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Must See – Jim Comey’s Role As America’s ‘Moral Martyr,’ (video, left) Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Impeachment Charade Has Become Detached From Reality – Here’s Why (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must Read: President Trump’s 6 Page Impeachment Letter To Nancy Pelosi, US News

Quote: “After three years of unfair and unwarranted investigations, 45 million dollars spent, 18 angry Democrat prosecutors, the entire force of the FBI, headed by leadership now proven to be totally incompetent and corrupt, you have found NOTHING!…. You are the ones interfering in America’s elections. You are the ones subverting America’s Democracy. You are the ones Obstructing Justice. You are the ones bringing pain and suffering to our Republic for your own selfish personal, political, and partisan gain…. If you truly cared about freedom and liberty for our Nation, then you would be devoting your vast investigative resources to exposing the full truth concerning the horrifying abuses of power before, during, and after the 2016 election, including the use of spies against my campaign, the submission of false evidence to a FISA court, and the concealment of exculpatory evidence in order to frame the innocent…. This is nothing more than an illegal, partisan attempted coup that will, based on recent sentiment, badly fail at the voting booth [bold italics CS].

Must See – Short Summary Of Trump’s Impeachment Letter To Pelosi (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Retired General Warns Next War Will Be ‘Great Space War,’ – And China Is Ahead (video, right), One America News

Maria Bartiromo: FISA Scandal Will Blow Up Even Bigger In The Future, Charles Creitz, Fox News

How Hillary Will Run For President, Dick Morris, Western Journal

The Coup Failed And Conspirators Go On Book Tours – Why Its Essential Indictments Come, Chris Farrell, Gatestone Institute

Thiessen To Comey: You Weren’t Sloppy, You Intentionally Falsified Evidence (video, left), Fox News; Also see, James Comey Will Go Down As The Most Corrupt FBI Director Ever, Matt London, Fox News

The Truth About Impeachment: Hilton Breaks Down The Dem’s Hypocrisy (video, right), Revolution With Steve Hilton, Fox News

Must Read: Christianity Today Calls For Trump’s Removal From Office Following Impeachment, Joseph A. Wulfshon, Fox News; Also see, Franklin Graham’s response, Facebook

Also see, Christianity Today Editor Calls For Trump To Be Removed From Office, The Hill; For full text of CT statement see here; For more on this issue see Spiritual Life page here

CS Commentary, How The Mighty Have Fallen: Henry Luce, Founder of Time, and Billy Graham, Founder of CT, are now both rolling over in their graves. Two premier publications have sunk to the level of mediocrity and the editors have proven their susceptibility to….Continue reading at this link.

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This IS Why We Have The Electoral College – And Why We Need Term Limits

The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

The U.S. Constitution, The Bill Of Rights, & All Amendments

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration and the U.S. Constitution at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

Must See The Democratic Party Playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules For Radicals, The Bolen Report

Read The Text Of Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address, Fox News

Israel and the world

WWIII: 4 Largest Present Conflicts That Could Lead To War

World War III: The Four Biggest Conflicts In The World That Could Trigger War, Liam Doyle, UK Express

Pakistan And India Come Close To WWIII, UK Express

Iran: It’s Not About Gas Prices, Shay Khatiri, Quillette

Quote: “In summary, the regime is starving citizens to support its hegemonic aspirations, buy friends, and fill the pockets of the clerical elites.”

Hamas, Thirty-Two Years Later And Why Islamic Leaders Like Erdogan Support It, Khaled Abu Toameh, Gatestone Institute

Pope Francis And Christians Need To Stop Repenting To Islam And Face Reality, Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute

China Adopts Malicious Cybersecurity Rules, Gordon Chang, Gatestone Institute

Duterte Fighting Philippine Government Corruption In Drug War, Ben Westcott, CNN

Must-see videos

Must See – The Only Short Summary Of The Impeachment Charade You Need (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Congressman Matt Gaetz Lectures Legal Scholars At Impeachment Hearing: Why It’s A Different President We Should Be Investigating (video, right), Fox News

Must See – IG Report Exposes CNN, NBC, Post And Others As Liars and Know-Nothings – Here’s Proof, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Mark Levin On Rogue Democrat’s Abuse Of Power And ‘Rule Of Law,’ Hannity, Fox News

CS Commentary: According to Levin, Trump is among a famous long line of Presidents who would all be impeached if held to Democrat’s fallacious ‘rule of law’ standard.

Must Read: The Plot Against The President Is Real – And Bigger Than Many Think, Newt Gingrich, Fox News

Also click on this Must Hear: Newt’s World Podcast on this issue Hear Lee Smith, author of ‘The Plot Against The President’ talk about how American media methods are now ‘third world’ and explain why CA Congressman Devin Nunes is the ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ of today.

Must See – A Real ‘Schiff’ Show: Adam Schiff Takes Congress To New Lows, 11/22/19 (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Michael Flynn’s Attorney, Sydney Powell, Makes Bombshell Claim About FBI (video, right), Hannity, Fox News

Must See – The Truth About Impeachment: It’s A Farce, Steve Hilton, Fox News

Must See – Tucker’s Summary Of Impeachment Insanity And Ambassador Sonland’s Charge Against Trump, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Mark Levin Explains How America Is Ruled By Judicial Tyranny (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Jim Jordan Slams Democrats Coordinated Effort To Take Down Trump (video, right), Fox News

Must See – Mark Levin Exposes The Lies, Hypocrisy And Contradictions Of The Democratic Party And The Media, Fox News

Common Sense Interpretation

Must Read: The Plot Against The President Is Real – And Bigger Than Many Think, Newt Gingrich, Fox News

Also click on this Must Hear: Newt’s World Podcast on this issue Hear Lee Smith, author of ‘The Plot Against The President’ talk about how American media methods are now ‘third world’ and explain why CA Congressman Devin Nunes is the ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ of today.

Must ReadHong Kong Says ‘No’ To The ‘China Dream’: Democratic Tsunami Sweeps Recent Elections, Chris Patten, Project Syndicate

Quote: “Some observers believe that the Chinese authorities now will aim to curtail the rule of law in Hong Kong, control the independent judiciary, introduce laws against sedition and subversion, and brainwash the city’s children.”

Must Read: Alex Vindman Is Living, Breathing Proof That The Deep State Exists – And That It Is Corrupt, Jim Hanson, The Federalist

The Essence of The ‘Q’ Belief System (video, left), Jesse Waters, Fox News, TruthBomb777

CS Commentary: We have reported on the Q phenomenon on this site and in posted articles on Medium. The professor of political science reporting here views Q as a ‘conspiracy theory.’ Sebastian Gorka, a former Trump advisor has also discounted Qanon, indirectly and directly in a post on his personal site. For a summary of this and our full treatment of ‘All Things Q’, see the Politics-Interpretation Page.

Who Is Hunter Biden? A Few Scandalous Facts (video, right), Watter’s World, no one

China Has Already Lost The Trade War: Here’s Why, Helen Raleigh, Fox News

Understanding America Requires You To Understand THIS, Newt Gingrich, Fox News

This Impeachment Subverts The Constitution, David Rifkin and Elizabeth Price Foley

For the Politics-Common Sense Interpretation Page, Click Here

More Common Sense


Must Hear: Newt’s World Podcast Hear Lee Smith, author of ‘The Plot Against The President’ talk about how American media methods are now ‘third world’ and explain why CA Congressman Devin Nunes is the ‘Mr. Smith Goes To Washington’ of today.


Gutfeld Breaks Down Robert DeNiro’s Irrational Views On Trump (video, left), The Five, Fox News

Former Homicide Detective Investigating Epstein’s ‘Black Book’: Here’s What He Found, Watter’s World, no one

The Second American Revolutionary/Civil War, Part 9, Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries

What Hallmark’s Decision To Reinstate LGBT Ads Says About Our Culture, David Lane, Charisma

Quote: “75% of evangelical and pro-life Catholic Christians stay home on Election Day.”

China Responds Slowly And A Pig Disease Becomes An Epidemic, Central News/NY Times; Or, see the video here


Playboy Playmate Holly Madison With The Inside Story On The Playboy Mansion (video, left), Fox5NY

Here’s What You’re Stubborn About According To Your Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie; Also see, Take The Psychology Junkie Personality Test, Psychology Junkie

The INFJ’s Favorite Question, Boom Shikha, Introvert Dear

How To Tell If A Woman Is Into You Without Asking, Tara Blair Ball, Medium

The Best Place To Take The Enneagram Personality Test: Enneagram Institute; Also see, Myers-Briggs And The Enneagram: What’s The Same And What’s Different? Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie

The Best Of Jordan Peterson’s Interview With A Feminist GQ Reporter, Vienna School


Knives Out, Trailer #2 (video, left), Movie Coverage

Hollywood Rage, Trump, And Robert DeNiro, Greg Gutfeld And The Five, Fox News

Dark Waters, Official Trailer, Focus Features

CS Review: Not a great film, but a great, important story behind the film that is worth seeing. Suffers from a confused structure and slow, plodding development and loose editing – but the cast and performances are solid with an outstanding performance by the actor playing the farmer/rancher who is the original petitioner of the case against Dupont. CS Grade: C+

The True Story Behind ‘Dark Waters,’ (video, right), ABC News

Quote: “Even one individual standing up can make a change.”


I’ll Do Anything (video, left), Kiefer Sutherland

Something You Love, Official Video, Kiefer Sutherland

‘Jesus Got A Tight Grip On My Soul’: Blake Shelton’s New Faith, CBN

Kanye West And Joel Osteen Reportedly Planning Massive Event At Yankee Stadium, Jenny Rose Spaudo, Charisma

Kiefer Sutherland’s New Record Shows His ‘Reckless’ Side, Amy Young, Phoenix New Times


Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top 10 NFL Teams, Week 15 (video, left), The Herd

CS Commentary: Colin is great, but we believe he’s wrong on the #1 here and we pick the Saints to win the Super Bowl, with the 49ers a runner-up choice.

Expect New Sun Trust Park Moniker In 2020, Ballpark Digest

Ryan: Falcons Doing Everything They Can To Save Dan Quinn’s Job As Head Coach, Nick Shook, NFL.com

CS Commentary: Here is the clear problem with the Falcons – all the players ‘love’ Quinn and, supposedly, want to play hard for him. But, if that’s the case why have they been inconsistent all year? They beat the Saints and the 49ers, away, two of the best teams in the NFL, yet have a 5-9 record. What is that except coaching? Do you think Bill Belicheck is ‘loved’ by his players? No. But he is feared. They all know if they don’t perform that they will be leaving a team that is a potential Super Bowl contender most years. The fact that Dan Quinn is so ‘loved’ is the problem. He needs to go.

NFL: Bad Team Owners Do Not Win The Super Bowl And Excellent Coaches Get Fired, The Herd

CS Commentary: Again, apply everything he says about Cowboys and Browns to the Falcons.


Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Coming To Phones Today, Sam Byford, The Verge

Google Maps Tracks You Everywhere. Here’s How To Delete What It Stores, Todd Haselton, CNBC


Delta Flight Attendants Say Their Uniforms Are Making Them Lose Their Hair, Break Out With Hives, And Cough Uncontrollably, David Slotnick, Business Insider

Passenger Records Flames Coming From Engine As United Flight Makes Emergency Landing, CNN

Hyatt Introduces Peak Award Pricing And More, One Mile At A Time

Delta Does Away With Middle Seat Upgrades, Zach Wichter, The Points Guy

Passenger Has Nasty Surprise On United Airlines Flight – A Scorpion Stung Her, Morgan Hines, USA Today


What Really Happened On Epstein’s Private Planes (video, left), 60 Minutes Australia

How To Get Disney, Apple, Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime For Free And What To Know Before You Sign Up, Leslie Albrecht, MarketWatch

Simon Cowell’s Lawyers Meet With Gabrielle Union Over Complaints Of ‘Toxic Culture’ At ‘America’s Got Talent,’ Matt Donnelly, Yahoo

Ainsley Earhardt Did This After Howard Stern’s Mocked Her Faith On Air, Yale Halon, Fox News

Quotes Of The Month:

“My good friends, for the second time in our history, a British Prime Minister has returned from Germany bringing peace with honor. I believe it is ‘peace for our time.’ Go home and get a nice quiet sleep.” – Neville Chamberlain, British Prime Minister, September 30, 1938 [A few days later Germany would occupy Czechoslovakia; the following year, Poland.]

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