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Press Secretary Sanders Calls On Jim Acosta In Press Briefing – Here’s The Result (video, left), Fox News

Alan Dershowitz: Trump Should Be Ready, Mueller Will Not Release A Balanced (video, right), Fair Report, Fox News

Trump Is Ready To Really Fight Back – Starting In January! Mike Huckabee; Also see source article, Trump Ready To Declassify Documents He Says In Exclusive Interview, Schultz/Schwab, NY Post

Tijuana Reeling – Over 100 Caravan Members Arrested On Criminal Charges, Benjamin Arie, Western Journal

College Life Today: Isabelle Chow Stood Up For Christianity At UC Berkeley And Met An Onslaught, Kristan Hawkins, The Federalist

My Invitation To Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (video, left), Tipping Point, One America News

Ignorant GOP Leadership (video, right), The Daily Ledger, One America Network

Witnesses Aren’t Saying What Mueller Wants To Hear, Mike Huckabee

Quote: “They can put me in prison for the rest of my life,” he told CNN.  “I am not going to sign a lie.” Also see, Mueller’s Wayward Witness, Part 2, Mike Huckabee

Editor’s Choice

Jerome Corsi Rejects Plea Deal, Claims ‘Mueller Inquisition’ Persecuting Him (video, left), One America News

Nigel Farage: Theresa May’s Brexit Deal Worst In History Setting Up Possible British Crisis (video, right), Fox News

Why Putin’s Game Of Russian Roulette With Ukraine Is A Big Deal, Douglas V. Mastriano, The Federalist

The Bible Agrees – Border Walls Are A Good Thing, Wayne Grudem, Charisma; Also see, Why Building A Border Wall Is A Morally Good Thing, Wayne Grudem, Charisma

Are President Trump’s Worst Enemies Inside The White House? (video, left) Chris Wallace, Fox News; Also see, Trade War Till 2020? Trump’s Tariffs Are Contributing To China’s Woes (video, right), Gordon Chang, Fox Business

Franklin Graham Goes On HBO’s Axios To Defend President Trump, Charisma

Proof Adam & Eve Existed And Evolution Is Wrong, Jack Beresford, Irish Post

John Chau’s Missionary Death A Failure No One Should Emulate, Lyman Stone, The Federalist

Quote: “The man was sincere, well-intentioned, and faithful, but he was a victim of a moral failure of evangelical institutions who have taught a generation of young Christians a long list of falsehoods about how mission work is supposed to happen;” Also see, In John Chau, A New Martyr Joins The Throng In Heaven, Stephen Roberts, The Federalist; Also see, ‘All-Nations’ Defends Missionary John Chau, Heather Sells, CBN

Beneath The Gloss, the Democratic Platform Is Highly Socialist

The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

The Latest Democratic Party Platform – As Of 2016, Democratic Party

Israel and the world

The World Prevents Asia Bibi’s Escape From Pakistan (video, left), Tipping Point, One America News

FATAH And The Palestinian Authority (PA) Are About To Collapse While Hamas Becomes More Militant And Consolidates Power, Caroline Glick

The Israeli Left Will Lose The Next Elections, Whenever They Are, Caroline Glick

The Dire Consequences Of Rewriting Western Muslim History, Raymond Ibrahim

Quote: “It is often said that those who ignore history are destined to repeat it.  What does one say of those who rewrite history in a way that demonizes their ancestors while whitewashing the crimes of their persecutors?”

Los Angeles Council On American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) Official Calls For End To Israel, JNS

What 1979 Can Tell Us About Iran Today, George Friedman, Geopolitical Futures

Philippine Leader Slammed Over Threat To Create ‘Duterte Death Squad’ To Fight Communist Assassins, Reuters

CS Commentary: Bringing peace to Mindanao – where the Communist rebels have their base – is key to creating unity and stability and future economic growth in the Philippines, something critics hardly ever acknowledge.

“All White Women Are Sluts And Deserve To Be Raped:” The West Adopts Islam’s Perspective? Raymond Ibrahim

Must-see videos

‘Trump’s Enemies’ Exposes Assault On White House (video, left), Fox & Friends, Fox News

Hillary’s Latest Flip-Flop (video, right), Judge Jeannine, Fox News

Why Russia & China Should Fear New USS Gerald Ford Aircraft Carriers?

Also see, Aircraft Carrier Comparison: Chinese Type vs. USS Gerald Ford, Infographics Show/You Tube

Also see, 10 Most Powerful Militaries In The World, 2017, Infographics Show/You Tube

Carly Fiorina On Leadership: Its About Solving Problems, Fox News

Debunking The Left’s Narrative On The Migrant Caravan (video, left), Tipping Point, One America News

Candace Owen’s Destroys A White Liberal’s Notion Of ‘White Privilege’ (video, right), Turning Point USA

Common Sense Interpretation

American Millennials Take Note: How Socialism Ruined My Country (video, left), Prager U

Shocking Report: US Military Could Lose A War To Russia Or China (video, right), Fox Business
US vs Russia/China: Who Would Win?, Infographics Show/You Tube

Ocasio-Cortez, The New Breed Of Ignorant American (video, right), Final Thoughts, One America News

The Pope Is The Problem: Francis Has Mobilized Papacy Power Against Justice, Krumholz/Delahunty, The Federalist

Quote: “For all their deference to one another, the majority of the bishops appear to be good men who are seeking to do justice. But the dark center within that silver lining is the pope who commanded them to stand down. There is a rot and a stench coming from the Vatican. The pope is the problem.”

Has Pope Francis’s Lack Of Response To The Sexual Abuse Scandal Caused A Growing Split Among The Catholic Church In America? John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

How To Recognize The Cult Mindset In Yourself And Others, Stella Morabito, The Federalist

Exclusive Poll: Most Trusted News Anchors, Jeremy Barr, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: Here’s a poll that explains a lot. Americans still don’t get that trusting NBC and CNN anchors means that they are buying into leftist propaganda – not only in presentation, but in selection of the news topics. Meanwhile, Greg Gutfeld and Juan Williams at Fox News score highest in the ‘Some trust’ category. Hmm. 

How To Teach Your Snowflake Relatives About REAL Socialism This Thanksgiving, Final Point, One America News

The Real Issue With California Fires: Trump’s Critics Can’t See The Forest For The Trees, Betsy McCaughey, Townhall; Also see, Don’t Blame Climate Change For California’s Fires, Chuck DeVore, The Federalist

Illegal Immigration: Its’ About Power, Prager U/Tucker Carlson, You Tube (video, right)

The Whole Story On CNN’s Jim Acosta White House Episode, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

CS Commentary: We disagree with Hemingway’s conclusion here – when the White House press corp acts like spoiled kids in White House press briefings, they should be treated as such and punished. In this case, barring Acosta from the White House should have been done long ago. Also see, Trump Raises The Stakes With CNN, Pat Buchanan, Townhall; Also see, Judge Sides With CNN’s Jim Acosta And Orders White House To Restore Access (video, left), One America News

Why The White House Action To Suspend CNN’s Acosta Is Warranted, Michael Goodwin, NY Post; Also see, Acosta Lied – And CNN Reporter’s Martyr Routine Is Growing Stale, Bre Peyton, The Federalist

Trump Did The Right Thing By Firing The Incompetent Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Gregg Jarrett, Fox News

CS Commentary: Session’s firing should also be one of the last nails in the coffin of the ‘Q’ conspiracy theory since one of ‘Q’s’ major tenets all along has been that Mueller and Sessions were secretly working behind the scenes – with Trump – to expose the elites in the ‘swamp.’ See the Politics Common Sense Interpretation Page for more.

Clueless Alert: Macron Says He Needs An Army To Defend France Against The United States, Douglas V. Mastriano, The Federalist

Why Isn’t There A Palestinian State? Prager U

Muslim Persecution Of Christians, June 2018, Raymond Ibrahim

Palestinians Launch 400 Rockets At Israel – Media Ignores That Their Anti-Semitism Has Always Been At Root Of Middle East Conflict, Phillip Klein, Washington Examiner; Also see, More Attacks On Jews In 2017 Than Any Other U.S. Religious Group, Washington Examiner

Why Israel Let Hamas Win – [And Why It Will Lose Its Next Major War], Caroline Glick; Also see, The Decline Of Judaism, Gal Beckerman, NY Times

What Is Hezbollah? An Extension Of Iran In Lebanon, Prager U

Iran’s Assassinations On Foreign Soil Reveal The Foreign Policy Establishment’s Hypocrisy, Ben Weingarten, The Federalist

6 Questions About The Huge CIA Blunder That Cost 70 U.S. Spies Their Lives, Tony Daniels, The Federalist;  Also see, Why China Inches Closer To Orwell’s ‘1984’ Every Day, Helen Raleigh, The Federalist

Evidence Shows Egyptian Government Participates In Bloodbath Massacres Of Christians, Raymond Ibrahim; Also see, Jordan’s King Abdullah – Weak, Untrustworthy, And Irreplaceable, Caroline Glick

Israeli Cabinet Minister Challenges Propaganda On Trump And Anti-Semitism, Caroline Glick; Also see, Jewry’s False Prophets, Caroline Glick; Also see, Left Wing Jews: Truth Is Not A Left Wing Value, Dennis Prager, Townhall

Asia Bibi And 1400 Years Of Muhammad ‘Blasphemers’, Raymond Ibrahim

Quote: “This is the crux of the issue: Muslims believe they have a mission to spread Islam. But when those who are invited to Islam seriously examine the teachings and life of its founder, they respond with incredulity and outrage that anyone could accept Muhammad as a man of God — much less a prophet.”

The World’s Most Persecuted Minority In the World: Christians, Raymond Ibrahim

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More Common Sense


The Gifts Of Imperfection, Dr. Brene Brown


Death Of A Privileged Hollywood Daughter, Zoe Greenberg, NY Times; Also see, Bronx Man Arrested, NY Times

American Exorcism: Why Are Exorcisms On The Rise?, Mike Mariano, The Atlantic

Quote: “The Church has been training new exorcists in Chicago, Rome, and Manila. Thomas told me that in 2011 the U.S. had fewer than 15 known Catholic exorcists. Today, he said, there are well over 100…Thomas said that as many as 80 percent of the people who come to him seeking an exorcism are sexual-abuse survivors.”

In 2001, American Belief In Psychic Phenomena Was Up, Gallup


Suicide Rate Up 33% In 20 Years, Godlasky/Dastagir, USA Today

Recognizing Suicide’s Warning Signs Could Save Lives, Christine Vestal, PewTrusts.org; Also see, Suicide: Risk Factors & Warning Signs, American Foundation For Suicide Prevention

The Best Way To Save People From Suicide, Jason Cherkis, Huffington Post; Also see, International Resources For Suicide Prevention Or Help In Asia;; Also see, International Suicide Prevention Help; For the National Prevention Suicide Crisis Line In The U.S., see here


Green Book, Official Trailer,You Tube

CS Commentary: This film should be nominated for various Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Actor (twice), and Best Screenplay, and Best Supporting Actress, among others. Also see, Film Review: Green Book, Movieguide

Instant Family, Official Trailer, You Tube

CS Commentary: Heartwarming and hilarious, more laughs than any movie since The Hangover and Meet The Parents. A must-see, and though will probably not get nominated for any Oscars look for it at The Golden Globes. Also see, Film Review: Instant Family, Movieguide; Also see, ‘Instant Family’ Shines A Spotlight On Everyday Foster Care Heroes, Josh Shepherd, The Federalist

Film Review: Creed 2, Learning To Be A Better Man, Movieguide

Don’t Mess With The Hood! Why Hollywood Keeps Missing The Mark With Robin Hood Films, Dr. Tom Snyder, Movieguide; Also see, The Definitive Robin Hood Power Rankings, Micah Peters, The Ringer

Why William Goldman Was One Of The Last Greats Of 1970’s Hollywood, Titus Techera, The Federalist


Break Every Chain, Kymberli Joye, The Voice, You Tube


Georgia Tech’s Paul Johnson Steps Down After 11 Seasons – Team Looks At San Diego Chargers And Clemson Coaches, ESPN; Also see, Georgia Tech Football Zeroes In On Clemson’s Tony Elliot As Paul Johnson Resigns, From The Rumble Seat

The Challenge Ahead For Georgia Tech And AD Stansbury Reflects The Business Of College Football, Ken Sugiura, AJC; Also see, It Was Time For Johnson To Go, But The Next Guy Might Do Worse, Mark Bradley, AJC

Why Is It So Hard For New Teams To Make The College Football Playoffs? Joan Nieson, Sports Illustrated

Appraising Falcon’s Head Coach Dan Quinn: Should He Stay Or Should He Go? David J. Walker, Falcoholic

The Atlanta Braves Are Just Getting Started – They Just Got Donaldson, Look Out! Will Leitch, MLB.com


How One Couple’s Mexican Vacation Turned Into A Nightmare (video, left), Megyn Kelly, NBC


Ricky Gervais On Hosting The Oscars In The Future – It Will Never Happen, AceShowBiz

CS Commentary: We can always hope for the Golden Globes. Also see, Ricky Gervais At The 2016 Golden Globes (video, right)

A Fourth Season Of ‘The Last Kingdom’ In Store On Netflix, Digital Spy

The Last Kingdom: TV Review, Keith Uhlich, Hollywood Reporter; Also see, The Last Kingdom, Season 3, Winter Is Coming; Also see, Netflix Turned BBC Series ‘The Last Kingdom’ Into A Global Hit – Season 3 Entertains, Travis Clark, Yahoo; Also see, The Last Kingdom, Season 3: Was The Character Skade A Real, Historical Figure? Express.co.uk

Quotes Of The Month:

“Unless God has raised you up for this very thing, you will be worn out by the opposition of men and devils. But if God be for you, who can be against you? Are all of them stronger than God? Oh, be not weary of well-doing! Go on, in the name of God and in the power of His might, till even American slavery shall vanish away before it.” ~ John Wesley, on his deathbed, writing to William Wilberforce, ultimately responsible for changing Britain’s slave laws

“He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.” – Jim Elliot, one of five Christian missionaries martyred in Ecuador in 1956

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