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The Democratic Party Is Now A Religious Cult (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

CS Commentary: Tucker hits it right on here. CS has been saying for 3 years that the Democratic Party is no longer a political party, but a religion. It is a religion that denies the Judeo-Christian God, that denies life, that denies and rejects the traditional view of marriage, that rejects Israel as the ‘apple of God’s eye’ and is increasingly and inherently anti-Semitic.

How Democrats Mis-Read Americans As Trump’s Approval Rate Rises (video, right), Varney, Fox Business

Why Kamala Harris Will Be The 2020 Democratic Presidential Nominee, Newt Gingrich, Newsweek

‘Walk Away’ From Democratic Party Fascism: Former Liberals Explain Why (video, left), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Women’s Soccer’s Megan Rapinoe Singlehandedly Destroys What Should Have Been A Celebration For All Of America (video, right), Bill O’Reilly

Russian Oligarch’s Story Could Spell Trouble For Team Mueller, John Soloman, The HIll

Navy Seal Eddie Gallagher Found ‘Not Guilty’ In War Crimes Case, Tal Axelrod, The Hill

Trump Should Question Qatar’s Emir: They Support Hamas And The Muslim Brotherhood (video, left), One America News

Stop The Tape! Democrats Discard The Rule Of Law (video, right), The Daily Ledger, One America News

President Trump Annoys The Left By Praising America, Gary Varvel, USA Today

Anti-Trump Fever Takes Frightening Turn, Byron York, Washington Examiner

Black Pastor: The Real Reason Democrats Like To Accuse Trump Of Racism, Stephen Strang, Charisma

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Editor’s Choice

Judicial Watch: Voter Fraud Crackdown Will Now Make It Tougher For Left To Steal Elections, Especially In CA (video, left), Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Why Does The Left Want To Change America? (video, right), Bill O’Reilly

Pastor Rebukes Those Who Say We Shouldn’t Be Political, Shane Idleman, Charisma

Can California Be Saved? Fabio Speaks: California Crippled By Unemployment And Homelessness (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Tech Giants Band Together To Censor Conservative Speech (video, right), Fox News; For an updated report, see Tech Giants Band Together To Censor Americans, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

The Plan, Bill O’Reilly

The Problem With Ocasio-Cortez’s Shameful Ignorance Of History, David Harsanyi, The Daily Signal

‘I Was There In The Beginning’: CNN Now Overwhelmed With Pure Hatred Of Trump (video, left), Varney, Fox Business

CS Commentary: We have long said CNN stand for ‘Counterfeit News Network.’ If you want news or the truth go somewhere else. Hotel, restaurants and airports should be boycotted or lobbied to stop playing this trash in public.

Jeffery Epstein Charged With Sex Abuse And Trafficking: Women Talk (video, right), ABC News

CS Commentary: Note ABC misrepresents the number of times Bill Clinton is reported to have flown on Epstein’s plane – it is well over 20 times, not the four times that Clinton himself maintains. According to Pam Bondi, former Florida Attorney General, Acosta’s role was much more complex and benign than the media is reporting. Because of the intimidation of victims, sexual trafficking crimes are difficult to convict. A Grand Jury in Florida previously found too little evidence to go forward in Epstein’s case.

Why Is Amazon Blocking Reviews Of The #1 Best-Selling ‘Justice On Trail?’ Sean Davis, The Federalist

Big Media Is Plotting To Bring Down Trump – What Can You Do? Bluey/Allen, The Daily Signal


The Best Way To Fight Nike

The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

The U.S. Constitution, The Bill Of Right, & All Amendments

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration and the U.S. Constitution at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

Must See The Democratic Party Playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules For Radicals, The Bolen Report

Must See White House Counsel Emmet Flood’s Five-Page Letter To Attorney General William Barr Explains Major Fallacies Of Mueller Report, Fox News

Israel and the world

Philippines: Suicide Bombings May Be A Future Concern

The Philippine’s Geographic Challenge (video, left), Stratfor

What A Recent Suicide Bombing May Mean For The Philippines, Stratfor

DNA Confirms Identity Of Suicide Bomber In Philippines, Stratfor

Duterte Claims He Is Facing A Coup, Shane Croucher, Newsweek

CS Commentary: How much of this report is actually true is hard to ascertain since Duterte regularly speaks in hyperbole and the global media exaggerates and almost always slants news about him in the negative. There has barely been one positive report on Duterte in the global media in the three years since he was elected despite the fact that over 80% of Filipinos support him and his Federalist policies have been good for the nation. For another very biased view of Duterte’s drug wars, see Duterte’s Drug War Is A Large Scale Murdering Enterprise This is another heavily biased piece that foreshadows the UN’s recent promise to investigate Duterte’s drug war. We know if the UN is involved there must be truth and integrity involved, right? (We hope our sarcasm is evident). In six trips to the Philippines over three years we have had contact with one person who was negatively affected by police drug raids and viewed Duterte negatively as a result. The article’s statement that “Fear has now spread deep into the social fabric of society,” is either a blatant lie or a complete misrepresentation and is indicative of almost every global article on Duterte and the Philippines.

France: The Real Emmanuel Macron And Why France Is Anti-Israeli, Guy Milliere, Gatestone Institute; Also see, Daniel Pipes On The Real Threat To Europe, Affari Italiani, Middle East Forum; Also see, The Suicide Of France, Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute

How Christianity Is Keeping Hong Kong’s Stunning Protests Peaceful, Helen Raleigh, The Federalist

Must-see videos

Must See – Mark Levin Explains How America Is Ruled By Judicial Tyranny (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Jim Jordan Slams Democrats Coordinated Effort To Take Down Trump (video, right), Fox News

Must See – Europe: Deep Spiritual Crisis, The Herland Report

CS Commentary: Much insight on the intersection of politics and spirituality, particularly the spiritual vacuum that comes from the weakening of Christian faith in Western culture.

Must See – Mark Levin Exposes The Lies, Hypocrisy And Contradictions Of The Democratic Party And The Media, Fox News

FBI’s Christopher Wray Is Hiding James Comey’s Sins, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Must See – Joe DiGenova Explains Fallacies In All Democratic Attacks On President Trump And How They Lead Back To Obama (video, left), Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Puts ‘Spying’ Into Context And Explains Why Obama Should Be Questioned: ‘Nothing Like This Has Occurred In American History, Judicial Watch

Must See – The Facts About Whether Trump’s Policies Are Helping African-Americans: Candace Thomas vs. Liberal Harvard Professor (video, right), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

John Solomon And Sarah Carter Are The Woodward/Bernstein Of Our Time: Here’s Why, Mark Levin, Fox News

Must See: The Evidence Is In – FBI Under Comey Committed Premeditated Fraud On FISA Court (video, left), Hannity, Brother Lake

DiGenova: ‘Some Of These Guys Will Go To Prison’ (video, right), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News\

Must Watch: Candace Owens Completely Demolishes Yet Another Democrat And His Inane Arguments (video, right below), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

CS Commentary: ‘Inane’ means ‘silly, stupid, foolish,’ for anyone who thinks that might be a spelling mistake. The only thing wrong with this debate is that guests like this Democrat should not be allowed a national platform for their vacuous opinions, misinterpretation of the facts, and constant ad hominem responses in the face of convincing facts and logic. 24-hour news channels – like Fox News – have lowered the level of the debate in America by making celebrities out of these irrational, off-point pundits (to put it nicely). Yes, we have the right to free speech – no, that doesn’t mean that every foolish opinion is given a national platform. For Owens complete opening statement in the Congressional hearing, see below. Also see, Must Watch – Candace Owens Opening Statement In House Hate Crimes Hearing: She Excoriates The Democratic Party And Platform (video, right), Fox 10 Phoenix

CNN – ‘The Most Trusted Name In News’ – Got The Biggest Story Of The Decade Totally Wrong (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

There Is A Real Collusion Story: ‘CNN Is Not A News Outlet – It’s a SuperPac, Tucker Carlson, Fox News; Also see, Levin: Democrats Are Good At Destroying The Constitution, Hannity, Fox News

Former US Attorney Sydney Powell On Mark Levin: Mueller And Weismann Have Corrupted Justice For Decades, Fox News

Common Sense Interpretation

Hacking An Election: Google Wants To Shape American Perceptions For 2020 And Is Using Biased Search Parameters To Do It (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Here’s How The Republican Party Really Works And Why The System Is Corrupt (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Majority In America Still Say Third Party Is Needed, RJ Reinhart, Gallup

More Than 100,000 Illegal Migrants Have Escaped Border Control In 2019, Jason Hopkins, The Daily Signal

The Electoral College Is Under Assault. Here’s Why Its Worth Saving, John Hammer, The Daily Wire; Also see, The Left Wants To Transform Our Election System. It’s A Recipe For One-Party Rule, Garrett Stepman, The Daily Signal

The Call For Reparations Is Not About Justice, Its About Power, John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

Did Your Child Return From College A Better Or A Worse Person? Dennis Prager, The Daily Wire

Dr. James Dobson: 3 Ways Christians Must Respond To America’s Spiritual War, Steve Strang, Charisma

Constitutional Expert On ‘Separation Of Church And State:’ Framers Said Nothing Wrong With Religion In Culture, Charles Creitz, Fox News

Expert On ‘Mark Levin’: The Framers Never Intended For Impeachment To Be A Political Weapon, Nate Madden, Conservative Review

Obama Administration Attempts To Undermine Trump Administration Revealed In Newly Disclosed Documents, Jay Sekulow, Fox News

Quote: “All of these facts point to a coordinated effort across agencies during the Obama administration to oppose the incoming Trump administration.” In other word, a silent or ‘soft’ coup was attempted in the early weeks and months of the Trump Administration.

How The QAnon Movement Continues Without Its Messenger, Mike Rothschild, The Daily Dot

CS Commentary: Also see our Section on ‘Q’ on the Politics – Interpretation Page.

Trump Says Appointing Sessions As Attorney General Was His ‘Biggest Mistake,’ Fox News

CS Commentary: Publicly acknowledging this is just one more nail in the QAnon conspiracy theory, a major tenet of which was that both Robert Mueller and Jeff Sessions were secretly part of Trump’s covert team to bring down the Deep State and help indict Hillary and other liberal conspirators. At his point it is clear that neither person was involved with helping Trump, and in Mueller’s case he actively worked against Trump to help Democrats bring him down. For more evidence on the false nature of the QAnon meme see the Politics – Interpretation Page.

Rare Earth Mining Shows Exactly How China Cheats The United States Through ‘Free Trade,’ Kyle Sammin, The Federalist

Los Angeles Residents Petition To Recall Mayor Over Homeless Crisis, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

CS Commentary: Typhus and even Bubonic Plague are potential dangers in Los Angeles now because of the homeless crisis. See Dr. Drew on Laura Ingraham confirming this in the video here.

Why Are There So Many Homeless In Los Angeles? Roger Simon, PJ Media

Here’s The Truth About Sanctuary Cities, Thomas Homan, Fox News

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More Common Sense


American Betrayal: The Secret Assault On Our Nation’s Character: Diana West Defends Her Work

This Week’s Quote From The Book: “At a certain point in this research…a distinct pattern of deceit emerged from heretofore invisible, unnoticed, discarded, or suppressed clues, evidence overlooked or hidden so long that the criminals themselves are long forgotten. Indeed, this was the perfect, perfect crime because not only did the perpetrators get off scot-free, their crimes have never been detected.”


How Gay Is America? (video, left), Now This World

CS Commentary: This is liberal spin, but confirms the Gallup numbers in the article and link just below (the LGBT population in America is under 5% – that is not a typo). The numbers here from the Williams Institute, a UCLA sexual orientation and gender think tank – liberal in other words – in our opinion, speak to emerging trends due to media propaganda and cultural pressures and influence. Still, the overall numbers, even in future trend estimates, are low relative to the overall population. A side note: It is inherently difficult to find any objective or conservative video on the gay population on You Tube, probably because they censure anything that is not from a liberal perspective on the subject. Here is one that slipped through: Is America Ready For A Gay President Who Claims To Be Christian? Freedom Project Media; It is full of truth so it may not be up for long. This is as good a response as any to Pete Buttigieg’s derision of the Vice President and his defense of his gay lifestyle as Christian.

Gallup: Due To ‘Propaganda’ Americans Vastly Overestimate The Gay Population In The US, Paula Bolyard, PJ Media; Also see, John Hopkins Research: No Evidence People Are Born Gay Or Transgender, Tyler Oneil, PJ Media; Also see, Americans Still Greatly Overestimate Gay Population, Justin McCarthy, Gallup; Also see, 10 Biggest Gay Populations In US – CA Has Twice As Many As #2; Also see, Pete Buttigieg Does Not Get To Make Up His Own Christianity, Washington Times


7 Signs You Are Dealing With A Psychopath (video, left), Top Think

Residents On Edge After 7.1 Earthquake In Southern California, Paula Bolyard, PJ Media

In light of the 7.1 Earthquake in the Los Angeles area on July 5, 2019, we offer this link for the LA County Emergency Survival Guide

CDC Warns Of Fecal Pool Parasite – How You Can Stay Safe, Abby Haglage, Yahoo

10 Signs You May Have A Parasite, Amy Myers, M.D., Mind Body Green


Review – Spiderman: Far From Home, The Hollywood Reporter

What I Learned After Watching ‘Eyes Wide Shut’ 100 Times, Lila Shapiro, Vulture


Freedom (Fight For It) (video, left), Joy Villa Featuring Flint Bedrock

Gyth Rigdon Performs Lee Greenwood’s ‘God Bless The U.S.A. (video, right)’ The Voice

Caleb & Kelsey, Praise Medley, Facebook

What A Beautiful Name, Frontrow/Hillsong


Rose Lavelle and Kelly O’Hara Talk World Cup (video, left), CNN

CS Commentary: The CNN commentator tries, weakly, to push the women’s ‘unequal’ pay issue. Wake up CNN! The chart in the video says it all: US women receive 23% of the revenue they bring in, while US men only receive 7% of the revenue they generate. Seems like the women have a pretty good deal. The two players are non-commital about a trip to the White House. The last time we checked that was a ‘United States’ in their team name. If they want to raise their revenue and increase it to ‘equal’ pay maybe they should try representing the whole nation and not just half of it. Also see, Women’s World Cup Soccer Team Firmly In The Democratic Party Camp (video, right), Varney, Fox Business

2019 NFL Triplets Rankings: Saints, Chargers, Browns Top List, Ali Bhanpuri, NFL.com

NFL Teams Ranked By Franchise QB’s, Ali Bhanpuri, NFL.com

Raiders Quarterback Derek Carr: God Still Supernaturally Heals Today, Charisma


Prager U Accuses You Tube, Twitter Of Censoring Videos, Anna Hopkins, Fox News


Delta Just Made A Stunning Passenger Friendly Announcement, Chris Matyszczyk, Inc.com

Passengers Pray After Delta Jet Loses Engine, WGNTV.com

7 Secret Airline Passenger Rights, Jetsetter

5 Things To Watch Out For Before Booking Your Next Airbnb, Jersey Griggs, The Discoverer


10 Hidden Gem TV Shows To Watch, 2019 (video, left), TechGumbo; Also see, 10 Hidden Gems To Watch On Netflix, 2019, TechGumbo

8 Reasons Season 3 Is The Best ‘Stranger Things’ Yet, Brad Jackson, The Federalist

Last Kingdom Stars Take Us Behind The Scenes Of Season 4, Corey Smith, Winter Is Coming

The Last Kingdom: 10 Things We Want To See In Season 4, Heather Djunga, Screen Rant

Quotes Of The Month:

“It is as if the West actually does not want to know the truth until the moment when this knowledge has ceased to be of use.” – Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn

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