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Correction Coming If No Trade Deal With China Reached? (video, left), CNBC

Carly Fiorina: China Has To Save Face And Find A Way To Win (video, right), Fox Business

NASDAQ Adds Brave New Coin’s XRP Index To Global Data Service, Adran Zmudzinski, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Breaks $6000, Marie Huillet, Cointelegraph

Nike Says Just Do It For Blockchain, Michael K. Spencer, Medium

Stick With Long Term Positions During Tariff Tantrum (video, left), CNBC

Chess Pieces Aligned To Confront Iran? Rising Oil Could Be Result (video, right), CNBC

Jobs Surge In April, Unemployment Lowest Since 1969, Jeff Cox, CNBC

Facebook Co-Founder Says Zuckerberg ‘Not Accountable’, Calls For Government Break-Up, Ben Popken, NBC News

AMC CEO: The Movie Business Is Booming (video, left), Fox Business

US Deterrence: Pentagon Sends B-52’s And Patriot Anti-Missiles To Middle East (video, right), Fox Business

The Top 10 Technology Companies, Melissa Parietti, Investopedia


Editor’s Choice

Trump Is Doing The Right Thing With Chinese Tariffs (video, left), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Kyle Bass And Steve Bannon On 2020 Elections And What’s Really Happening On Trade: Corporate America Is In Bed With Communist China (video, right), CNBC

11% Of Americans Own Bitcoin, Increase In Awareness From 2017, Helen Partz, Cointelegraph

The Quiet Panic: Kyle Bass’s First Investment Letter In 3 Years, Zero Hedge

China Won’t Be One To Derail Trade Talks? Market Correction If Protracted Negotiations (video, left), Bloomberg Politics

Why China Trade Crisis Now? Varney Explains: China Has Underestimated Trump (video, right), Fox Business

China Trade By The Numbers, US Census

CS Commentary: China is about 17% of total US trade, but only 7% of our total exports. Meanwhile, the US imports over 20% of China’s goods relative to other countries. China is the US’s largest trade deficit – over $400 billion a year at present and it has consistently risen over the years. In 2018, the US exported $120 billion and imported $539 billion from China. This, among other things, gives the US significant leverage in trade negotiations with China.


Cryptocurrency: Total Market Capitalization

Novogratz Sees Bitcoin Struggling At $6000 Before Moving Higher (video, left), Bloomberg Markets & Finance

Facebook Building Cryptocurrency Based Payments System, WSJ

BNY Mellon Eyes $20 Billion Cryptocurrency Market, Market Mad House, Medium

CS Commentary: This article published September 2018. BNY Mellon is currently around 48.25 per share, one could argue an even better price than when this published.

Trader Who Called Bitcoin’s 84% Decline Now Says $50,000 In Next Two Years, Zach Guzman, Yahoo Finance

Crypto Winter Is Completely Over (video, left), Cointelegraph

Bitfinex Alleged Cover-Up Explained (video, right), Coindesk

Bitcoin Surge: New Bull Market? Cointelegraph

Bitcoin ETF: Wall Street’s Path To Crypto, Cointelegraph

Cryptocurrencies Are Here To Stay, Gerald P. Dwyer, AIER; Also see, Facebook’s Crypto Currency Expected To Add $19 Billion in Revenue, Newsbtc.com

Bitcoin: Price Chart Since May 3

Ethereum: Price Chart Since May 3

You Don’t Understand Bitcoin Because You Think Money Is Real, Maria Bustillos, Medium; Also see, Bitcoin Might Be Crypto-Gold But Ethereum Is Crypto-Silicon, Michael K. Spencer, Medium

Edelman: Bitcoin ETF ‘Virtually Certain’ CNBC; Also see, Finance Expert Ric Edelman: We Will Eventually See A Bitcoin ETF, Ana Alexandre, Cointelegraph

See This Link For Updates & Links On DIG Cryptocurrency

Must-See Videos

Must See: Tesla From $250 To $4000? Cathie Woods Of ArK Invest Defends Her Call (video, left), CNBC

Could Bitcoin Still Go To $25K?, Fox Business

More Wealth Will Be Created In The Next 20 Years Than Ever Before (video, left), Phillip Anderson (2012)

Is The Rollout of 5G & ‘Significantly Higher Speeds’ A Boost For Smartphone Makers?, Fox Business

The Future Of AI: Have Humans Met Their Match? Fox News

Ray Dalio On Lessons From The Great Financial Crisis (video, right), CNBC

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin? (video, left) Bloomberg Tech

Why Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Are Becoming Omnipresent, CNBC

How The Real Estate Cycle Works (video, right), Phillip Anderson

Art Laffer: Economic Damage From Shutdown Reversible, Fox Business

Sell In May And Go Away? (video, right), CNBC

Cyber Threats: The U.S. Is More Vulnerable Than Ever, Judge Jeannine Piro, Fox News Insider

Tech, The Big Picture: Here Are Three Tech Stocks To Buy Right Now, CNBC

The Public Does Not Understand: China Has Been Cheating U.S. For A Long Time, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business;

Is Netflix The Most Powerful Company In Media?, Fox Business

Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

Why The United States Needs To Encourage Americans To Own Gold, Sean Fieler, The Federalist

JPM Guide To The Markets April 2019 (video, left), JPM Asset Management Hong Kong

How Should Investors Position Their Portfolios In This Economic Environment? (video, right, Fox Business

America’s Biggest Economic Challenge May Be Its Demographic Decline, Neil Irwin, NY Times

CS Commentary: Harry Dent may have been one of the first to sound the alarm on this problem as far back as 2008-09, but he largely mis-forecasted when and how the problem would become reality, suggesting that there would be a second major stock market collapse soon after 2008 – this never occurred. Has immigration, central bank manipulation, and globalization solved some of this problem in ways that Dent could not foresee? Perhaps not, but only time will tell.

How SIFMA, FSI, FINRA, And The SEC Conspired To Doom The Advisory Profession, Ron A. Rhoades, Advisor Perspectives

CS Commentary: SIFMA stands for The Security Industry Financial Marketing Association. FSI stands for Financial Services Institute. FINRA stands for Financial Industry Regulatory Association, a Congressionally authorized association that regulates broker-dealers. The SEC is the Security Exchange Commission, an “independent federal government agency responsible for protecting investors, maintaining fair and orderly functioning of the securities markets, and facilitating capital formation (Investopedia).

This is the most important article we have published here in sometime, yet, it will be too long and technical for many of our readers. We encourage you to read the introduction and the conclusion. The bottom line here is that the current SEC has, once again, been corrupted by compromise, lobbying and the broker-dealer industry – and the fiduciary landscape may be, once again, about to change. That is, be compromised. At present, investors can rely on the fact that RIA’s (Registered Investment Advisors) are held to a higher Fiduciary standard – this may not be the case much longer if the SEC has its way. For a shorter and simpler explanation of what the fiduciary standard should mean, see the Common Sense Interpretation-Money page and our articles on the Fiduciary Pyramid.

The Difference Between The Economy And The Stock Market (video, right), CNBC

After Two Of The Greatest Bull Markets In History, Why Are Investors So Broke? Lance Roberts, Advisor Perspectives

70% Of Wall Street Believes Trump Will Be Re-Elected, Fox Business

China Militarizing Space: They Are Ahead Of US In Space Race, Fox Business

Gundlach: We Are On The Road To A Large Debt Problem, Robert Huebscher, Advisor Perspectives; Also see, Does The US Debt Matter? (as of 7/28/18), CNBC; Also see, What Would Happen If The US Stopped Paying Its Debt?, Infographics; Also see, How To Solve America’s Spending Problem, Prager U

Live 24/7 World Debt Clocks

CS Commentary: This may not be exactly in sync with the US Debt Clock, here but it is close as of 2/14/19.

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More Common Sense


Lee Strobel Proves The Case For Easter, Huckabee

The Case For Easter, Lee Strobel


Church Membership Has Plummeted Over The Last Twenty Years (video, left), Fox News

Amanda Knox Is Going Back To Italy For The First Time Since Her Murder Conviction Was Overturned, Emily Dixon, CNN

To Catch A Predator: Harvey Weinstein Was Almost Caught 3 Years Ago – Here’s Why Not, Kathy Dobie, New York Magazine

Quote: “Memory encoding during a traumatic event is diminished and sometimes inaccurate,” Strand wrote. When trauma occurs, the prefrontal cortex often shuts down, and more primitive parts of the brain take over. Information necessary to survival continues to be recorded, Strand explained, but the primitive brain doesn’t do very well “recording the information many professionals have been trained to obtain.”

Apple Warned Batteries Have Serious Problem, Gordon Kelly, Forbes

Brazilian Model Drowns After Jumping Into Ocean To Save Dog, Sasha Savitsky, Fox News


Warren Buffet Eats McDonald’s 3 Times A Week (video, right)

CS Commentary: A little contrary opinion :).

End To AIDS In Sight As Huge Study Finds Drug Stops Transmission Of Virus, Boseley/Decline, The Guardian

Top 10 Signs Of Aging Poorly And How To Reverse Them, Rebekah Edwards, Dr. Axe

Stop Bickering! It’s Killing Your Relationships, Esther Perel; Also see, Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater? Esther Perel, CS Commentary: Lots of wisdom here.


Robert DeNiro Proves (Again) That He Is Talented, Deceived and Irrational (video, left), Stephen Colbert

Avengers: Endgame Shatters Box Office Records Worldwide, Fox Business; Also see, Avengers: Endgame Has Best Opening Day Ever, Frank Pollatta, CNN

These Rare Photos Of Bonnie And Clyde Reveal The Dark Reality Of The Iconic Criminal Couple, Brendan Siegel, Medium


Why Is American Idol Abandoning Last Year’s Winner? Michele Amabile Angermiller, Variety

BTS, The New Kings Of Pop, Conquer A Deafening, Sold-Out Rose Bowl, August Brown, Los Angeles Times


Officials Deny Appeal To Owner Of Kentucky Derby’s Maximum Security, NBC News; Also see, Maximum Security Owners To Appeal Anyway, Horse Will Not Run In Preakness, Katherine Terrell, ESPN

Ranking The Best Outfield Arm’s In The Majors Right Now, Mark Simon, The Athletic

Rating The NFC South For 2019-20, Jeff Schultz, The Athletic

2019 NFL Schedule: 10 Juicy Revenge Games On Tap, Dan Hanzus, NFL


Boeing Knew About Problems For One Year Before Lion Air Crash And Did Nothing About Them, CNN

Trip Advisor Reveals Best Travel Destination For 2019, CNN


My Father, Pablo Escobar (video, left), 60 Minutes Australia

CS Commentary: See the Netflix series, Narcos, Season 1, for the full story on Pablo Escobar and the DEA/Columbian war against his drug cartel.

Smallville Star Allison Mack May Testify Against Alleged Cult Leader, Jessica Sager, Fox News

Bull TV Series: Steven Spielberg And Amblin Pull Out Of Series Over Sexual Harassment Issues Involving Star, Nellie Andreeva, Deadline

When Calls The Heart: How Lori Loughlin Was Written Out Of The Show, Denise Petski, Deadline

Everything Coming To Netflix In May – And What’s Leaving, Sarah Toy, MarketWatch; Also see, What’s Coming To Amazon Prime In May 2019, Anna Tingley, Variety

Quotes Of The Month:

“…what “tees us off” will be what we are called to fight. For example, those who are the most disturbed and agitated by human trafficking should take that as a sign that they are called to fight this enemy. For others, it could be things like racism, or the sowing of immorality in school curriculum. These are not random provocations intended to irritate us; they are calls to action. We must all consider how we can be a part of fighting what provokes us the most and what Scripture defines as evil.” – Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries

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