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Must See – Senator Graham Responds To John Solomon’s Explosive Report On James Comey (video, left), Fox News

One Minute With The President: Baltimore Is ‘Living In Hell,’ (video, right) Fox News

Satire: Future, Utopian Paradise Of Baltimore Completely Baffled By Trump Attacks, Babylon Bee

Satire: Ilhan Omar Introduces Resolution Condemning Racism, White Men, And Jews, Babylon Bee

Biden Falsely Claims Obama Administration Free Of Scandals (video, left), One America News

CS Commentary: To gun running in Fast & Furious, add the Benghazi, IRS, Clinton Emails and other scandals.

The President’s Victories This Week And Baltimore Is Corrupt: An Overview (video, right), Kennedy, Fox News

Bubonic Plague: Los Angeles Reaches A Tipping Point, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Members Of NYPD Speak Out Against Mayor DeBlasio In Midst Of Water Attacks On Officers (video, left), Hannity, Fox News

Battle Over Baltimore And Democratic Control Of US Cities: Trump Must Not Relent (video, right), Fox & Friends, Fox News

Black Leaders Meet With The President: ‘I Was Glad To Pray With Him,’ Steve Warren, CBN

Bob Who? CNN Mocked For Totally Ignoring Mueller In Democratic Debates, Hannity

Reports: Son Of Osama bin Laden Dead, UPI

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Editor’s Choice

Must See – China Sees Trump As A Weak President? Here’s Why (video, left), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Must See – What You Need To Know About Trump’s Baltimore Tweets (video, right), Tipping Point, One America News

Snopes And Babylon Bee Fued Illustrates Hazy Line Between Fake News and Satire, Jack Jenkins, RNS/Charisma; Also see, Snopes Issues Pre-Approval Of All Statements Made In Democratic Debate, Babylon Bee

CS Commentary: For any reader not up to speed, Babylon Bee is a conservative satirical site and Snopes is a notoriously liberal, biased ‘fact-checker’. Relying on Snopes to ‘fact-check’ is like giving a fox the job as your poultry inspector. For more reliable fact-checking of major news stories, we recommend the Rich Bueller founded site, ‘Truth or Fiction?’

Rep. Tulsi Gabbard Explains Why She Is Suing Google (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Google Says ‘Christian’ Unacceptable Key Word – Muslim OK (video, right), One America News

Witches Who Support Democratic Presidential Candidate Marianne Williamson Create ‘Occult Task Force,’ Jenny Rose Spaudo, Charisma; Also see, Marianne Williamson Not Sure What She’s Doing Up Here With All These Crazy People, Babylon Bee

Gutfeld: Best Takeaway From Latest Democratic Debate (video, left), The Five, Fox News

Who Is Tulsi Gabbard And Will She Be The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee? (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News; Also see this CNN Video: Gabbard is different, but in the same mold as so many Democratic candidates with a ‘peace at any cost’ approach that gives away US leverage to dictators.

Effort To Recall Los Angeles Mayor: He Should Resign Before They Walk Him Out In Handcuffs, The Daily Ledger, One America News

What Does The Military Actually Know About UFO’s? Tucker Carlson, Fox News


Democrats Seems Intent On Driving Party Into A Ditch

The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

The U.S. Constitution, The Bill Of Right, & All Amendments

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration and the U.S. Constitution at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

Must See The Democratic Party Playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules For Radicals, The Bolen Report

Must See White House Counsel Emmet Flood’s Five-Page Letter To Attorney General William Barr Explains Major Fallacies Of Mueller Report, Fox News

Israel and the world

Former Muslim Dr. Emir Caner Unveils Islam (video, left), Huckabee

Evaluation: Rodrigo Duterte Has Accelerated The Philippines Slide Toward Authoritarianism, Washington Post

CS Commentary and Evaluation: This is fake news on so many levels, it is hard to know where to start. Easily over 80% of people in the Philippines still support Duterte after 3 years, with another 3 years remaining of his term. The recent mid-term elections went in his favor. The Post mis-states figures for…To continue reading click here

The Hamas-Iran Plan To Eliminate Israel, Bassam Tawil, Gatestone Institute

Quote: “If we are offered a Palestinian state next to Israel, we will not say no. While we will take whatever Israel gives us, we will never recognize its right to exist. We will use the state as a launching pad to liberate all Palestine, from the Mediterranean Sea to the Jordan River…There are Jews everywhere. We must attack every Jew on planet Earth! We must slaughter and kill them, with Allah’s help. We will lacerate and tear them to pieces.”

To The EU: Iran’s Mullahs Will Never Be Your Friend, Majid Rafizadeh, Gatestone Institute

Must-see videos

Must See – Mark Levin Explains How America Is Ruled By Judicial Tyranny (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Jim Jordan Slams Democrats Coordinated Effort To Take Down Trump (video, right), Fox News

Must See – Europe: Deep Spiritual Crisis, The Herland Report

CS Commentary: Much insight on the intersection of politics and spirituality, particularly the spiritual vacuum that comes from the weakening of Christian faith in Western culture.

Must See – Mark Levin Exposes The Lies, Hypocrisy And Contradictions Of The Democratic Party And The Media, Fox News

FBI’s Christopher Wray Is Hiding James Comey’s Sins, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Must See – Joe DiGenova Explains Fallacies In All Democratic Attacks On President Trump And How They Lead Back To Obama (video, left), Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Puts ‘Spying’ Into Context And Explains Why Obama Should Be Questioned: ‘Nothing Like This Has Occurred In American History, Judicial Watch

Must See – The Facts About Whether Trump’s Policies Are Helping African-Americans: Candace Thomas vs. Liberal Harvard Professor (video, right), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

John Solomon And Sarah Carter Are The Woodward/Bernstein Of Our Time: Here’s Why, Mark Levin, Fox News

Must See: The Evidence Is In – FBI Under Comey Committed Premeditated Fraud On FISA Court (video, left), Hannity, Brother Lake

DiGenova: ‘Some Of These Guys Will Go To Prison’ (video, right), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News\

Must Watch: Candace Owens Completely Demolishes Yet Another Democrat And His Inane Arguments (video, right below), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

CS Commentary: ‘Inane’ means ‘silly, stupid, foolish,’ for anyone who thinks that might be a spelling mistake. The only thing wrong with this debate is that guests like this Democrat should not be allowed a national platform for their vacuous opinions, misinterpretation of the facts, and constant ad hominem responses in the face of convincing facts and logic. 24-hour news channels – like Fox News – have lowered the level of the debate in America by making celebrities out of these irrational, off-point pundits (to put it nicely). Yes, we have the right to free speech – no, that doesn’t mean that every foolish opinion is given a national platform. For Owens complete opening statement in the Congressional hearing, see below. Also see, Must Watch – Candace Owens Opening Statement In House Hate Crimes Hearing: She Excoriates The Democratic Party And Platform (video, right), Fox 10 Phoenix

CNN – ‘The Most Trusted Name In News’ – Got The Biggest Story Of The Decade Totally Wrong (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

There Is A Real Collusion Story: ‘CNN Is Not A News Outlet – It’s a SuperPac, Tucker Carlson, Fox News; Also see, Levin: Democrats Are Good At Destroying The Constitution, Hannity, Fox News

Former US Attorney Sydney Powell On Mark Levin: Mueller And Weismann Have Corrupted Justice For Decades, Fox News

Common Sense Interpretation

Hacking An Election: Google Wants To Shape American Perceptions For 2020 And Is Using Biased Search Parameters To Do It (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Here’s How The Republican Party Really Works And Why The System Is Corrupt (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Trey Gowdy Goes To Heart Of Issues In Mueller Testimony: ‘A Train Wreck’ For Mueller And Democrats (video, left), Fox News

CS Commentary: Note the verbage Gowdy uses midway through – ‘hanged.’ If this were the 17th century, Comey and Mueller could be hanged for their actions. We have reached a point in American politics where corruption has bleeded into borderline treasonous actions similar to what Benedict Arnold perpetrated.

Must See Joe DiGenova: The Public Saw Mueller’s Incompetence, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

CS Commentary: Important comments by Dobbs and DiGenova/Toensing relative to feeling empathy for Mueller – if he had not been the source of so much evil to the nation. Best quote: “I knew he [Mueller] didn’t author the report, I did think at least he would have read it.” If Mueller was not in charge, Weismann, a corrupt, biased, mad-dog, Democrat, was – it explains everything. Mueller embarrassed himself and Trump came out unscathed.

Must See – Mueller’s Congressional Testimony: Rep. Matt Gaetz Completely Crushes Mueller Who Weakly Responds, ‘That’s Not My Purview’, Fox News

CS Commentary: Mueller responded something like ‘I can’t answer that’ (a form of taking the 5th) over 200 times, and ‘that’s not my purview’ (which it almost always was) about 17 times. Let’s make it simple for those with doubts: Only a guilty person – or an extremely incompetent one – fails to answer so many direct and pertinent questions.

Who Wrote The Mueller Report? Newt Gingrich; Also see, Mueller’s Ignorance Of Fusion GPS Proves His Investigation Was A Sham, Margot Cleveland, The Federalist

CS Commentary: “In his opening statement, Mueller stressed that he agreed to serve as special counsel because he thought “it was of paramount interest to the nation to determine whether a foreign adversary had interfered in the presidential election. The order appointing me as special counsel directed our office to investigate Russian interference in the 2016 presidential election.” Therefore, when Mueller testified, ‘This is outside my purview’ seventeen times he was either grossly incompetent and misinformed or doing the equivalent of taking the 5th – something he did over 200 other times by uttering evasive phrases that refused to answer questions. ‘Spygate’ was and is a sham. By various accounts, Mueller and his team wasted between $25 and $50 million in taxpayer money.

Must Read – We Are A Nation Of Laws, Tucker Carlson/Neil Patel, Townhall

Quote: “The Democratic Party’s entire electoral future depends upon making certain that millions of people are above the law…The Democratic Party is built around ignoring and subverting that law.”

Open Letter To The New Yorker Exposes False Allegations, Alan M. Dershowitz, Gatestone Institute

Quote: “It is undisputed…that neither Al nor Tipper Gore ever met Jeffrey Epstein or were ever on his island. The Accuser’s description is a complete and total fabrication and/or fantasy. I asked her attorney David Boies to call his former client Al Gore to check on whether she was lying about the Gores. He refused to do so….Secret Service records establish that Bill Clinton was never on Jeffrey Epstein’s island. President Clinton has confirmed this fact.[emphasis ours]

World War III Has Already Begun, Ken Abramowitz, JNS

Leftists In State Department Sabotaged Guatemala Deal, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

The Republic Is Collapsing: ‘The Art Of War’ Is More Pertinent Than ‘The Art Of The Deal,’ David Solway, PJ Media

Quote: “For the real and imminent threat to the republic comes not from Russia, China, Iran or North Korea. It comes from within: from the gatekeeper dot-coms, from the legacy media, from the Democrat Party, from billionaire tycoons laboring to dismantle the nation, from the social justice consortium, from political actors in the municipal and jurisprudential realms who support insurgency and….”

Gallup: Due To ‘Propaganda’ Americans Vastly Overestimate The Gay Population In The US, Paula Bolyard, PJ Media

Biden Claims There Wasn’t A ‘Hint’ Of Scandal During Obama-Biden Administration: Here Are Ten, Matt Margolis, PJ Media

Was Christian Soccer Star Jaelene Hinkle Excluded From The World Cup Team Due To Her Faith? Tyler O’Neil, PJ Media

Judicial Watch President: Obama White House Covered Up Hillary Email Scandal, OAN

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More Common Sense


Mark Levin: Airport Bookstores Refuse To Carry My Book ‘Unfreedom Of The Press,’ Michael Van Der Galien, PJ Media

CS Commentary: Airports are many times controlled by cities (or commissions appointed by cities), which are largely run by Democrats, which is, partially at least, why you have to put up with exclusive CNN broadcasts (the Counterfeit News Network), and idiotic scenarios like the one above in Reagan and Atlanta and other airports across the nation.

NY Times Fudged Book Sales Data To Torpedo ‘Justice On Trial’ Best-Selling Ranking, Sean Davis, The Federalist


Watch John Chapman’s Incredible Heroics That Won Him Two Posthumous Medals Of Honor – First Ever Medal Of Honor Recorded On Video (video, left), Task And Purpose

The Pillow Guy Talks Politics (video, right), Fox & Friends, Fox News

The Cultural Left Goes Berserk, Bozell/Graham, Townhall

Well Known Christian Author, Purity Advocate Renounces His Faith, Caleb Parke, Fox News; Also see, Christians Demand Reparations From Joshua Harris For All The Hot Dates They Missed Out On

Scare To The Throne: New Drug Lord El Mayo Will Wipe Out El Chapo’s Son’s And Take Control, Jon Lockett, The Sun


Infidelity: Once Broken, Can Trust Be Healed? (video, left) Esther Perel; Also see, Esther Perel Explains Why People Are Unfaithful

CS Commentary: Again, Perel is not speaking from a Christian standpoint, but there is still a lot of wisdom here. Take what makes sense and leave the rest.

The Best Anti-Aging Eye Creams Of 2019, Lorelei Marfil, Forbes

Study Finds Most Couples Now Meet Online – Not At School, Work, Or Church (chart, left), Libby Emmons, The Federalist

How To Lose Weight With Intermittent Fasting And Eating Earlier In The Day, A. Pawlowski, Today.com


The Real Story Behind Top Gun: Maverick’s Capitulation To The Chinese Communist Party For Economic Gain (video, left), Tipping Point, One America News

Top Gun Memoir Warns American Military Air Superiority In Danger, Tony Daniel, The Federalist

A Female James Bond Leaves Fans Shaken And Not Stirred – For Good Reason, Paulina Enck, The Federalist

His Brand Is ‘Excellence’: How Leonardo DiCaprio Became Hollywood’s Last Movie Star, Tatiana Siegel, The Hollywood Reporter

Ridley Scott, Matt Damon, Ben Affleck In ‘The Last Duel,’ A 14th Century Revenge-Romance, Mike Fleming, Jr., Deadline


12 Year Old Ansley Burns From Easley, SC – Stopped By Simon Again!!! (video, left), America’s Got Talent

CS Commentary: Simon puts her ‘through the ringer’, she responds like a champ and excels, then he – and the panel – throw her under the bus! And to add injury to insult they elect at least two silly, boring acts to the Live Show instead! Crazy!!! Temporary insanity. Hopefully, they will come to their senses and invite her back.

The Real Reason ‘AGT’ Judge Simon Cowell Left ‘American Idol,’ Kayla Keegan, Good Housekeeping

Katy Perry Found Guilty Of Copying Christian Rap Song, Jenny Rose Spaudo, Charisma


NFL: The 2019 All-New-Team Team, Danny Heifetz, The Ringer

The Falcons Just Bet Big On Defense – What Does That Mean For Their Title Window? Robert Mays, The Ringer

Basketball Player Jeremy Lin On His Present Faith: ‘I Am Completely Dependent On God,’ Caleb Parke, Fox News


IPhone11, IPhone11R And 11MAX: What We Expect From Apple In September, Vanessa Hand Orellana, CNET


A Delta Pilot Was Removed From A Fully Boarded Plane And Arrested For Being Intoxicated, Maxouris/Baldacci, CNN

Philippine Airline, Cebu – Example Of How Plane Seats Are Smaller, Planes Packed With More People, Whitley/Gross, Bloomberg

FAA Launches New Investigation Into Atlanta’s Hartfield-Jackson Airport, Kelly Yamanouchi, AJC


Mindhunter, Season 2: Official Trailer (video, left); Also see, Mindhunter, Season 2, Netflix: How Do You Catch A Fantasy? ‘If He’s Any Good, You Can’t’, Zack Sharf, Indie Wire

Netflix Is Releasing 56 New Originals In August – Here’s The Full List, Zach Epstein, BGR

‘Big Little Lies’ Season 2 Finale Brings Closure After Explosive Showdown, Bentley/Strause, The Hollywood Reporter

Netflix August: Here’s What To Watch, Shyla Watson, Buzz Feed

CS Commentary: The best thing here is Mindhunter: Season 2, due August 16.

Quotes Of The Month:

“Whatever success I’ve had in my life has been due more to my knowing how to deal with what I don’t know than because of anything I know.” – Ray Dalio, Founder of Bridgewater Associates

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