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Did Kim Clement See ‘Q’ In 2012? A New Party Rising/An Attempted Coup Avoided (video, left), Kim Clement, Donne Clement Petruska

CS Commentary: We disagree with any interpretation of this that validates the legitimacy of ‘Q.’ Kim is speaking of a weapon – not a person, if you listen carefully. The interpretation of this relative to ‘Q’ would more likely be an example of confirmation bias. We have researched and written about that and the likely non-legitimacy of ‘Q’ elsewhere, see the Interpretation page on Politics, and/or the Politics Page Week Of May 12, 2019. We also disagree with the interpretation of Kim’s ‘David’ prophecy as President Trump – it is much more likely that it applies to some future President. Jerome Corsi affirms Q as military intelligence in an excerpt elsewhere – again, this is possible but not likely based on the multiple inconsistencies in Q data that cannot be explained by the typical ‘misdirection’ excuses, as well as other evidence, as addressed in the link above. It is more likely that Corsi and others are being deceived by someone claiming to be Q. Still, there is always the possibility – not probability – that we are wrong on this – up until today no one can say with 100% certainty that there is or is not a genuine Q source. However, Trump insider Sebastian Gorka and others have come out condemning the Q meme as a conspiracy theory with no basis in fact.

David Wilkerson Interview, 1976: Judgment Of America (video, left), Jim Bakker Show, Stephen Corson

Trials Are A Gateway To The Kingdom (video, right), Rick Joyner, Jim Bakker Show

Is America On The Brink Of War With Iran? Michael Snyder, Charisma

What God Showed Me About The US Over The Next Five Years, Rebecca Greenwood, Elijah List

Signs Given From The 145th Kentucky Derby: Improbable Wins Are Before Us, Johnny Enlow, Charisma

CS Commentary: According to 1 Corinthians, the natural comes before the spiritual, and, yes, at times God does speak prophetically through natural events. On the other hand, one can at times take this too far. We let you be the judge here.

Editor’s Choice

Warriors In The Church: The Deception Of Saying ‘God Is In Control (video, left),’ Rick Joyner, Jim Bakker Show

Smith Wigglesworth Vision Of World Wide End Time Revival As Told By Lester Sumrall (video, right), Encounter Today

CS Commentary: Smith Wigglesworth was known as a great healer and man of God. He died in 1947 at the age of 87. Lester Sumrall died in 1996.

Prophecy And The Power Of Prayer, Part One, Nita Johnson, World For Jesus Ministries

Why A Christian Can Have A Demon, John Eckhardt, Charisma

How To Cleanse Your Spirit, Mind & Heart Daily (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ spoke of the same sort of process back in the 1970’s and 1980’s – he called it ‘spiritual breathing’ and wrote a little blue booklet and a ‘transferable concept’ about it. The minute that you are conscious of sin, repent and confess it to God and claim forgiveness by faith (1 John 1:9). The prophet Bob Jones asked the Lord once many years ago “who is the most esteemed saint on the face of the earth?” The Lord’s response to him was a woman, Corrie Ten Boom, who had survived the Holocaust. When he asked “Why?” the Lord told him it was because she was aware of her sin and kept short accounts, confessing it throughout the day – as soon as she was aware of it.

Kim Clement 2011: A Courageous President And An Anointed Woman Come Forth (video, left), Warrior Queen

CS Commentary: We have published different versions of this once or twice, but the prophecy gets us every time and it is worth repeating. Will there be both a period of great crisis and great blessing during the middle of two Trump Presidential terms? Or, does this prophecy speak of something else in the future? Will there be a part of the church – Esther – that rises up to bring healing to the US after catastrophe? Other prophetic voices are speaking about increasing turmoil in the US that will begin 2020-21. It all remains to be seen, but this prophecy is interesting and relevant considering the tension in the Trump Presidency and events with China, in particular.

The Refining Of Esther And The Church, Ricci Wilson, World For Jesus Ministries

Episode 30: The 11th Hour And The Church’s Esther Calling (video, right), Neville Johnson, Academy Of Light

Prophecies And Insight Concerning the USA, President Trump & The Mid-Term Elections & Results – See This Link.

Prophecy Related News & Resources

Middle East Relationships With Israel: Pressure Is On

Israel Population Crosses 9 Million; 45% Of World Jewry In Holy Land, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

War On The Horizon? The US Warns Iran And Iraq, Israel Kasnett, JNS; Also see, Hezbollah: We Can Invade The Galilee And Israel Knows It, JNS

Christian Holiday Massacres: The New Norm, Raymond Ibrahim

Biden First Choice For Jewish Voters Among US Democratic Presidential Candidates, JNS

PM Netanyahu’s Address For Israel’s 71st Independence Day, Breaking Israel News

Town Square In Suburb Of Tel Aviv To Be Named After Trump, Breaking Israel News

Earthquakes & Natural Disasters Page: Prophetic Insights and Resources, Common Sense Interpretation

Must-See Videos

A Vicious Civil War Is Coming To The Church (video, left), Neville Johnson, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: We agree with Neville’s interpretation of Acts 1, where Jesus is taken up in the clouds, then disappears into heaven. While studying in seminary almost two decades ago, we saw in Acts 1 that there is a continuous structure linked with the end of Luke. Luke-Acts were considered one book, and circulated as such in the early church. You cannot fully understand Acts 1 without… To continue reading, click here.

The Coming Civil War Among Christians (video, right), Neville Johnson, MastersPiece

Please Don’t Be Offended: The 2nd Pentecost And The Church And Hillary Clinton And Obama (video, left), Terry Bennett, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

God Is Saying ‘Get Out Of The Church!’ (video, right) Terry Bennett, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Here is what is sure to be a controversial message. As one friend said to me, “But Terry has a church himself!” True. But the church is much more than just an organization with a physical structure that comes together on Sundays and does the same old, same old. Hebrews 10:25 says, not to “forsake [our own] assembling together.” Wherever the people of God come together – and in whatever way – there is the church. Sunday services and structure many times lead to a Western form of church in which one leader’s opinions or ideas rule to create religious traditions that actually impede true relationship and growth. We think this is more to Terry’s point – though he is obviously speaking a polemic against the established, traditional church as well.

‘Warning’ That America Faces Possible Judgment In 2020-2021 (video, left), Terry Bennett, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

The Next Few Years Will Be Difficult For America: Leaders Beware! ‘America Is Ripe For Judgment (video, right)’, Terry Bennett, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

Episode 10: The Sacrifice God Has Chosen For Us, Neville Johnson, Academy Of Light

CS Commentary: Neville goes right to the heart of things in this short message and explains one of the most important chapters in the Bible, IS 58. “If you start to become love, God will give you the powers of the ages to come.”

Cindy Jacobs Prophecy For The Philippines (video. right), The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Coming

A Limited Period of Grace: President Trump Is God’s Last Respite For America (video, left), July 2018, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show

2019 Is Your Year, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show

President Trump As Cyrus, The Time Of The Two Witnesses, Sadhu Selveraj

The Year Of The Watchman: A New Wineskin Will Upset Church Leaders, Jeremiah Johnson, Charisma

Common Sense Interpretation


Dreams With People, Part 3: Celebrities (And Conspiracy Theories), Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Tertullian On Dreams, John Boruff

Dreams That Contain People: Are The People Literal Or Symbolic And What Do They Mean? Part 2, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Dreams That Contain People: Are the people literal or symbolic and what do they mean? Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

How Should You Respond To The Crazy Thing You Dreamed Last Night, John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries

A Dream From God Has 6 Clear Characteristics, John E. Thomas, Charisma

Dream Discernment: Discerning The Source of Dreams Is The Most Important Aspect Of Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

The Greatest Need Of The Prophetic Church Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Daily Do-ables: This Is What Resisting Temptation And Repentance Looks Like, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Church Must Be Done In A New Way Before New Things Will Come, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

The #1 Objection to Prophecy Today: But Prophecy is not For Our Time, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense (coming)

The #2 Objection to Prophecy Today: If It Does Not Come True, It Is a False Prophecy Given by a False Prophet, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Articles/ Video

Correct Theology Or Tradition?

The Gift Of Prophecy Vs. The Ministry Of The Prophet (video, right), Jeremiah Johnson

CS Commentary: This is a good beginning on the distinction between the gift and the office. 1 Corinthians 12-14 delineates the gift, while Jeremiah 1, 18 and 23 elaborates on the office and true ministry of the prophet. While any believer may prophesy or operate in the gift at any time, there are those who have the gift of prophecy. Of those who have the gift there are fewer who are called into the ministry of a prophet. Miriam is a type of the ministry of a prophet; Moses is a type of the office of prophet (see Numbers 12). Of those who have the ministry of prophet, there are even fewer who attain the office of prophet. Even in the office of prophet, there are distinctions between personality, function, and call. For some of this theology, see 1-2 Kings. Also see Sadhu’s message below in Editor’s Choice.

The Omnipresence Of God: Can The Ordinary Person Walk With God Like Enoch?, Neville Johnson, You Tube

Quote: “Time and eternity are beginning to merge…2018 ushered in a new era…for us to know the times and the seasons is critical…just knowing the season can release grace and favor for us…Israel did not know the time they were living in and they missed out dramatically…there are levels of relationship [with God] and it starts with the omnipresence of God.”

Revelation, Part 3: The Tribulation, The Rapture, The Return, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Prophetic Dream – ‘And That’s The Way It Is:’ Walter Cronkite Prophesies Coming Financial/Economic Explosions, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy

Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy: We need truth over tradition, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy


The Hook Interlocking Structure of Revelation, Seaborn Hall, Novum Testamentum
Note: This article, published in 2002, was the academic basis for the 3 part article on Revelation in the section above.

Click here for the Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page

Review Of Some Of The Late Kim Clement’s Words

See this link.

Prophetic Words Prior To, And Concerning, The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

See this link.

More Common Sense


Lee Strobel Proves The Case For Easter, Huckabee

The Case For Easter, Lee Strobel


Church Membership Has Plummeted Over The Last Twenty Years (video, left), Fox News

Amanda Knox Is Going Back To Italy For The First Time Since Her Murder Conviction Was Overturned, Emily Dixon, CNN

To Catch A Predator: Harvey Weinstein Was Almost Caught 3 Years Ago – Here’s Why Not, Kathy Dobie, New York Magazine

Quote: “Memory encoding during a traumatic event is diminished and sometimes inaccurate,” Strand wrote. When trauma occurs, the prefrontal cortex often shuts down, and more primitive parts of the brain take over. Information necessary to survival continues to be recorded, Strand explained, but the primitive brain doesn’t do very well “recording the information many professionals have been trained to obtain.”

Apple Warned Batteries Have Serious Problem, Gordon Kelly, Forbes

Brazilian Model Drowns After Jumping Into Ocean To Save Dog, Sasha Savitsky, Fox News


Warren Buffet Eats McDonald’s 3 Times A Week (video, right)

CS Commentary: A little contrary opinion :).

End To AIDS In Sight As Huge Study Finds Drug Stops Transmission Of Virus, Boseley/Decline, The Guardian

Top 10 Signs Of Aging Poorly And How To Reverse Them, Rebekah Edwards, Dr. Axe

Stop Bickering! It’s Killing Your Relationships, Esther Perel; Also see, Once A Cheater, Always A Cheater? Esther Perel, CS Commentary: Lots of wisdom here.


Robert DeNiro Proves (Again) That He Is Talented, Deceived and Irrational (video, left), Stephen Colbert

Avengers: Endgame Shatters Box Office Records Worldwide, Fox Business; Also see, Avengers: Endgame Has Best Opening Day Ever, Frank Pollatta, CNN

These Rare Photos Of Bonnie And Clyde Reveal The Dark Reality Of The Iconic Criminal Couple, Brendan Siegel, Medium


Why Is American Idol Abandoning Last Year’s Winner? Michele Amabile Angermiller, Variety

BTS, The New Kings Of Pop, Conquer A Deafening, Sold-Out Rose Bowl, August Brown, Los Angeles Times


Officials Deny Appeal To Owner Of Kentucky Derby’s Maximum Security, NBC News; Also see, Maximum Security Owners To Appeal Anyway, Horse Will Not Run In Preakness, Katherine Terrell, ESPN

Ranking The Best Outfield Arm’s In The Majors Right Now, Mark Simon, The Athletic

Rating The NFC South For 2019-20, Jeff Schultz, The Athletic

2019 NFL Schedule: 10 Juicy Revenge Games On Tap, Dan Hanzus, NFL


Boeing Knew About Problems For One Year Before Lion Air Crash And Did Nothing About Them, CNN

Trip Advisor Reveals Best Travel Destination For 2019, CNN


My Father, Pablo Escobar (video, left), 60 Minutes Australia

CS Commentary: See the Netflix series, Narcos, Season 1, for the full story on Pablo Escobar and the DEA/Columbian war against his drug cartel.

Smallville Star Allison Mack May Testify Against Alleged Cult Leader, Jessica Sager, Fox News

Bull TV Series: Steven Spielberg And Amblin Pull Out Of Series Over Sexual Harassment Issues Involving Star, Nellie Andreeva, Deadline

When Calls The Heart: How Lori Loughlin Was Written Out Of The Show, Denise Petski, Deadline

Everything Coming To Netflix In May – And What’s Leaving, Sarah Toy, MarketWatch; Also see, What’s Coming To Amazon Prime In May 2019, Anna Tingley, Variety

Quotes Of The Month:

“…what “tees us off” will be what we are called to fight. For example, those who are the most disturbed and agitated by human trafficking should take that as a sign that they are called to fight this enemy. For others, it could be things like racism, or the sowing of immorality in school curriculum. These are not random provocations intended to irritate us; they are calls to action. We must all consider how we can be a part of fighting what provokes us the most and what Scripture defines as evil.” – Rick Joyner, Morningstar Ministries

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