katy Steinmetz, Time

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus,

CS Coronavirus Update (click this link for complete Daily Update)


Best Pandemic Movies (video, left), Misquoted On Movies

Could Alleged FBI Misconduct Save Lori Loughlin? Joey Garrison, USA Today

Chris Pine Replaces Chris Pratt As ‘The Saint,’ Ben Pearson, Slash Film

Video: Coronavirus Is Changing Hollywood, Variety

The Best New Movies On Netflix In April 2020, Haleigh Foutch, Collider


American idol 2020 Top 20 Performers (video, left), American Idol

American Idol Makes History With At Home Results And Performances, Lyndsey Parker,

New Zealand Family Lockdown Boogie Passes 200,000 Views, Stuff

‘I’m Definitely Born-Again’: Kanye West Opens Up About Faith And Christians Speaking Up, Charisma

Julia Gargano Hits All The Notes, American Idol 2020


What Happens When An Angry Fan Emails An NFL General Manger? Jeff Schultz, The Athletic

A-Rod, Jennifer Lopez Retain JP Morgan In Bid For NY Mets, Ronald Blum, AP News

2020 NFL Draft First Round Grades, Danny Kelly, The Ringer

Thursday’s 2020 NFL Draft: How To Stream, and More, CBS Sports


Delta Boeing 737 Ingests 2 Geese While Accelerating On SF Runway, Jay Singh, Simple Flying

This Toiletry Bag Nails All The Details, Discoverer

Global Health Advisory Level 4 Travel Warning, US State Department


Waco, Official Trailer (video, left), Paramount/Netflix, Vodu Trailers

CS Commentary: Based on two non-fiction books by participants from opposite sides this is a fact-based, informative and riveting series based on the 1993 siege of Branch Davidians led by self-proclaimed Messiah David Koresh. Similar to watching a horrendous train wreck, once you start it you can’t take your eyes off of the events as they unfold. The writers make some concrete choices of events that others say remain shrouded. Its great writing presented by an equally great cast. Challenge: try not to be enraged and scared by the Federal government and the FBI. These are events – along with Ruby Ridge, which happened months before this – with which every American should be familiar. CS Grade: A (where A is the highest grade possible)

Waco Survivor Gary Thibodeau And FBI Hostage Negotiator Gary Noesner (video, right), Megyn Kelly, NBC

Dirty John, Season 2 To Premiere On USA Network In Pre-Summer, Erik Pedersen, Deadline

Everything Coming To And Leaving Netflix In May, Mike Murphy, MarketWatch

Everything Coming To Amazon Prime In May, Mike Murphy, MarketWatch

Quotes Of The Month:

“If you are in a position to prevent further violence, strike first, strike hard.” – Dalai lLama

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