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Must See – Facebook Censors One Of My Videos On Kamala – See The Truth (video, left), Tipping Point, OAN

Kim Klacik Is Taking The US By Storm – Here’s The Story Behind The Ad (video, right), Huckabee; Also see, The Best Political Ad Ever – Kim Klacik ‘Walks Baltimore’, Alfred.vip Podcast Clips

When Obama Postmaster Closed Facilities During 2012 Election, Democrats Sang Different Tune, John Solomon, Just The News

Must See – Former NFL Star Herschel Walker’s 2020 RNC Speech (video on Home Page), The Hill

As President, Biden Would Pander To China – His Record Proves It, Senator Tom Cotton, Fox News

The Light And The Darkness: Biden Got It Backwards, Newt Gingrich, Gingrich 360

Will Trump Win In A Landslide? Why And Why Not? (video, left), Sky News Australia

The Most Important Speech At The RNC: The Obama Administration Was Corrupt (video, right), Fox Business

Trump Delivered On Most 2016 Promises – Here’s What Remains, Ballasy/Attkisson, Just The News

Biden’s DNC Speech Suffers Low Ratings Even As Americans Stay Home, Tristan Justice, The Federalist

Must Read – ‘Been There Seen That’ Warn Cuban-Americans At RNC, Humberto Fontova, Townhall

43% Of Voters Nationwide Still Believe Trump Colluded With Russia, Rasmussen, Just The News

Must See – NYPD Police Union President: 4 More Years Of Trump – Or, ‘No Safety, No Justice, No Peace’, (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Rand Paul Recounts Protestor Attack (The New Democratic Party) On He And His Wife: America Has To Wake Up! (video, right) Fox News

What’s Really Going On In Wisconsin? Rachel del Guidice, The Daily Signal

Carter Page: Corrupt FBI Attorney Put My Life At Risk, Sean Davis, The Federalist

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There Are Too Many Times Biden Makes No Sense


The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

The U.S. Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, & All Amendments

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration and the U.S. Constitution at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

Must See The Democratic Party Playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules For Radicals, The Bolen Report

Draft Of 2020 Democratic Party Platform, DemConvention.com (If you are Democrat, know what you are supporting)

Israel and the world

Chinese Dissident Rips Veil Off China’s Tyrannical Communist Party (video, left), Fox News

South China Sea Tensions Rising In Midst Of Blacklist And Beijing Missile Fire ‘Warning’: Senator Tom Cotton, Bradford Betz, Fox News

Not Content With F-35 Debacle, Navy Now Working On Brand New Fighter Jet, Jared Keller, Task & Purpose

Democrats Do Nothing To Discourage U. S. Rage Mobs : Police Protection Now Political – Like In Third World Nations (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Satellite Photos Appear To Show Chinese Submarine Using Underground Base, Brad Lendon, CNN

North Korea Releases New Kim Jong Un Photos, Amidst Reports He’s In A Coma, Lia Eustachewich, NY Post

Must Read: Islam’s Doctrines Of Deception, Raymond Ibrahim

Quote: “Based on the above, these are instances of Muslim extremists feigning openness to the idea of peace simply in order to bide time…If Islam must be in a constant state of war with the non-Muslim world – which need not be physical… – and if Muslims are permitted to lie and feign loyalty to the infidel to further their war efforts, offers of peace, tolerance or dialogue from extremist Muslim corners are called into question.”

Common Sense Interpretation

Must See – He’s Predicted Every Presidential Election Since 1984 – What Does He Predict For 2020? (video, left), NY Times

CS Commentary: This might be the first time Lichtman is really, really wrong. Both the ‘Social Unrest’ And ‘Scandal’ categories could be seen differently and it is here that Lichtman may be seeing things with ‘partisan’ eyes. ‘Military Success’ could be seen differently as well – Trump eradicated the ISIS Caliphate early in his presidency, is fulfilling his promise to get America out of foreign wars and has successfully ‘taken out’ several high profile terrorist leaders, not to mention the recent historic Middle East peace deal between the U.S., Israel, and the UAE.

Must See – Four Democrat Conspiracy Theories, Debunked: Russia, The Ukraine Call, The Post Office, Hands Up Don’t Shoot (video, right), Tipping Point, OAN

The Democratic Party Left Me This Year – Here’s What I’m Going To Do Now, Leo Terrell, Fox News

The Democratic National Convention That Democrats Don’t Want You To See (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Mark Levin: Kamala Harris ‘Most Extremist Radical Politician Ever To Run For High Office’ In The USA, Yael Halon, Fox News

Here’s How China Is Interfering To Smear Trump In This Election, Gordon G. Chang, Fox News

Must Read: Most Americans Are Concerned Violence Will Break Out After November Elections, Sarah Attkisson, Just The News

Half A Million Incorrect Absentee Ballots Sent Across Virginia, Some To Dead People, Nicholas, Ballasy, Just The News

Is There Voter Fraud? Thousands Of North Carolina Voters Double-Voted, Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

Must See – 77% Of Republicans Don’t Know This: Why Are They Scared To Share Their Political Views? (video, left), Tipping Point, OAN

Must See – CNN Lectures You, They Don’t Have A Clue: Trump Will Win In A Landslide (video, right), Greg Kelly, Newsmax

Must SeeInsider Speaks: 90% Of Politicians In US ‘Owned’ By Elites – They Tried To Destroy Trump From The Start (video, right, Sky News Australia

America Is Starting To Look Like Germany In The 1930’s – Here’s How, Wayne Allan Root, Townhall

CS Commentary: As we have been saying here now for some time, except for Trump and his administration holding certain things back, America is increasingly feeling like Nazi Germany in the 1930’s. Read The Rise And Fall Of The Third Reich by William Shirer, or the updated trilogy on Nazi Germany by Richard Evans. All America needs now is another charismatic leftist leader like Obama to hasten its fall, forever radicalize its government agencies and courts, and plunge it into a genuine third civil war.

Must Read – Archbishop Vigano’s Powerful Letter To President Trump: Eternal Struggle Of Good And Evil Playing Out Right Now, By Archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, Lifesite News (see video analysis on Spiritual Life page)

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This Book Will Help You Make Sense Of The Trump-Russia ‘Witch Hunt,’ Krystina Skurk, The Federalist


Tom Homan: ‘Biden Effect’ To Blame For Spike In Illegal Border Crossings – Netflix Documentary ‘Garbage’ (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Brigitte Gabriel Calls Out Bette Midler And Her Comments About Melania Trump (video, right), Republican Supporters

Must See – The Fatal Flaw In Leftist American Politics, Jordan Peterson, Big Think

Queen Must Strip Royals Of Titles After Meghan Goes Partisan During US Elections, Piers Morgan Says, James Bickerton, Express UK

The Cost Of Applying For US Citizenship Is Dramatically Increasing, Daniel Gonzalez, USA Today

Must See – Is Neo-Marxism On The Rise? How Socialist Use The Sin Of ‘Coveting’ To Motivate Revolution and Takeover That Always Ends In ‘Blood’ (video, right), Jordan Peterson./John Anderson

Over Half Of U.S. Christians Believe That Good Works Will Get Them To Heaven, Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post

Mail-In Voting Is Unreliable. Go To The Polls To Make Sure Your Vote Counts, Jordan Davidson, The Federalist


Australian Researchers Tout New Wonder Therapeutic Drug For Coronavirus (video, left), OAN

Ivermectin Treatment Is A ‘Real Killer Of Coronavirus’: Professor (video, right), OAN

Japanese Doctor Lived To 105 – Here Are His Secrets, Tom Popomaronis, CNBC

CDC Quietly Drops Mandatory 14-Day Quarantine After Traveling, Donald Wood, Travel Pulse

4 Shocking Facts Americans Don’t Know About The Lockdowns Tipping Point, OAN

More Than A Quarter Of Young Americans Considered Suicide Because Of The Pandemic, Evita Duffy, The Federalist; Also see, Yes, Children Are Almost Immune To The Worst Of Covid-19, Deane Waldman, The Federalist

Israeli Company Invents Masks That Kill Covid-19, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus, medicare.gov


The Case For Christ, Official Trailer, 2017 (video, left), MovieClips Indie

Ten More Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation; Also see, Ten Under-rated Films For Lockdown Viewing, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

100 Best Movies Of All Time, Andrews/Harrington/Stockdale, 24/7 Wall St

Mission Incredible: Tom Cruise, 58, Leaps From Motorbike As It Hurtles Off Ramp 500 Feet In Air, Katie Hind, Daily Mail UK

Kevin Costner And Diane Lane Go All Out To Rescue Grandson In ‘Let Him Go,’ Ale Russian, People


Charlotte Summers, ‘You Don’t Own Me (video, left)’, AGT

Wake Me Up (Official Video), Avicii

Top 20 Acoustic Guitar Intros Of All Time, Rick Beato

What Makes This Song Great?: Rosanna, by Toto, Rick Beato

Nolan Neal Delivers Emotional Performance – ‘You’ve Got The Love’ AGT 2020


Jacob DeGrom Ties Career High With 14 Strikeouts (video, left), MLB

Triple Crown Schedule 2020: Dates, Order, Results For All 3 Races, Mia Zanzuchhi, NBC Sports 

‘Tiz The Law’ Increases Triple Crown Hype After Travers Stakes Domination, STL News 

Why Are The NBA’s Ratings Going Down? It’s Obvious, Josh Levin, Slate 

NFL Headlines 2020 – Ravens vs. Buccaneers In Super Bowl?,  Colin Herd


New Apple Leak Reveals Release Shock For iPhone 12, Gordon Kelly, Forbes


Bombshell Documents Place Bill Clinton On Epstein’s Private Island (video, left), The Five, Fox News

CS Commentary: Don’t miss Gutfeld’s response in the group repartee.

Funniest Flight Attendant Ever, Launch Gaming

Here’s What Actually Happens When You Travel At Near-Light Speed, According To NASA, Stacey Leasca, Travel & Leisure 

Delta Bans Navy Seal Who Killed Bin Laden For Mask-Less Selfie, Thomas Barrabi, Fox News

Don’t Travel Before Checking Harvard’s Covid-19 Hot Spot Map, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Forbes; Also, Drill down to state/county level here


Ratings Analyzed: Tucker Carlson, NBA and Cable (Or, Mark Cuban Loses Another Argument), (video, left), Valueetainment Short Clips

Jim Gaffigan Goes Full Anti-Trump, Attacks His Supporters, Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist

HBO’s ‘Perry Mason’ Is A Welcome Spiritual Allegory For Our Dark Times, Brian Dunigan, The Federalist

Royal Mystery Unravelled In Huge Row Over Prince Albert’s Autopsy, Tom Evans, Express UK

Yellowstone Season 3 Finale Sets Another Ratings Record At 5.2 Million Viewers To Claim Cable’s #1 Spot, Petski/Andreeva, Deadline; Also see, Kevin Costner Opens Up About Biggest Challenge He Faces Filming ‘Yellowstone,’ Amanda Garrity, Good Housekeeping

Teeter On ‘Yellowstone’ Is Michael Landon’s Daughter, Courtney Campbell, Wide Open Country

Quotes Of The Month:

“We did every possible thing wrong. Sixty million Americans got H1N1 in that period of time [2009, during the Obama-Biden Administration], and it is just purely a fortuity that this isn’t one of the great mass-casualty events in American history. [It] had nothing to do with us doing anything right; just had to do with luck. If anyone thinks that can’t happen again, they don’t have to go back to 1918. Just go back to 2009, 2010. Imagine a virus with a different lethality, and you can just do the math.” — Former Biden chief of staff Ron Klain, at Texas A&M, 2019

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