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Fed’s Powell Says Words Investors Waiting To Hear + Other Good News (video, left), CNBC

Markets Looking For Any Reason For A Sell-Off? (video, right) The Daily Ledger, One America News

Stock Market Forecast 2019: 7 Critical Trends To Watch, Juan Carlos Arancibia, IBD

2019 Market Forecast, Wealth Management; CS Commentary: This is a compendium of 2019 forecasts from different advisors. Also see, 2019 ETF Market Outlook, SPDR

The Rise & Fall Of Apple 2018

Apple: What Problems Does It Face Going Forward? (video, left) Fox Business

Recency Bias: Resist The Temptation To React To Financial Headlines, Edelman Financial

Quote: “Its not enough to be right; you have to be right at the right time.”

Bitcoin’s Path to $5000 Faces Major Hurdle, Omkar Godbole, Coindesk

Agent Appears To Back Up Arbitrade/DIG Gold Title Claim, Scott O’Neil, The Royal Gazette

CS Commentary: We don’t believe this really changes anything. See our article below in the Cryptocurrency Section.

Editor’s Choice

JPM Economist: No Signs Of Immediate Recession (video, left), Fox Business

Why Is America So Rich? (video, right) Prager U

China’s Economy Weighing On Global Markets (video, below left), Fox Business

Is Wall Street Backing Out Of Crypto? Jimmy Aki, CCN

Raymond James CIO: This Is The Key To Stocks To Watch For In January 2019, CNBC

The 10 Most Read Articles Of 2018, Advisor Perspectives

The 10 Best Articles You Probably Missed, Advisor Perspectives

Expert: Next 6 Months Will Be Positive For Markets (video, right), CNBC

The Top 5 Reasons For The Current Market Correction, Updated 1/05/19, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

CS Commentary: With the market correction again in past weeks, and the slight uptick this week, this article continues to be relevant. Updated, with new charts.


DIG Crypto Price Since April 2018

Dissecting A Con Game: What Happened To The DIG Cryptocurrency? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Update On DIG, 12/15/18, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense. See this link for more posts and information on DIG/Arbitrade.

Common Crypto Scams And How To Avoid Them, Jack Dossman, Medium

FBI Arrests ‘Crypto Bank’ CEO Who Embezzled ICO Funds, CCN; Also see, More Than 15% Of Crypto Projects Have Serious Red Flags According To Wall Street Journal, Melanie Kramer, CCN; Also see,Pump-And-Dump Schemes Become ‘Widespread’ As Crypto Market Remains Largely Unregulated, Stephen O’Neal, Cointelegraph; Also see, FINRA’s Cybersecurity Best Practices, Wealth Management

Bitfinex, Ethfinex Add Four More USD Backed Stable Coins, Ana Alexandre, Cointelegraph; Also see, Kraken Adds Bitcoin Cash And Ripple Margin Trading, CCN

Crypto Fund Launches By Month 2017-18

Launch Of Bakkt Bitcoin Futures Market By ICE May Get Postponed Again, Marc Hochstein, Coindesk

Ethereum Processing 1 Million Transactions Could Be A Reality Soon, Namrata Shukla, Amb Crypto

The Fed Wants No Part Of A National Cryptocurrency, Matthew De Silva, Quartz

Crypto Exchange Center Hong Kong’s New Regulations May Be Harmful To Crypto, Ana Berman, Cointelegraph

Politics of Crypto Owners

Winklevoss Twins Launch Trading App, ‘At Home’ in Crypto Winter, Marie Huillet, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Falls To Fresh Yearly Lows After Wild Swings – Here’s Why, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

DIG/Arbitrade: Not All That Glitters Is Gold – Is DIG A Well Orchestrated Scam? Ken Griffith, The Royal Gazette

CS Commentary: We suggest that the comments at the end of the article also be read. The author raises some interesting points, but it is not clear whether…To continue reading see this link…

See This Link For More Updates & Links On DIG Cryptocurrency

Short videos

The Battery That Could Make Mass Solar And Wind Power Viable (video, left), CBS News

Stephen Moore: Fed And Trade Tensions Are Causing Swings In The Market, CNBC

Steve Forbes On How To Deal With Recent Market Swings (video, right), Fox Business

Is The Rollout of 5G & ‘Significantly Higher Speeds’ A Boost For Smartphone Makers? (video, right) Fox Business

Possible New Space Shuttle: Dreamchaser Flight Test, SciNews

Tech, The Big Picture: Here Are Three Tech Stocks To Buy Right Now (video, left), CNBC

The Public Does Not Understand: China Has Been Cheating U.S. For A Long Time, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business; Also see, Gordon Chang, China Expert: The Chinese Promise, But They Don’t Deliver, Fox Business

What’s Actually The Plane Of The Future, Wendover Productions, You Tube

Jim Cramer On Jeff Gundlach: He Was Right About The Fed, CNBC

The New Space Race To The Moon, Curious Droid

The Future Of AI: Have Humans Met Their Match? Fox News

Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

Here Are 3 Things You Can Do After Historic Market Volatility, Edelman Financial

Dow Jones Single Largest Point Gain In History: Milken Institute Expert Bill Lee Brings Balance To Current Market Events, Fox Business

This Still Looks Like A Stock Market Correction – Not Something Worse, Mark Halbert, MarketWatch

How To Find A Financial Advisor, Michaela Cavallaro, Barron’s

Jeremy Siegel: The Market Is Cheap On A Long Term Basis, Robert Huebscher, Advisor Perspectives

Are We Headed For Recession? Big Four Economic Indicators, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

A Long Term Look At Inflation, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

How The Real Estate Cycle Works , Phillip Anderson, You Tube

CS Commentary: In 2012 Phillip J. Anderson predicts exactly where the US stock markets and real estate markets will be today. Also see, Phillip J. Anderson’s Explanation Of The Real Estate Clock, portphillippublishing.com

Salary Required For Median Priced Homes In Major Cities

The Real Estate Clock Has Proved Accurate Over 200 Years Except For World Wars

Why 2019 Could Be A Tough Year For Home Buyers And Sellers, Jade Scipioni, Fox Business

Good Chance Of Recession By 2020 (video, left), Fox Business

Why The Market Blow Up? Varney & Co, Fox Business

Why Did The Crypto Meltdown Occur? CNBC; CS Commentary: A good overview of the current state of the crypto markets.

Here’s How Blockchain Will Impact Your Life In 10 Years, Darla Mercado, CNBC

Bitcoin Peaked 12 Months Ago: Here’s A Look At 12 Months Of Misery (chart above in Cryptocurrency Section), Aaron Hankin, Marketwatch; Also see, Bitcoin Is Pretty Much Dead Says Teenage Crypto Millionaire, Aaron Hankin, Marketwatch; Also see, The Trade Of The Decade: Buy Bitcoin, Katina Stefanova, Forbes

Quote: “If you have something that can potentially [return] 50x, you must have 98% conviction that it’s not going to happen for you to not put money in.” CS Commentary: This article is a must-read. We gave similar advice in our article, ‘Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment of The Next Decade? Part 2’ in 2017.

How To Know Who To Trust With Your Money: The Fiduciary Pyramid, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

How to Know Who To Trust With Your Money II: A Visual Illustration of Fiduciary, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

What Is Blockchain? (video right) CNBC

Our Favorite Chart: As Long As 10 Yr Yield Under 5% Stock Market Up 90% Of Time

The Bernie Madoff Fraud: Five Lessons For Investors From The ‘Wizard Of Lies,’ Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

Evaluating The Arguments For The Dollar’s Demise, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

How Likely Is Hyperinflation In the U.S.?, Part Two, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

Are Cryptocurrencies The Best Investment Opportunity Of The Next Decade? Part II, Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

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Investment Resources

Top Independent Financial Advisors 2018, Barron’s

2017 Ranking Of RIA’s By Total Assets, Financial Advisor

CS Commentary: A RIA is a Registered Investment Advisor, generally considered to be at or close to the top of the Fiduciary Pyramid in the investment area. For more, see Common Sense Interpretation, above.

10 Fastest Growing RIA Firms, Wealth Management; Also see, RIA Survey And Ranking 2017, FA

CS Commentary: For an explanation of and the importance of Registered Investment Advisors (RIA), see the ‘Fiduciary’ articles in the Common Sense Interpretation section below.

The Biggest And Best Wealth Management Firms, Investopedia/WSJ

CS Commentary: What’s wrong with this list? Notice they are almost all big banks. Most of the big banks charge ‘hidden’ fees that they don’t tell you about and they also charge larger annual management fees. Independent RIA firms charge an average of about 1-1.25% in management fees, plus, in many cases lower ‘hidden’ fees that they fully disclose. (For an explanation of and the importance of Registered Investment Advisors, or RIA, see Common Sense Interpretation section on this page above).

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Cryptocurrency Resources

Top Crypto Exchanges 2018

Top Crypto Exchanges By Market Cap: Cryptocurrency Exchanges/Market List, cryptocoincharts; Also see, The Best Crypto Exchanges, May 2018, Cryptoclarified; Also see, The 10 Commandments Of Crypto Security, Panama Crypto, Medium

Understanding The Retail Bitcoin Exchange Coinbase And Its Professional Trading Sister, GDAX, Jack Tatar, The Balance; Also see, Coinbase Vs. GDAX, The Merkle; Also see, GDAX Vs. Coinbase Comparison, Coin Central

Coinbase Review: Safe Way To Buy Cryptocurrency? Coin Central; Also see, Kraken Exchange Review, Coin Central; Kraken vs. Bittrex Exchange Comparison, Coin Central; What Is Kraken? Shobhit Seth, Investopedia

Understanding Cryptocurrency ETF’s, Nathan Reiff, Investopedia; Also see, Bitcoin ETF’s Explained, Nathan Reiff, Investopedia; Also see, Top Artificial Intelligence ETF’s, etfdb.com

The Five Most Private Cryptocurrencies, Shobhit Seth, Investopedia

A Brief History Of Bitcoin Bear Markets, Yannos/Ndinga, Medium

How To Secure Yourself Against Bitcoin Theft In 10 Minutes, SFOX, Medium

The Top 10 Cryptocurrency Blogs & Websites You Should Follow, Cryptoclarified

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More Common Sense


The Best Books Of 2018, Tipping Point, One America News


The Drama Triangle: Persecutor, Victim, Rescuer

Study Reveals Entire Human Race Came From The Same Man And Woman, Fox News

Can Science Prove The Bible? Fox News

Law Firm Love Triangle Ends Tragically, Part 1, Crime Watch; Also see, Part 2; Also see, Part 3

The Drama Triangle Explained. Lynne Forrest


12 California Wines To Make You Hoot and Holler, Megan Krigbaum, Food and Wine

Healthy Alternative To Sugar (video, left) Fox Business

Artificial Sweeteners Bad For The Brain, Lorie Johnson, CBN

Five Foods You Should Never Eat, CNN/You Tube

How To Cook Scrambled Eggs, Gordon Ramsey/Master Chef


Bumblebee, Film Review, Justin Lowe, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: We’d have to give a C+ to the writing, but Hailee Steinfield’s always great performance lifts the film to a B-. As far as the supporting cast goes: What were they thinking? This is no ET, as much as the writer and the director try to aspire to that level. 

Mary Poppins Returns, Film Review, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: This review is way too positive from our perspective. Blunt was overly stern and serious throughout and we all kept waiting for just one catchy song – it never came. Best (genuine) film musicals of the last decade: The Greatest Showman, and Moulin Rouge, probably in that order. If you add theater, we’d include Mama Mia, though the film just didn’t rise to the Broadway version.

The Mule, Film Review, Hollywood Reporter


Chevel Shepherd, 2018 Winner, The Voice (video, left), You Tube


19 Year Old Freshman Phenom Trevor Lawrence Is Already Dream QB Prototype, Adam Kramer, Bleacher Report

Falcon’s Head Coach Dan Quinn’s Poor Game Management Skills Make Adding Defensive Coordinator To His Duties A Bad Choice, Michael Cunningham, AJC


US State Dept Issues Travel Warning To China (video, left), Fox News

How To Travel Like A Millionaire? Ask The Points Guy, Sheila Marikar, The New Yorker

18 Brilliant Ways To Save Money On Travel From People Who Do It All The Time, ThisInsider.com

An American Airlines Flight Turned Back Halfway To Europe – The Question Is ‘Why?’, Chris Matyszczyk, Inc.com


House Of Cards, Season 6, TV Review, Daniel Feinberg, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: This reviewer didn’t see the whole season. The first half is as good as any through the series and its true, you don’t miss Frank (Kevin Spacey). But, then it devolves into a confusing, complex mess of sub-plots and truncated scenes that leave you wondering if you need to be a genius to follow the plot. Then you not only miss Spacey, but the good writing team that apparently came with him. It all comes together at the end – but very unsatisfactorily.

‘The Rookie’: An Under-The-Radar Success For ABC’s Go-To Guy, WSJ

CS Commentary: Like we previously said, one of the most guilty pleasures on network TV. Hope it lasts.

Everything Coming To Netflix, Amazon Prime, & HBO Now In January, The Verge

The 54 Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time, Vogue

CS Commentary: We don’t agree with a lot on this list, but it will give you some good ideas of movies to watch that you haven’t seen or movies to check out again.

Quotes Of The Month:

[On The Drama Triangle, featured above]

“It is most difficult for someone in the persecutor role to take responsibility for the way they hurt others. In their mind, others deserve what they get. These warring individuals tend to see themselves as having to constantly fight for survival. Theirs is a constant struggle to protect themselves in what they perceive as a hostile world.” – Lynne Forrest

“A rescuer’s greatest fear is that they will end up alone. They believe that their total value comes from how much they do for others. It’s difficult for them to see their worth beyond what they have to offer in the way of “stuff” or “service.” They believe, “If you need me, you won’t leave me.” They scramble to make themselves indispensable in order to avoid abandonment.” – Lynne Forrest

“Victims deny both their problems solving abilities and their potential for self-generated power. This doesn’t prevent them from feeling highly resentful towards those on whom they depend. As much as they insist on being taken care of by their primary rescuers, they nonetheless do not appreciate being reminded of their inadequacy.” – Lynne Forrest

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