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Must See – Bannon & Bass: China Trade Deal Positives And Negatives (video, left), CNBC

Must See – Bannon: Trump Brought America Together On Economy – This Is Why Markets At All-Time Highs In Spite Of ‘Impeachment’, Fox Business

Update: Worst Thing Investors Could Do Right Now Is Sell, Stephanie Landsman, CNBC

The Prospect Of Building A New International Monetary System, Jeremy Allaire, Coindesk

Trump’s Effective Tax Rate Drop

The Decade’s Greatest Stocks

10 Predictions For 2020: Bob Doll Chief Strategist Nuveen, Wealth Managment

Apache’s Stock Rockets To Biggest Gain In 50 Years As Company Strikes Oil, Tomi Kilgore, MarketWatch

Boeing Announces New CEO In Aftermath Of 737 MAX Crashes, Fox Business; Also see, The Boeing 737 MAX Could Have A New Problem – Not Enough Engines, Al Root, Baron’s

Financial Advisor’s 2019 Top 600+ RIA Rankings, FA

Financial Advisor’s 2019 RIA Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms, FA

Must Read: Why I Rent (And You Should Too), Adam Parsons, Medium

What Will Bitcoin Do In 2020? (video, left) Bloomberg Tech

S&P 500 Will Hit 4000 In 2020 (video, right), CNBC

Hedge Fund Manager Bill Ackerman Returns 58%, Julia La Roche, Yahoo Finance

Ray Dalio’s Flagship Fund Suffers First Loss Since 2000, Megan Henney, Fox Business

CS Commentary: Timing is everything. We have entered a time when many prognosticators are being heavily influenced by political biases and end up coming to premature conclusions based on them.

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This Week:

Top Crypto’s By Price And Market Cap, 1/17/20

Top Cryptos By Market Cap, 1/18/20

Bitcoin Price To Hit $15K Says CEO Of Investment Fund, Bitcoinist

Crypto Price Analysis January 17th, Rakesh Upadhyay, Cointelegraph

These Major Altcoins Could Rocket Higher As Crypto Markets Build Strength, Cole Petersen, Cryptoslate

SEC Charges Convict And Associates With $30 Million ICO Fraud, Ana Alexandre, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin On Brink Of Going Parabolic – Here Are Levels To Watch, NewsBTC

Previous Weeks:

Cryptocurrencies Price And Market Cap, 1/10/20

No Bitcoin Isn’t Going For Anywhere Near $24,000 In Iran – Here’s Why, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Bitcoin Bulls Are Ignoring One Big Problem, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Ronnie Moas And Vinny Lingham Come To Blows Over $20K Bitcoin Bet, William Suberg, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin $24,000 Per Bitcoin In Iran, Allen Scott, Cointelegraph

Crypto Predictions For 2020; Scorecard For 2019, Paul Veradittakit, Coindesk

Ethereum Price To Hit $10,000 In Next Bull Run Crypto Trader Claims, U.Today

Here’s Why Investors Don’t Care About XRP’s Potential According To Economist, NewsBTC

Current Price Of Top 5 Crypto’s (By Market Cap), 1/04/20

If You Had Purchased $100 Of Bitcoin In 2011, Damian Davila, Investopedia

Why 2020 Will Bring Record Highs For Cryptocurrencies, Martin Young, Bitcoinist

Bitcoin Will Go Vertical In 2020, Emilio Janus, Bitcoinist

Heard Of Bitcoin Halving? It’s Set To Shake Markets in 2020, Reuters

Ethereum Gets A B, EOS Gets An F – Node Quality Study Ranks Crypto’s, NewsBTC

Bitcoin Was The Best Investment Of The Decade, David Canellis, thenextweb

Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap, 12/27/19

Cryptocurrencies Are Still The Best Performing Asset Class This Year, Sebastian Sinclair, Coindesk

The Three Largest Cryptocurrencies, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

All Cryptocurrencies Ranked, Coinmarketcap

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Common Sense Interpretation

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How To Improve Your Finances In 2020 (video, left), JPM

Must Read: How China Will Take Over The World, Tatiana Koffman, Forbes

Must Read: The Difference Between Investing And Speculation (10 Investing Rules), Lance Roberts, Advisor Perspectives

Quote: “Understanding that all things are cyclical suggests that after long price increases, investments become more prone to declines than further advances….However, a very high priced stock CAN be cheap.”

How 2019’s Market Tops Parallels Time Right Before 2008 Financial Crisis, Real Vision Finance

Ray Dalio’s ‘Holy Grail’ Of Investing In 5 Minutes (video, right), Investopedia

This Is Now The Best Bull Stock Market Ever, Yun Li, CNBC

Quote: “The most outstanding feature of this cycle since 2008 is always going to be fear,” says Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at The Leuthold Group.”

Fed Chair: US Debt On An Unsustainable Path, USA Today

A Growing Club Of Powerful Countries Abandoning US Dollar, Eustance Huang, CNBC

CS Commentary: If the end of the dollar is a concern see, Evaluating the Arguments For The Demise Of The Dollar. This 2015 article is still relevant today.

I Wrote A Popular Piece On ‘Lessons From The Madoff Fraud’, Then I Got Scammed – Here’s Why, Seaborn Hall, Medium

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It Begins: Peter Schweizer Book Set To Upend Official Washington, Breitbart


He Trains Churches To Protect Themselves (video, left), The Daily Ledger, One America News

Lori Loughlin Withholding Evidence In College Scam Case, Feds Say, Andrew Martinez, Boston Herald

Are The Cases Against Loughlin And Others Collapsing? Ronald L. Trowbridge, The Hill

Prison Coach: Lori Loughlin Martial Arts Training ‘Horrible,’ Joe Dwinell, Boston Herald

Newsweek Changed Its Article About Me, But…, Dennis Prager, Townhall

The Internet Blows Up When Vince Vaughn Shaked Trump’s Hand, E Online

California Robber Agrees To Come Back In 10 Days When Victim’s Gun Purchase Comes Through, Babylon Bee


The Five Weighs In On ‘Megxit (video, left), Fox News

The Best Pre-Workout Supplements? Dr. Axe

How To Speak So People Want To Listen, TED

The Core Needs Of Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie

Eating In A 6 Hour Window And 18 Hour Fasting Might Give You A Longer Life, Scottie Andrew, CNN


Brian Banks, Official Trailer (video, left), Bleecker Street

CS Review: True story; good, solid movie and performances, perhaps dramatically watered down slightly due to the flashback oriented structure. CS Grade: B+

Oscar Nominations 2020, Variety

Michelle Williams Thanks God For Abortion At Golden Globes; Pro-Life Women Respond: Babies Worth More Than Trophies, Leah MarieAnn Klett, Christian Post

Ricky Gervais Monologue, 2020 Golden Globe Awards, NBC (see reviews above in Culture).

‘Bombshell’ Bombing At Box Office Not Exactly A Shock, Joe Concha, The Hill; Also see, Why ‘Bombshell’ Is A Dud, Becker Adams, Real Clear Politics


Erin’s Chains (video, left), The Nashville Celts

Always By My Side, Ric Blair

Holy Fire, Ric Blair

CS Commentary: This song should be a classic by now.

Something You Love, Official Video, Kiefer Sutherland


Colin Makes AFC And NFC Championship Picks (video, left), The Herd

How To Survive The NFL Playoffs: How The Ravens Failed And The Chiefs Came Back, Bill Barnwell, ESPN

Is The Patriot’s Dynasty And Love Affair With Tom Brady Over?, The Herd

Examining The Falcon’s Decision To Keep Quinn And Dimitroff, Scott Carasik, Falcons Wire/USA Today


United Passenger Storms Cockpit, Injures Flight Attendant, Michael Hollan, Fox News

Delta Flight Dumps Fuel Over CA Schools Before Emergency Landing At LAX, CBS

Why You Should Always Contact Your Airline During A Tight Connection, Josh Ocampo, Lifehacker

Considering A One Way Delta Sky Miles Award? Check Round Trip Pricing First, Live And Lets Fly

Yikes: Two Delta Boeing 757’s Almost Collided At JFK, Joanna Bailey, Simple Flying


The Expanse, Season 4, Official Trailer (video, left), Amazon Prime Video; Also see, The Expanse, Season 2 Trailer, SyFy

Quote: “Best Science Fiction Show In A Decade”, NPR

Pat Sajak Answers Ricky Gervais And Its Funny As Hell, Hank Berrien, The Daily Wire

Why Ricky Gervais Is A Man Of The People, Bridget Phetasy, Quillette

Iran To Replace State Run TV With MSNBC Broadcast, Babylon Bee

Quotes Of The Month:

“When the righteous become great the people rejoice, But when the wicked dominate the people groan.” – Proverbs 29:2 (The Israel Bible™)

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