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Jim Jordan Blasts ‘Partisan’, ‘Unfair’, Impeachment Process (video, left), Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News

Steve Bannon: Democrats Will Impeach President Trump Sometime In December And Nominate Bloomberg or Clinton (video, right), Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News

Michael Bloomberg Actively Prepares To Enter 2020 Presidential Race, Alexander Burns, NY Times/MSN

This Impeachment Subverts The Constitution, David Rifkin and Elizabeth Price Foley

9 American Citizens Killed In Brutal Massacre In Mexico, Andrew J. Sciascia, Western Journal; Also see, Relatives Say Cartel Attack Was No Accident, The Federalist

Russian Collusion Hoax Still Claiming Victims Through Liberal Judges (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

DiGenova: FISA Report Will Be Explosive And Bring Criminal Indictments (video, right), Fox Business

Must See: Kanye’s Conversion And How The Left Wants You To Toe The Party Line, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Must See – Tucker: Left Uses ISIS Leader’s Death To Criticize Trump, Fox News

Why Most Impeachment Polls Are Wrong, Dick Morris

The Power Of The Presidency: Judges Seek To Stop Trump Policies Twice As Much As Under Obama (video, left), Fox News

What The MSM Refused To Tell You This Week (video, right), Tipping Point, One America News

Adam Schiff’s Drive To Impeach Trump Based On Opinions, Deception, And Illusions – Not Facts, Gregg Jarrett, Fox News; Also see, Pelosi-Schiff Witch-hunt Is Unconstitutional – Here’s Why, Gregg Jarrett, Fox News

The Hit: Something Is Very Wrong When Hatred Overrides The National Good, Bill O’Reilly

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What The Democrats Do Instead Of Working

The Declaration Of Independence, Full Text, USHistory.org

The U.S. Constitution, The Bill Of Right, & All Amendments

CS Commentary: We make a practice of reading The Declaration and the U.S. Constitution at least once a year. We suggest that you do too.

Must See The Democratic Party Playbook: Saul Alinsky’s 12 Rules For Radicals, The Bolen Report

Israel and the world

Mindanao, Philippines: Davao South Has 4 Earthquakes Over 6+ in the last 3 weeks

Why Is Mindanao Philippines Experiencing Consecutive Powerful Earthquakes? Rosette Adel, Phil Star; Also see, Dramatic Images Show Impact Of Deadly Earthquakes In Philippines, Julia Hollingsworth, CNN; Also see, Third Strong Earthquake This Month, Time; Also see, Deadly 6.6 Earthquake Strikes Mindanao, Trevor Nace, Forbes

CS Commentary: Four 6+ earthqakes, seventeen 5+ earthquakes, and over twenty 4+ earthquakes have hit Southern Davao In Mindanao since just October 16. Source: USGS and Volcano Discovery. From anecdotal reports, though on the Ring of Fire, this many severe earthquakes in one region – Davao South in Mindanao – is highly unusual over the last three decades.

Did Prime Minister Of Israel Rabin’s Killer Also Kill Ariel Sharon? Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Nationalist Rabbis: We No Longer Have Faith In Israel’s Judges, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

Is Iran Winning Or Losing? Caroline Glick

Foreign Policy Experts Predict That An Iranian Attack On Israel Is Just A Matter Of Time, Israel Kasnett, JNS

Hamas Leader Threatens To Rain Fire On Tel Aviv ‘For 6 Months’, JNS

Celebrity Defector: Speaking Out Against North Korea (video, left), SBS Dateline

Will Al-Baghdadi’s Death Matter? In A Word ‘No’ – Here’s Why, Raymond Ibrahim

Democrats Started To Radicalize When They Failed To Accept 2000 US Election Results – Now They Attack Trump, Soon It Will Be Israel, Caroline Glick


Must-see videos

Levin Calls Out Democrat’s ‘Tyrannical’ Impeachment Process (video, left), Hannity, Fox News

Michael Flynn’s Attorney, Sydney Powell, Makes Bombshell Claim About FBI (video, right), Hannity, Fox News

Must See – Europe: Deep Spiritual Crisis, The Herland Report

CS Commentary: Much insight on the intersection of politics and spirituality, particularly the spiritual vacuum that comes from the weakening of Christian faith in Western culture.

Must See – Mark Levin Explains How America Is Ruled By Judicial Tyranny (video, left), Fox News

Must See – Jim Jordan Slams Democrats Coordinated Effort To Take Down Trump (video, right), Fox News

Must See – Mark Levin Exposes The Lies, Hypocrisy And Contradictions Of The Democratic Party And The Media, Fox News

FBI’s Christopher Wray Is Hiding James Comey’s Sins, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Must See – Joe DiGenova Explains Fallacies In All Democratic Attacks On President Trump And How They Lead Back To Obama (video, left), Judicial Watch

Judicial Watch Puts ‘Spying’ Into Context And Explains Why Obama Should Be Questioned: ‘Nothing Like This Has Occurred In American History, Judicial Watch

Must See – The Facts About Whether Trump’s Policies Are Helping African-Americans: Candace Thomas vs. Liberal Harvard Professor (video, right), The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

John Solomon And Sarah Carter Are The Woodward/Bernstein Of Our Time: Here’s Why, Mark Levin, Fox News

Common Sense Interpretation

America’s Way Of Life Is Threatened By An Adversary Intent On World Domination, Newt Gingrich, Fox News

The Border Crisis Isn’t Over And Mexico Isn’t Going To Fix It, John Daniel Davidson, The Federalist

The Definition Of ‘Hypocrisy’ On Video – From Obama And The Clintons, Cloud Front

Hacking An Election: Google Wants To Shape American Perceptions For 2020 And Is Using Biased Search Parameters To Do It (video, right), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Here’s How The Republican Party Really Works And Why The System Is Corrupt (video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

There Is No ‘Gay Gene’ Comprehensive Scientific Study Finds, Matt Margolis, PJ Media

Quote: “…explain “considerably less than 1% of the variance in the self-reported same-sex sexual behavior.” This means that non-genetic factors, including environment, upbringing, personality, and nurture “are far more significant in influencing a person’s choice of sexual partner…[this present study] is approximately 100 times bigger than previous studies on this topic.”

CS Commentary: Yet most Americans continue to believe that gays have no ‘choice’ when it comes to their behavior, because they were ‘born that way.’ This is a testimony to the powerful gay lobby in D.C. and Hollywood, that in spite of the facts – and gays being less than 5% of the total population – has brainwashed the nation and the culture. Also see, John Hopkins Research: No Evidence People Are Born Gay Or Transgender, PJ Media

Must See – Trey Gowdy Goes To Heart Of Issues In Mueller Testimony: ‘A Train Wreck’ For Mueller And Democrats, Fox News

CS Commentary: Note the verbage Gowdy uses midway through – ‘hanged.’ If this were the 17th century, Comey and Mueller could be hanged for their actions. We have reached a point in American politics where corruption has bleeded into borderline treasonous actions similar to what Benedict Arnold perpetrated.

The Road Not Taken: Another FBI Failure – FBI Counsel Believed Clinton Should Face Criminal Prosecution, John Solomon, The Hill

The Mark Of A Terrorist Is Behavior, Not Ideology, Scott Stewart, Stratfor

Quote: “Combating terrorism, however, is not just the responsibility of the government but of society at large. “See something, say something” works, which is why the public must be educated on how to spot activities associated with the terrorist attack cycle.“

Spying Operation On Trump Had To Be Run From Obama Down, McCarthy Says, As Judge Rules Against FBI, Mike Huckabee

Quote: “This stuff makes Nixon look like an underachiever.”

Trump Huge Gains Among Blacks, Latinos And Millennials, Dick Morris

America Was Not Built On Slavery, But That All Men Were Created Equal, Joshua Lawson, The Federalist

Evaluation: Philippines Emerges As Hub Of Global Dark Web, Asia Times

CS Commentary: This one is too crazy to believe but the sad thing is that many people will believe it – quotes from Facebook about how…Click here to continue reading…

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More Common Sense


‘The Plot Against The President’ Author Lee Smith (video, left), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

The Plot Against The President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History, Lee Smith


Christian Comedian John Crist – Son Of Atlanta Pastor – Admits To Struggles With Addiction And Sexual Misconduct, Natalie Stone, People

Instead Of Judging Paula Cain White – Trump’s Woman Pastor – I’ll Pray For Her, J. Lee Grady, Charisma 

Kanye West’s Latest Sunday Service Sees ‘Over 1000 People’ Accept Christ As Savior, Skye Malmberg, Western Journal

New York State Experiences Net Loss As President’s Family Not The Only Ones Leaving, C. Douglas Golden, Western Journal

These Are The Best Places To Live In America, Jordi Lippe-McGraw, Today.com


Foam Rolling, Fascia, and How To Bring Relief To Sore Muscles, Dr. Corrine Weaver, Breaking Christian News

Famed Medical Examiner Says Jeffrey Epstein’s Death A Homicide, Not A Suicide (video, right), Fox News

New Israeli Fragrance Will Have You Smelling Like The Holy Temple, Maayan Hoffman, Breaking Israel News


Midway, New Trailer (video, left), Lionsgate Movies; Also see, ‘Midway’: Film Review, John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter

2019: Schedule For Upcoming Movies As Of November 3, 2019, Movie Insider

Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. NY Times; Or see this link,

Quote: “In the past 20 years, as we all know, the movie business has changed on all fronts. But the most ominous change has happened stealthily and under cover of night: the gradual but steady elimination of risk.”

Will The Next ‘James Bond’ Be Too PC? Actresses And James Bond In The Me-Too Era, Rebecca Ford, The Hollywood Reporter

How Ford vs Ferrari Team Filmed A Race: Its Almost Like A Gunfight, Jon Alain Guzik, The Hollywood Reporter

Terminator: Dark Fate, Official Trailer (video, left), Paramount Pictures; Also see, Terminator: Dark Fate, Film Review, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: Bottom line? Terminator and T2 remain the only ‘great’ Terminator films. Though Cameron’s name is one of ‘five’ on the story credit, his fingerprints are really nowhere to be found on this one. We’re guessing he was too busy with the Avatar sequel – and it shows. The story is all over the place and the laughs are at the characters not with them. Grade: C-, and that’s being generous.


Kanye Understands What Other Celebrity Christians Don’t: It’s Hard To Be A Christian, Kylee Zempel, The Federalist

Kanye West’s Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Delayed Over Christian Contents, Charisma


White House Celebration: Nats Star Steps To Podium And Whips Out MAGA Hat, Bradley Evans, Western Journal

Nationals Player Thanks Trump For Making America The Greatest Country To Live In, Nicholas Ballasy, PJ Media


Hong Kong Airlines Ending US Flights, One Mile At A Time

10 Best Credit Card Offers November 2019, One Mile At A Time

10 Mistakes To Avoid On Your First Trip Abroad, Jessica Scott, Discoverer


Must See: Jordan Peterson: Why Few Women Are In The Positions Of Power (video, left), ZeroFox Given

Bombshell Leaked Footage: ABC News Had Everything On Epstein And Clinton Three Years Ago But Withheld It, Joe Setyon, Western Journal

Democratic Presidential Candidate Tulsi Gabbard’s Showdown With Joy Behar On ‘The View’, Fox News

Kim Kardashian Says Kanye West’s Faith Is Great Example For Their Kids, Charisma 

Patricia Heaton Warns Kanye West: ‘It’s Hard To Be A Christian In Hollywood,’ Charisma

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