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BB&T And SunTrust Merger May Be Defensive (video, left), CNBC

Note: Also see chart and other links on this below.

High Tax Cities Seeing Resident Flee To Florida (video, right), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Payrolls Surge By 305,000 Smashing Estimates Despite Government Shutdown, Jeff Cox, CNBC

US Stocks Post Best January In 30 Years, Suzanne O’Halloran, Fox News; Also see, Stocks Post Best January Since 1987 As S&P 500 Climbs 7.9%, CBS

Why So Many Middle Class Americans Have No Savings: ‘Half Of America Will Have To Compromise On Their Dreams (video, left),’ PBS

Analyzing Disney’s 1st Quarter, Streaming Competition, & When Netflix Will Be A Buy (video, right), Bloomberg

Are Progressive Billionaires Exploiting Their Workers? Case Study: InstaCart (video, left), Tucker Carlson, World News

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Associates Hedge Fund Leads In Net Gains For All Time

Ray Dalio’s Bridgewater Cements Spot As Top Performing Hedge Fund Of All Time, Anneken, Tappe, MarketWatch

Ray Dalio: ‘Significant Risk’ Of Recession In 2020 – Blackstone Disagrees, Melanie Kramer, CCN

Blackrock Rattles Clients And Employees With Progressive Political Posturing, Charlie Gasparino/Lydia Moynihan, Fox News

Reality Is Closing In On Netflix: Stock No Where To Go But Down, David Trainer, Forbes

Bitcoin Below $3500 Could Spell Trouble: Boring 2019 For Crypto? Joseph Young, Yahoo Finance/CCN

BB&T/STI vs Major Regional Bans 2/18 To Present

BB&T And SunTrust’s $66 Billion Merger Underscores A Post-Crisis Boom In Florida’s, Georgia, And The Carolinas, Antoine Gara, Forbes

Southeastern Banks SunTrust And BB&T Merge To Create Nation’s 6th Largest Bank, Merced/Flitter, NY Times; Also see, New Details And Reaction To SunTrust Merger, AJC; Also see, BB&T and SunTrust To Create Southern Banking Giant, CBS

Editor’s Choice

All The Financial Advice You’ll Ever Need Fits On An Index Card (video, left), PBS

BB&T And SunTrust CEO’s On Merger To Create Nation’s 6th Largest Bank (video, right), CNBC

How Jet Blue Is Challenging The Big Airlines Like Delta (video, left), CNBC

Amazon: The Backstory – How Much Would $1000 In Initial Stock Be Worth Today? (video, right), CNBC

What Designations Does Your Financial Advisor Need? Peter Lazoroff, Forbes

CS Commentary: Though this is helpful in explaining the top 3 designations to look for in the investment arena, we emphatically disagree that your financial advisor needs any of them to be competent and have your bests interests at heart. Perhaps of all three, the CFP is the most important – but not even it assures that your advisor is a fiduciary that limits conflict of interest, that they work for a good company, particularly a RIA, or that they have your best interest at heart. An AIF at least assures that they understand the demands and criteria of a fiduciary and will at least attempt to ensure low conflict of interest in all that they do. Beyond that, you should look for detailed knowledge about the investment arena, which includes how portfolios are put together to achieve your individual goals and the best way to administrate your overall plan, an ability to simplify it and make it understandable to you, and look at who they work for and where the firm fits in the Fiduciary Pyramid. Also, beware if the person selling you is also the person directly managing your money. No one has the time or expertise to do both well. Bottom line: Designations – like MBA or CFA – are important for the person who directly manages your money and those on the investment committee in your advisor firm, or who head up the funds where your money is allocated. Your advisor is more of a salesmen or direct point of contact and may use his/her designations to impress. Don’t be fooled.

Socialism Is ‘Legalized Theft’ And Leads To Decline And Ruin (video, left), Varney & Co., Fox Business

Amazon’s Jeff Bezos Has Made More Off The Trump Era Than Anyone (video, right), Bloomberg

Bitcoin Breaks $3600, Some See Double Digit Gains, Ana Alexandre, Cointelegraph

This AI Company May Be The Future Of Gold Exploration, Frank Holmes, Advisor Perspectives


Crypto: Headwinds Of Last Year Are Tailwinds This Year (video, left), CNBC

Critics Say Bitcoin Is Like Tech Stocks, Why Experts Disagree And Its More Like Gold, NewsBTC

Kraken Acquires Futures Trading Company In Deal Worth $100 Million, Pete Rizzo, Coindesk

Binance Crypto Winter Strategy: Build And Beef Up Partneships, Leigh Cuen, Coindesk

SEC Says That Cryptocurrency Will Be A Major Focus In 2019, Yogita Khatri, Coindesk

Bitcoin Drops Amid Crypto Volatility, Bloomberg

NASDAQ Is Now Working With 7 Crypto Exchanges, Michael del Castillo, Forbes

Ethereum vs. Bitcoin: What’s The Difference?, CNBC

Bitcoin vs S&P 500, Gold, and US Dollar, January 2015 to January 2018

Bitcoin vs NASDAQ and Gold, October 2018 to January 2019

Avoid These Exchanges If You Want To Keep Your Bitcoins, Christina Comben, Bitcoinist

The Eight Most Popular Cryptocurrency Transactions Are Not What You Would Expect, Jason Bloomberg, Forbes

Bitcoin Will Go To Zero: Davos Comments, Arjun Kharpal, CNBC

The Next Step In Bitcoin’s Evolution: Big Money Investors Move In, Aparna Narayanan, IBD; Also see, The Blockchain Technology Revolution Is About To Remake The Stock Market, Alan R. Elliott, IBD; Also see, The Ultimate 10 Step Guide To Crypto Investing, Jack Dossman, Medium; Also see, The Three Largest Cryptocurrencies, January 2019, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

Common Crypto Scams And How To Avoid Them, Jack Dossman, Medium


Updates On DIG

Dissecting A Con Game: What Happened To The DIG Cryptocurrency? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Agent Appears To Back Up Arbitrade/DIG Gold Title Claim, Scott O’Neil, The Royal Gazette; Also see, Finance Guru Ronnie Moas Digs For $10 Billion In Crypto Gold, Mitchell Moos, Crypto Slate, January 2019

CS Commentary: We don’t believe this really changes anything. See our article above.

DIG Crypto Price Since April 2018

Update On DIG, 12/15/18, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense. See this link for more posts and information on DIG/Arbitrade.

DIG/Arbitrade: Not All That Glitters Is Gold – Is DIG A Well Orchestrated Scam? Ken Griffith, The Royal Gazette

CS Commentary: We suggest that the comments at the end of the article also be read. The author raises some interesting points, but it is not clear whether…To continue reading see this link…

See This Link For More Updates & Links On DIG Cryptocurrency

Short videos

Could Bitcoin Still Go To $25K? (video, left), Fox Business

More Wealth Will Be Created In The Next 20 Years Than Ever Before (video, left), Phillip Anderson (2012)

How The Real Estate Cycle Works (video, right), Phillip Anderson

Art Laffer: Economic Damage From Shutdown Reversible, Fox Business

Cyber Threats: The U.S. Is More Vulnerable Than Ever (video, left), Judge Jeannine Piro, Fox News Insider

Tech, The Big Picture: Here Are Three Tech Stocks To Buy Right Now, CNBC

The Public Does Not Understand: China Has Been Cheating U.S. For A Long Time, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business;

Is Netflix The Most Powerful Company In Media? (video, right), Fox Business

Jim Cramer On Jeff Gundlach: He Was Right About The Fed, CNBC

The New Space Race To The Moon, Curious Droid

The Future Of AI: Have Humans Met Their Match? Fox News

Why Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Are Becoming Omnipresent, CNBC

Is The Rollout of 5G & ‘Significantly Higher Speeds’ A Boost For Smartphone Makers?, Fox Business

Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

New Research On The Value Of Global Diversification, Larry Swedroe, Advisor Perspectives

The Top 5 Reasons For The Current Market Correction, Updated 1/05/19, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

CS Commentary: With the market correction again in past weeks, and the slight uptick this week, this article continues to be relevant. Updated, with new charts.

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do After Historic Market Volatility, Edelman Financial

Stanford Analysis Pokes Holes In FINRA Broker’s Check, Dianna Britton, Wealth Management

Dow Jones Single Largest Point Gain In History: Milken Institute Expert Bill Lee Brings Balance To Current Market Events, Fox Business

This Still Looks Like A Stock Market Correction – Not Something Worse, Mark Halbert, MarketWatch

Ray Dalio’s Hedge Fund Posted 15% Gain After Calling Economic Slowdown, Leslie Picker, CNBC; Also see, Dalio Says Go Counter-Cyclical, Market Realist; Also see, Dalio and Buffet: What To Do When Stocks Get Battered, Market Realist

Billionaire Ray Dalio Shares A 3-Step Formula For Anyone To Start Investing, Ali Montag, CNBC

Ray Dalio’s Asset Allocation Formula

How To Find A Financial Advisor, Michaela Cavallaro, Barron’s

Why Is America So Rich? (video, right) Prager U

Jeremy Siegel: The Market Is Cheap On A Long Term Basis, Robert Huebscher, Advisor Perspectives

Are We Headed For Recession? Big Four Economic Indicators, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

A Long Term Look At Inflation, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

How The Real Estate Cycle Works , Phillip Anderson, You Tube

CS Commentary: In 2012 Phillip J. Anderson predicts exactly where the US stock markets and real estate markets will be today. Also see, Phillip J. Anderson’s Explanation Of The Real Estate Clock, portphillippublishing.com

Salary Required For Median Priced Homes In Major Cities

The Real Estate Clock Has Proved Accurate Over 200 Years Except For World Wars

Why 2019 Could Be A Tough Year For Home Buyers And Sellers, Jade Scipioni, Fox Business

Good Chance Of Recession By 2020 (video, left), Fox Business

Why The Market Blow Up? Varney & Co, Fox Business

Why Did The Crypto Meltdown Occur? CNBC; CS Commentary: A good overview of the current state of the crypto markets.

Here’s How Blockchain Will Impact Your Life In 10 Years, Darla Mercado, CNBC

Bitcoin Peaked 12 Months Ago: Here’s A Look At 12 Months Of Misery (chart above in Cryptocurrency Section), Aaron Hankin, Marketwatch; Also see, Bitcoin Is Pretty Much Dead Says Teenage Crypto Millionaire, Aaron Hankin, Marketwatch; Also see, The Trade Of The Decade: Buy Bitcoin, Katina Stefanova, Forbes

Quote: “If you have something that can potentially [return] 50x, you must have 98% conviction that it’s not going to happen for you to not put money in.” CS Commentary: This article is a must-read. We gave similar advice in our article, ‘Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment of The Next Decade? Part 2’ in 2017.

How To Know Who To Trust With Your Money: The Fiduciary Pyramid, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

How to Know Who To Trust With Your Money II: A Visual Illustration of Fiduciary, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

What Is Blockchain? (video right) CNBC

Our Favorite Chart: As Long As 10 Yr Yield Under 5% Stock Market Up 90% Of Time

The Bernie Madoff Fraud: Five Lessons For Investors From The ‘Wizard Of Lies,’ Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

Evaluating The Arguments For The Dollar’s Demise, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

How Likely Is Hyperinflation In the U.S.?, Part Two, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Next Decade? Part II, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

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Investment Resources

Top Independent Financial Advisors 2018, Barron’s

2017 Ranking Of RIA’s By Total Assets, Financial Advisor

CS Commentary: A RIA is a Registered Investment Advisor, generally considered to be at or close to the top of the Fiduciary Pyramid in the investment area. For more, see Common Sense Interpretation, above.

10 Fastest Growing RIA Firms, Wealth Management; Also see, RIA Survey And Ranking 2017, FA

CS Commentary: For an explanation of and the importance of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), see the ‘Fiduciary’ articles in the Common Sense Interpretation section below.

The Biggest And Best Wealth Management Firms, Investopedia/WSJ

CS Commentary: What’s wrong with this list? Notice they are almost all big banks. Most of the big banks charge ‘hidden’ fees that they don’t tell you about and they also charge larger annual management fees. Independent RIA firms charge an average of about 1-1.25% in management fees, plus, in many cases lower ‘hidden’ fees that they fully disclose. (For an explanation of and the importance of Registered Investment Advisors, or RIA, see Common Sense Interpretation section on this page above).

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Cryptocurrency Resources

Top Crypto Exchanges 2018

Top Crypto Exchanges By Market Cap: Cryptocurrency Exchanges/Market List, cryptocoincharts; Also see, The Best Crypto Exchanges, May 2018, Cryptoclarified; Also see, The 10 Commandments Of Crypto Security, Panama Crypto, Medium

Understanding The Retail Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase And Its Professional Trading Sister, GDAX, Jack Tatar, The Balance; Also see, Coinbase Vs. GDAX, The Merkle; Also see, GDAX Vs. Coinbase Comparison, Coin Central

Coinbase Review: Safe Way To Buy Cryptocurrency? Coin Central; Also see, Kraken Exchange Review, Coin Central; Kraken vs. Bittrex Exchange Comparison, Coin Central; What Is Kraken? Shobhit Seth, Investopedia

Understanding Cryptocurrency ETF’s, Nathan Reiff, Investopedia; Also see, Bitcoin ETF’s Explained, Nathan Reiff, Investopedia; Also see, Top Artificial Intelligence ETF’s, etfdb.com

The Five Most Private Cryptocurrencies, Shobhit Seth, Investopedia

A Brief History Of Bitcoin Bear Markets, Yannos/Ndinga, Medium

How To Secure Yourself Against Bitcoin Theft In 10 Minutes, SFOX, Medium

The Top 10 Cryptocurrency Blogs & Websites You Should Follow, Cryptoclarified

To See The Money – Resources Page Click Here

More Common Sense


Bill O’Reilly’s Weekend Trip With President Trump And His New Book, Bill O’Reilly

14 Books To Read If You Love Tom Clancy, Facebook/media.bookbub

Principles, Ray Dalio

Big Debt Crises, Ray Dalio

The Secret Life Of Real Estate And Banking, Phillip Anderson


St. Valentine’s: The Real Story, CBN

Looks Aren’t Everything, Believe Me, I’m A Model (video, left), TED

The Different Faces Of Infidelity And Cheating: The Central Element Is Secrecy (video, right), Esther Perel, Skavian

CS Commentary: According to some who are familiar with Perel, she endorses Poly-Amorous relationships. We include the excerpts here because they are neutral, empirical and insightful, not because we endorse all of her views.

El Chapo Allegedly Had Sex With Underage Girls, Kevin McCoy, USA Today

The Truth About El Chapo’s Stunning Wife, Nicki Swift


Valentine’s Video: The Secret To Desire In Long Term Relationships (video, left), Esther Perel

How A Sick Chimp Led To A Global Pandemic: The Rise Of HIV (AIDS) (video, left), SciShow

Keto Diet And Diabetes: Do They Work Well Together? Annie Price, CHHC, Dr. Axe


Liam Neeson Explains His Comments After Being Attacked By PC Police Media (video, left), Good Morning America

74 Years Ago Audie Murphy, Future Film Star, Earned The Medal Of Honor With Insane Bravery, Jared Keller, Task And Purpose

2019 Oscar Nominations Unveiled, Washington Post


Don Lemon Asked Gladys Knight If She’s Worried About Her Career After Super Bowl Performance, Fox News

Peter Jackson Signs On For New Beatles Film Using ‘Let It Be’ Outtakes, Chris Willman, Variety

Bradley Cooper Makes Surprise Appearance At Lady Gaga’s Las Vegas Show, Lexy Perez, Hollywood Reporter


Super Bowl Ratings Not Even Close To Being In The Top Five All Time, Dominic Patten, Deadline

NFL Mock Draft: Potential First Round Picks For All Teams Post-Super Bowl, Michael Middlehurst-Schwartz, USA Today

Letter Grades For Every College Football Coaching Hire This Off-Season, Paul Myerberg, USA Today

What Is Georgia Tech Going To Do About Quarterback Next Year? Benjamin Tankersley, Rumble Seat

Why 49ers Passed Over Tom Brady In NFL Draft & Patriots Picked Him Up #199th (Or, Who Is Giovanni Carmazzi?) (video, left), You Tube


Why You Shouldn’t Wait Until Tuesday To Buy Your Plane Tickets, Nikki Ekstein, Bloomberg

What’s The Best Time To Book That Flight For 2019? Emily Price, Life Hacker

Delta, Coca-Cola Apologize For Creepy Plane Napkins After Customers Complain, Michael Bartiromo, Fox News

Why Experts Believe The Disappearance Of Malaysian Flight MH370 Was Murder-Suicide, 60 Minutes Australia


Uhtred Rides His New Battle Stallion In Preparation For Season 4 Of The Last Kingdom, David Harris, Winter Is Coming

I Am The Night: TV Review, Daniel Feinberg, Hollywood Reporter

TV Review: Marvelous Ms. Maisel – Brosnahan Shines, Hollywood Reporter

The Last Kingdom: 5 Things Accurate, 5 Things Not About The Series, Matthew Cohen, Screen Rant; Also see, Ten Best Historical Dramas To Stream On Netflix, Danyell Marshall, Screen Rant

CS Commentary: We don’t necessarily agree with the order or the choices, but some interesting ideas.

Quotes Of The Month:

“When I spoke to a number of senators and congressmen in Washington a few years ago, entreating them to show courage, one of them took me aside and said, “You would see a lot more courage in Washington if we saw any in the church.” He was right.” – Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries

“As we are told in Ecclesiastes 3, there is a time for war and a time for peace. If it is time for war, then those who do not fight are the ones out of step with the times.” – Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries


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