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Must See – Jim Cramer Breaks Down Risks That Could Derail Tech Stocks (video, left), CNBC

Must See – Expert Analysis: Latest Covid-19 Vaccine Developments (video, right), CNBC

Jim Cramer Says Market Rally Could End July 27 (Video on Home Page),  CNBC

Charting A Bull Flag Breakout, S&P 500 Extends Rally As Volatility Recedes, MIchael Ashbaugh, MarketWatch

This Chart Predicts The Exact Date The Markets Could Fall Into Another Correction, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch

What Investment Is Least Expensive To Hedge? Inflation Related Assets

Big Cycle Behind Empires’ Rises/Declines – Ray Dalio/LinkedIn

Investors Should Consider Today’s Most Unpopular Investment – Here’s Why, Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch

Ray Dalio Says South China Tensions Could Escalate Into A Shooting War – Makes Pre-WWII Comparisons, Shalini Nagarajan, Business Insider

Must Read –The Anti-Bubble Investment That Could Save Your Portfolio, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch; Also see, Must Read – Gold Timers Have Rarely Been More Bullish Than They Are Today – That’s A Bad Sign, Mark Hulbert, MarketWatch

Quote: “If the 10-year TIPS yield were to rise back to where it was in the fall of 2018, then an econometric model based on the correlation between real rates and gold would predict that gold would trade for around $1,000 an ounce.”

Scott Minerd: Words Of Caution About ‘Bubble’ In Markets As He Predicts They Will Go Higher (video, left), Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Cramer’s Lightning Round: Virgin Galactic One Of Great Speculative Stocks (video, right), CNBC

CS Commentary: We own SPCE.

Building The Global ‘Perfect Storm’ Portfolio, Short Version, updated 2/29/20, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money; Also see, Lazy Portfolio ETF – Different ETF Portfolio Options, with alternative choices for risk, Lazy Portfolio

ear To Date Return By Asset Class, 7/17/20

We Looked At How The Stock Market Performed Under Every President – The Results May Surprise You, Sergei Klebnikov/Halah Touryalai, Forbes

Cramer: Tech Stocks Selling Off But Investors Should Not Panic, Kevin Stankiewicz, CNBC

High Prices And Unpredictable Market: Tips For Buying A Home The Right Way, Elizabeth Renter, MarketWatch

Why Coins Are Hard To Find During The Pandemic, Fox Business/AP

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This Week:

The Coindesk Top 9 Cryptos

Crypto Market Cap And Prices, 7/24/20

Ethereum Flippens Bitcoin To Become The Most Used Blockchain, Antonio Madeira, Cointelegraph

From $900 To $20000 – Bitcoin’s 2017 Price Run Revisited, Stan Higgins, Coindesk

5 Promising Crypto’s That Can Break All-Time High In 2020, Jordan Lyanchev, Crypto Potato

Introducing The Coindesk 20: Assets That Matter Most In Crypto (chart, right), Lawrence Lewitinn, Coindesk

Previous Weeks:

Crypto Market Cap And Prices, 6/12/20

Grayscale Hasn’t Bought A Single Bitcoin In Three Weeks, Michael Kapilkov, Cointelegraph

Chainlink Crypto Surges – Here’s Why, Michael van de Poppe, Cointelegraph

Crypto Founder Sentenced To Seven Years In Prison For $25 Million Scam, Mohammed Musharraf, Cointelegraph

Kraken Business Head Says Bitcoin Will Go To $1 Million, Jackson Dumont, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Price Rally By 2021 Looks Likely For Five Fundamental Reasons, Joseph Young, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin: Popular Analyst Suggests Bull Run A Month Away, Bitcoin.com

Bitcoin Buckling Under Ethereum’s Gravitational Pull, The Defiant, Decrypt

Investment Guru Jim Rogers: Bitcoin Will Drop To Zero, Turner Wright, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Dropping To $6K ‘Golden Pocket’ Is Not Bearish, Trader Says, William Suberg, Cointelegraph

JP Morgan Analysts: Bitcoin Proved Itself Likely To Survive (As A Speculative Asset), Sebastian Sinclair, Coindesk

Why Goldman Sachs Is Wrong About Bitcoin (video, right), Cointelegraph

Analyst Predicts Next Bull Run Will Send Bitcoin To $150K And Ether To $9K, Jack Martin, Cointelegraph

3 Reasons Bitcoin Price Could Crash If Stock Market Collapses, Joseph Young, Cointelegraph

JP Morgan Goes ‘All-In’ Crypto, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Bitcoin About To Surge $100,000? Billy Bambrough, Forbes

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Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

S&P 500: The Big Picture – End 2nd Qtr 2020

Market Valuations, End 2nd Quarter 2020

 A Look Back: How Likely Is Hyperinflation In The U.S.? Seaborn Hall, Advisor Perspectives

How Do We Interpret This ‘Coronavirus Moment? In the World And The Markets, Updated 5/01/20 Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Also see, Special Update, 4/28/20: Coronavirus And The US Stock Markets: The Current Bottom Line, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Money

Bear Markets – How Long Do They Last On Average? Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

Must Read – What’s The Average 401K Balance By Age? Tim Parker, Investopedia

Must Read – Here’s The Timeline For Social Security Cuts, Sean Williams, The Motley Fool

CS Commentary: With cycle ends like the real estate cycle and the commodities cycle all dovetailing during the late 2020’s, and expected volatility and war, the decrease of Social Security benefits will likely be moved up and become critical within that time frame.

Must Read – Five Books Every Young Investor Must Read, Jeremiah Lam, Medium

How To Improve Your Finances In 2020 (video, left), JPM

Must Read: How China Will Take Over The World, Tatiana Koffman, Forbes

Must See – Mark Cuban On Amazon and The Importance Of AI: FANG Has An AI Advantage (video, right), CNBC

Must Read – Ten Facts Investors Need To Know To Achieve Investment Success, Scott MacKillop, Advisor Perspectives

Worst Thing Investors Could Do Right Now Is Sell, Stephanie Landsman, CNBC

What Is The QQQ ETF? Emily Norris, Investopedia

Must Read: The Difference Between Investing And Speculation (10 Investing Rules), Lance Roberts, Advisor Perspectives

Quote: “Understanding that all things are cyclical suggests that after long price increases, investments become more prone to declines than further advances….However, a very high priced stock CAN be cheap.”

Most Popular Stocks Among 30 Somethings

Must Read: There’s Only One Stock Millennials Prefer Over Amazon And Tesla, Shawn Langlois, MarketWatch

How 2019’s Market Tops Parallels Time Right Before 2008 Financial Crisis, Real Vision Finance

Ray Dalio’s ‘Holy Grail’ Of Investing In 5 Minutes (video, right), Investopedia

This Is Now The Best Bull Stock Market Ever, Yun Li, CNBC

Quote: “The most outstanding feature of this cycle since 2008 is always going to be fear,” says Jim Paulsen, chief investment strategist at The Leuthold Group.”

Fed Chair: US Debt On An Unsustainable Path, USA Today

A Growing Club Of Powerful Countries Abandoning US Dollar, Eustance Huang, CNBC

CS Commentary: If the end of the dollar is a concern see, Evaluating the Arguments For The Demise Of The Dollar. This 2015 article is still relevant today.

I Wrote A Popular Piece On ‘Lessons From The Madoff Fraud’, Then I Got Scammed – Here’s Why, Seaborn Hall, Medium

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Financial Advisor’s 2019 Top 600+ RIA Rankings, FA

Financial Advisor’s 2019 RIA Top 50 Fastest Growing Firms, FA

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Blitz – Trump Will Smash The Left And Win, David Horowitz

Quote from Amazon Review: “The effort to remove and destroy our duly elected President may be the greatest challenge America has faced since the Civil War, explains Horowitz. For the first time BLITZ exposes the left’s strategy to take down Trump, and how Trump not only beat them at their own game, but how he’s turning the tables on them to achieve a stunning reelection win come November.”


Must See – Uncle Tom Voices Matter (video, left), The Truth

CS Commentary: If you’re angry at someone go to the mirror and ask, ‘What can I do to change the outcome?’ Larry Elder’s documentary ‘Uncle Tom’ is the #1 Documentary in the world.

Must See – Cognitive Ability: Trump is Transparent And Challenges Biden To Take Test (video, right), Fox News

He Almost Died In A Car Crash: GOP Rising Star On His Support For Trump, Importance Of Young Voters (video, right), Fox News

How To Do A Resilience Audit To Prepare For The Next Big Crisis, Dan Carpenter, The Federalist

To Smear Trump Media Lies About Press Secretary’s School Reopening Comments, Phil Kerpen, The Federalist

Nike, Other Global Brands Complicit In China’s Slave Labor, Gordon G. Chang, Gatestone Institute

NY Times Editor Bari Weiss Resigns With Scathing Letter-Indictment, Fox News


Covid-19 Cases US Still Increasing

Covid-19 Hospital And Fatality Rates Still Lower Than March

Mouth Lesions May Be New Coronavirus Symptom, Chris Ciaccia, Fox News

Covid-19 Infections 10 Times Greater Than Reported Cases – 40% Of Infections Asymptomatic, Ronald Bailey, Reason

US Sets Global Standard For Vaccine Pricing Around Price Of A Flu Shot, Reuters

Here’s One Remarkable Difference Between Covid-19 And The 1918 Spanish Flu, Quentin Fottrell, MarketWatch

Hand Sanitizers Recalled For Methanol Risk, Avoid These Kinds – FDA List, Kelly Tyco, USA Today

4 Angles In Understanding The Spread Of Covid-19 In The US And Europe, Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

Can Talking With Someone Without A Mask Result In Infection?: Visualizing Speech Orally Generated Fluid Droplets Using Laser Analysis (video, left), Dr. Rex Yeap

Update: CDC Home Pages On Coronavirus; Also see here; Also see, CDC Updated Global Map On Confirmed Cases Of Coronavirus, CDC; Also see, Coronavirus Resource Center, John Hopkins University

Medicare And Coronavirus, medicare.gov

CS Coronavirus Update (click this link for complete Update)


‘Uncle Tom’ Is A Hit, Say Reviews – Excerpts Here (video, left), Larry Elder With Epoch Times

CS Commentary: See the doc at UncleTom.com

Top Gun Maverick Delayed Until July 2021, Other Movies Also Delayed, Rebecca Rubin, Variety

Jon Hamm To Star In, Produce Comedy Reboot of Chevy Chase’s ‘Fletch,’ Etan Viessing, The Hollywood Reporter

Christopher Nolan’s ‘Tenet’ Delays August Release Due To Covid-19, Pamela McClintock, The Hollywood Reporter

Ricky Gervais Golden Globes 2016, All His Bits Chained, LyricsOfBestSongs

AG Barr Goes After Hollywood Hypocrisy: They Censor Movies To Please The Communist Party (video, right), Fox Business


Kanye West Family Unraveling As He Deletes Post About Trying To Divorce Kim, Fox News

Kim Kardashian Addresses Kanye West And HIs Emotional Health, Chloe Melas, CNN

Sheldon Riley Surprises Judges With Unconventional Performance, AGT 2020

Michael Jackson’s Maid: Neverland And The Consistent Rumors Of Child Abuse, 60 Minutes Australia

Golden Buzzer,10-Year-Old Roberta Battaglia Sings Lady Gaga’s ‘Shallow, America’s Got Talent 2020


MLB: 30 Questions Facing 30 Teams On Opening Day, Carig/McCullough, The Athletic

If The Dodgers Win The World Series This Year, Will It Count? Molly Knight, The Athletic

NBA Owner Mark Cuban Refuses To Criticize Communist China Takeover Of Hong Kong, Ellie Reynolds, The Federalist

Less Than 30% Say NFL’s ‘Redskins’ Should Change Their Name, Pauline Enck, The Federalist


Bari Weiss, NY Times Editor Resigns – Here Is Her Resignation Letter (see video above), Bari Weiss

Quote: “a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else. Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor.”

Brazen Lying Is Latest Escalation Of Media Campaign Against Trump, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist


Retired Navy Pilot On UFO’s – ‘There’s Something Out There,’ (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

What’s It Like To Fly During A Pandemic? We Compared 4 Different Airlines, Hull/Motta/Shon, The Points Guy

How To Make Sure You’re Not Boarding A Crowded Flight, Zach Griff, The Points Guy 

Don’t Travel Before Checking Harvard’s Covid-19 Hot Spot Map, Suzanne Rowan Kelleher, Forbes; Also, Drill down to state/county level here


‘Victoria’ Season 1, Trailer, Masterpiece Theater (video, left), PBS/Amazon Prime

‘Victoria’ TV Review, Tim Goodman, The Hollywood Reporter

Quote: “PBS may have found a worthy heir to ‘Downton Abbey’ in this British import, which brings one of the most intriguing royals to vibrant life.”

‘Kingdom’ About The World Of MMA Is One Of The Top 4 Shows Of All Time, Dan Buffa, KSDK

10 Great Movies To Watch On Netflix Before They Leave In July, Travis Bean, Forbes

Top Gun 2: Glen Powell’s Role Is Directly Due To Tom Cruise, Cooper Hood, Screen Rant

Quotes Of The Month:

“You can do anything you want with pastors, they will submit. They are insignificant little people, submissive as dogs and they will sweat with embarrassment when you talk to them” — Adolf Hitler, quoted from, Bonhoeffer: Pastor, Martyr, Prophet, Spy, Eric Metaxas, 180.

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