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Top 2019 Performers And Their 2020 Prospects (video, left), Jim Cramer, CNBC

Jim Cramer Reacts To Steve Bannon’s Praise And Explains Trump Support From His Left-Leaning Views (video, right), CNBC

Must Read: How China Will Take Over The World, Tatiana Koffman, Forbes

These 12 Stocks Turned $10,000 Into $257,833 In 12 Months, Matt Krantz, IBD

These 6 Charts Compare China vs US During The Trade War, Yen Née Lee, CNBC

Apple $2 Trillion In Next Few Years (video, left), Fox Business

Facebook Up 30% During 2020? Aegis Capital Expert (video, right), CNBC

The Yield Curve Is No Longer Inverted – Have We Dodged A Recession? Trevis Team/Great Speculations, Forbes

Formerly Dominant Hedge Fund On The Ropes After Betting Against 2019 Market, Carmen Reinicke, Business Insider

Is Tesla Apple? Is Elon Musk Steve Jobs? Vitaliy Katsenelson, Advisor Perspectives

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This Week:

Top Cryptocurrencies By Price And Market Cap, 1/03/20

Current Price Of Top 5 Crypto’s (By Market Cap), 1/04/20

Bitcoin $24,000 Per Bitcoin In Iran, Allen Scott, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Back Above $7K, filbfilb, Cointelegraph

Crypto Predictions For 2020; Scorecard For 2019, Paul Veradittakit, Coindesk

Ethereum Price To Hit $10,000 In Next Bull Run Crypto Trader Claims, U.Today

Here’s Why Investors Don’t Care About XRP’s Potential According To Economist, NewsBTC

Bitcoin Price Likely To Jump After Christmas, Here’s Why, NewsBTC

Bitcoin Price Takes Aim At $7.4K Resistance – $7.6 By Monthly Close?, Horus Hughes, Cointelegraph

If You Had Purchased $100 Of Bitcoin In 2011, Damian Davila, Investopedia

Previous Weeks:

Cryptocurrencies By Market Cap, 12/27/19

Why 2020 Will Bring Record Highs For Cryptocurrencies, Martin Young, Bitcoinist

Bitcoin Will Go Vertical In 2020, Emilio Janus, Bitcoinist

Heard Of Bitcoin Halving? It’s Set To Shake Markets in 2020, Reuters

Analyst That Called Bitcoin’s Crash To $6000 Expects Price To Rebound, NewsBTC

$7870 Now Key Resistance Level For Bitcoin, Omkar Godbole, Coindesk

Bitcoin, Gold, Silver, And Armageddon, Clem Chambers, Forbes

CS Commentary: Good article but what he does not mention is that the end of the world could likely come with an EMP, which would effectively wipe out the possibility – and the efficiency – of most Bitcoin and crypto transactions.

Top Crypto’s By Price And Market Cap, 12/19/19

Ethereum Gets A B, EOS Gets An F – Node Quality Study Ranks Crypto’s, NewsBTC

Bitcoin Was The Best Investment Of The Decade, David Canellis, thenextweb

Cryptocurrencies Are Still The Best Performing Asset Class This Year, Sebastian Sinclair, Coindesk

It’s All About $7400 For Bitcoin As Big Move Now Imminent, filbfilb, Cointelegraph

Summary: $6500 and $7600 are key levels of support and resistance for Bitcoin.

The Three Largest Cryptocurrencies, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

All Cryptocurrencies Ranked, Coinmarketcap

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Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

Must Read: The Difference Between Investing And Speculation (10 Investing Rules), Lance Roberts, Advisor Perspectives

Quote: “Understanding that all things are cyclical suggests that after long price increases, investments become more prone to declines than further advances….However, a very high priced stock CAN be cheap.”

How 2019’s Market Tops Parallels Time Right Before 2008 Financial Crisis, Real Vision Finance

Ray Dalio’s ‘Holy Grail’ Of Investing In 5 Minutes (video, right), Investopedia

This Is Now The Best Bull Stock Market Ever, Yun Li, CNBC

Quote: “The most outstanding feature of this cycle since 2008 is always going to be fear,” says Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at The Leuthold Group.”

Fed Chair: US Debt On An Unsustainable Path, USA Today

A Growing Club Of Powerful Countries Abandoning US Dollar, Eustance Huang, CNBC

CS Commentary: If the end of the dollar is a concern see, Evaluating the Arguments For The Demise Of The Dollar. This 2015 article is still relevant today.

JP Morgan Guide To The Markets, 3Q 2019 (video, left) Hong Kong

I Wrote A Popular Piece On ‘Lessons From The Madoff Fraud’, Then I Got Scammed – Here’s Why, Seaborn Hall, Medium

Yield Curve Inversion? Here’s How Markets Tend To Perform After One, Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

CS Commentary: In addition to the two links below, see our Money-Interpretation Page for more on the Yield Curve Inversion. Also see, 5 Things Investors Need To Know About An Inverted Yield Curve, Watts/Oh, MarketWatch; Also see, Forget The Yield Curve – Here’s Who Will Prevent The U.S. From Entering A Recession, Barbara Kollmeyer, MarketWatch

Schwab: Fight Over Fiduciary Interpretation Is ‘Semantics,’ Diana Britton, Wealth Management

Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe, Stacy Cowley, NY Times; Also see, Its Time To Find A Safe Deposit Box Alternative, Lisa Rowan, Two Cents

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More Common Sense


In ‘Blue Moon’ Jack Reacher Is Back – And He’ll Hit Amazon Prime Soon, Clay Waters, The Federalist; Also see, A Summary Of Lee Child’s Jack Reacher Novels, Tony Daniels, The Federalist


Must See – Did This Camera Capture An Angel? Man Who Went To Heaven Speaks (video, left), Fox News

New York Times Discovers Voters Are Paying Little Mind To Impeachment, Tristian Justice, The Federalist

Why Men Are Bailing Out, Jordan Peterson, Bite-Sized Philosophy

George Washington And America’s Christmas Miracle, Newt Gingrich

Why This Pastor Still Believes In Santa Claus, Stephen Strang, Charisma


Actor Paul Sorvino On Celebs Trashing Trump (video, left), Fox Business

Jordan Peterson On The Worst Thing About Trump And Polarization Of Americans, The Delve

The Core Needs Of Every Myers-Briggs Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie

Eating In A 6 Hour Window And 18 Hour Fasting Might Give You A Longer Life, Scottie Andrew, CNN

The Best Place To Take The Enneagram Personality Test: Enneagram Institute; Also see, Myers-Briggs And The Enneagram: What’s The Same And What’s Different? Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie


Dennis Miller Comments On Robert DeNiro’s Trump Rants (video, left), Fox Business

The Worst Movies Of The 2010’s, Emily Jashinski, The Federalist; Also see, Hollywood Reporter Critics Pick The 10 Worst Movies Of 2019, The Hollywood Reporter

Star Wars Leads Box Office With Disappointing $175.5 Million, Eric Schwartzel, WSJ

A Hidden Life, Official Trailer (video, left), Fox Searchlight, Movie Trailers Source; Also see, A Hidden Life: Man Stands Up To Hitler, Charisma

CS Commentary: We usually hate Terrance Malik movies because of their slow, prodding pace, focus on cinematography, and poorly structured stories – but this one sounds interesting.

‘Richard Jewell’ Raises Troubling Questions About How FBI And Media Operate, Judith Miller, Fox News; Also see, ‘Richard Jewell’ Is A Story Of Media And Government Bungling That Is Still Fresh Today, Edward Chang, The Federalist


Holy Fire (left), Ric Blair

CS Commentary: This song should be a classic by now.

I’ll Do Anything, Kiefer Sutherland

Something You Love, Official Video, Kiefer Sutherland

‘Jesus Got A Tight Grip On My Soul’: Blake Shelton’s New Faith, CBN


Herd Hierarchy: Colin’s Top NFL Teams (video, left), The Herd

Falcons To Keep Quinn, Dimitroff For 2020, D. Orlando Ledbetter, AJC

Blinded By Affection Arthur Blank, Falcon’s Owner, Makes A Major Mistake, Mark Bradley, AJC

Old Arthur Blank Would Have Cleaned House, New One Clings To Hope, Jeff Schultz, The Athletic


Google Assistant Interpreter Mode Coming To Phones Today, Sam Byford, The Verge

Google Maps Tracks You Everywhere. Here’s How To Delete What It Stores, Todd Haselton, CNBC


These Are The Free Amenities Delta Gives In First, Business, Premium Economy, And Comfort Plus On Long Haul Flights, Dave Slotnick, Business Insider

Why Airlines Are Releasing Fewer Last Minute Award Seats, One Mile At A Time


The Expanse, Season 1 (video, left), Trailer, Syfy

The Expanse, Season 1, Rotten Tomatoes Reveiw

The Expanse Season 1 Review, The Review Geek

’24’, Season 1, Trailer, noblebenard/20th Century Fox

CS Commentary: For anyone who hasn’t seen ’24’, Kiefer Sutherland’s 8+ seasons remain some of the best viewing on Streaming/TV. Jack Bauer may be the best action hero creation of all time, at least equal to James Bond and Jason Bourne. Catch it on Amazon Prime.

Quotes Of The Month:

“The excessive skepticism of many liberal theologians [to the Divinity of Jesus Christ] stems not from a careful evaluation of the available data, but from an enormous predisposition against the supernatural.” – Yale archaeologist and professor, Millard Burrows

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