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Jordan Peterson: The Interpretation Of Dreams (video, left), Bite Sized Philosophy

CS Commentary: An interesting short secular academic summary of the foundations of dream interpretation by Freud and Jung.

Jordan Peterson: The Problem With Atheism (video, right), Bite-sized Philosophy

“The Big ‘World Series’ Message,” Johnny Enlow, Elijah List

CS Commentary: We think these ‘prophetic in the natural’ messages always take things a little too far, and we don’t subscribe to the ‘7 Mountains’ theology, but there is a lot that is interesting and a lot that is definitely a ‘God thing’ in the World Series and Super Bowl victories and the Triple Crown race wins. Worth the read for how God speaks through the events of the day.

What If The Trump Prophecies Are True? Michael Brown, Townhall

CS Commentary: We agree with Brown much less when he writes about politics, yet this is still interesting in that it highlights some of the prophecies about Trump for those who may not be aware of them. CS, as highlighted elsewhere on this site believes the Trump prophecies to be true, but, of course, that is not really the point relative to whether they are fulfilled or not. They may or may not be, depending on the American church’s level and extent of prayer and repentance. Contrary to Brown, that Trump is God’s choice and America’s only chance to hold back the forces of darkness in this nation – and that all believers should be encouraged to vote for him – is clear to us.

Jonathan Cahn’s Prophetic Word To President Trump At Mar A Lago, 2019 (video, left), Jonathan Cahn

Trump And The Temple Of Baal, Paradigm #18, Jonathan Cahn

Pastor Offers Behind The Scenes Look Into Kanye West Service Where Thousands God Saved, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Why Charisma Published Report Of Allegations Against Comedian John Crist, Stephen Strang, Charisma

Update On The Todd Bentley Controversy

See our Archives on September 29, 2019 and September 22, 2019 for more on this controversy. For Other Links And Statements on the Todd Bentley Controversy see our September 8, 2019 Spiritual Life Post and our September 15, 2019 Spiritual Life Post

Dutch Sheets On The Recent Todd Bentley Controversy, Dutch Sheets

Bentley Rejects Michael Brown Evaluation As Brown Gives Latest Update, End Time Headlines; Also, see this link for the same letter on another site

Also see, Patricia King’s Facebook Post About Michael Brown’s Update

According To Bentley, Michael Brown Told Him His Accusers’ Sin Is Worse, Pulpit & Pen

CS Commentary: Yes, this site is very critical and judgmental of all things supernatural and charismatic, but you find information on it that you don’t find elsewhere. The commentary is critical, not entirely accurate, and overly judgmental. We will let the reader come to their own conclusions here about Bentley’s and the site’s comments relative to Bentley and Brown.

Also see, Michael Brown Attacks Bentley’s Victims, You Tube

CS Evaluation: This video is of Todd Bentley and what he reports Brown as saying – we could find no primary video of Brown’s comments, if they were in fact made as Bentley reports. In our opinion, this video/audio speaks for itself, but we will let the individual listener decide.

Why Has CS Featured The Todd Bentley-Rick Joyner Controversy On Our Site? Paul Cain And ‘The Prophetic’ Evaluated, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Editor’s Choice

The Surrendered Life: Surrender Your Wishes And Preferences, Your Likes And Dislikes To God (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Bible Verse Of The Day

The Mystery Behind The Act Of Kneeling (video, right), Jonathan Cahn

Misinterpreting Dreams: Mistaking A Personal Dream For A Universal Dream, Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

‘Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment’ – It Doesn’t Mean What You Think, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

David Hogan’s Ministry Team Has Raised 500 People From The Dead – Here’s How (video, left), Sid Roth It’s Supernatural

The Cost Of Going After Jesus, Terry Bennett, Reginald Solo

Tom Horn: What Christians Need To Know About Pope Francis’s Agenda For A One-World Government, Jenny Rose Spaudo, Charisma; Also see, Pope Francis Endorses Essay Trashing Conservative Christians, Breitbart; Also see, Abu Dhabi Unveils Plans For Mosque, Church And Synagogue, The Daily Mail; Also see, Pope Invites Political Leaders To Sign ‘Global Pact,’ The Daily Wire

Prophecies And Insight Concerning the USA, 2020 Elections, President Trump & The Mid-Term Elections & Results – See This Link.

Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page And Terry Bennett’s 21 Year Gabriel Prophecy – See This Link.

Prophecy Related News & Resources

Palestinian Islamic Jihad Missile Strikes Against Israel, November 2019

Is Turkey’s Erdogan Islam’s Next Caliph? Giulio Meotti, Gatestone Institute

Israel Foils Worldwide Jihad After Killing Mastermind, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

Gaza Terrorists Fire 100+ Rockets On Israel After Terrorist Commander Is Killed, JNS; Also see, Israel Confirms Ceasefire With Gaza After 400 Rockets Terrorize Israel, Emily Jones, CBN; Also see, Israeli Airstrikes Flatten Terrorist Group’s Facilities Hours After It Fires Rockets, Greg Norman, Fox News; Also see, Iran Supported Palestinian Islamic Jihad Keeps Gaza On Edge Of War With Israel, Yaakov Lappin, Breaking Israel News/JNS

Gaza: IDF Continues Assassinations; Reservists Called Up – 220 Rockets Fired At Israel In 48 Hours, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News; Also see, Netanyahu Warns Terrorists: Stop Attacks Or Israel Will Have ‘No Mercy,’ Simon Kent, Breitbart

Thanks To Rockets: Police Inadvertently Order Jews To Fulfill Isaiah’s Prophecy On Temple Mount, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

Sanhedrin In Final Warning To Iran: Choose Path Of King Cyrus Or Die Like Haman, Adam Eliyahu Berkowitz, Breaking Israel News

An Overview Of The Current Israeli-Gaza Conflict, Stratfor

CS Commentary: According to Stratfor, call up of reservists will indicate an escalation and a prolonged conflict. See below on reservists call-up.

After Bombarding Tel Aviv, Islamic Jihad Threatens Jerusalem, David Sidman, Breaking Israel News

Hong Kong: Beneath The Mayhem Lies Deepening Societal Division, Stratfor

Philippines: Defense Secretary Recommends Against Extending Martial Law In Mindanao, Stratfor

CS Commentary: In our opinion, this is the wrong call, particularly with devastation from the recent multiple 6.3+ earthquakes. The martial law imposed is only limited anyway and the military presence and checkpoints reassure foreigners and the public, and make things more difficult for Radical Islamists and the NPA.

Earthquakes & Natural Disasters Page: Prophetic Insights and Resources

Must-See Videos

John Paul Jackson: The Perfect Storm (video, left), Jim Bakker Show, 2015

CS Commentary (updated 10/13.19): Amazingly, just shortly after this appearance, in February of 2015, at the age of just 64, John Paul Jackson passed away from complications related to pneumonia. John Paul was a well-balanced prophetic figure in the church from the 1980’s forward who I had the opportunity to speak with privately on two different occasions while he was a pastor at Anaheim Vineyard.

At a dream interpretation seminar in the early 2000’s – where I was also present – he shared with the group that God had told him that he would live into his early 100’s. His death was a shock and a great loss to the body of Christ, but illustrates that, within the prophetic, very little is completely set but depends on our actions, reactions and perhaps, ultimately, on the grace and mercy of God.

If John Paul – who never had a hint of scandal in his ministry – can pass away so young then we should all fear God and throw ourselves on His mercy. Why did he pass away so young? Perhaps there are hints in the prophetic stories and lessons of 1 and 2 Kings – or maybe we will never know until we get there ourselves and can hear it in his own words.

This summary of the Perfect Storm prophecy also illustrates that timing is always an issue in prophetic interpretation. Jackson points to 2010-2020 as the most likely time period for the ‘Perfect Storm’ to unfold. In hindsight, it appears that this time period is only the ‘beginning of birth pangs’ for the prophecy. Interestingly, John Paul keys in on 2020 – Terry Bennett has also predicted an intensification of events in the US shortly following 2020.

Where goes gold? (updated, 10/16/19) Jackson also points to gold going up and then down again. In 2015 when he spoke gold was around the $1200+ per ounce range, not far from where it is today ($1491.20 as of 10/11/19). Note that at that time, Jackson says that gold will go down even more. Gold’s low over the last five year period is around $1050, reached in December of 2015. Does this mean gold will go even lower, or higher from here? Jackson predicts here in 2015 that gold will go “well below $1000/oz.” This  has not yet occurred and would have to preface either a boom in the economy we haven’t seen yet or a surprise in the discovery and supply of gold, or both. CS analyses on gold look for it to stay around or above the $800 to $850 range – if a further drop ever occurs. This is due to the current cost of production of one ounce of gold – but psychological factors in the markets could drive the price even lower for a time, or keep it slightly higher. See the Common Sense Money-Interpretation Page for more. One 2019 gold forecast looks for a price of $1550 by year end. In general, CS expects gold to hit at or close to $1000 long before it hits $1650.

A 2nd American Revolutionary-Civil War Is Coming (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Neville, Terry Bennett, and Sadhu all continue to testify that some level of a 3rd Civil War (Revolutionary War, Civil War, Future Civil War) is coming to America. The intensity of the conflict can be lessened by repentance and prayer of the American church. What should God’s people do? 1) Pray that you don’t lose your Christian liberty, 2) Pray that you escape from the wrath to come, 3) Pray for your children and against their evil indoctrination, 4) Fast and pray to stand strong against these evil days. See Rick Joyner link in Week Of above for the initial prophecy that Sadhu refers to.

Worldwide Persecution And Martyrdom: The Pope Is The False Prophet (video, right), Sadhu Selvaraj, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Pope calls for one-world religion in Holland in 2020. Check links here and here for confirmation.

We Are At The ‘Tail End’ Of The Last Days: The Two Witnesses And The Gospel Of The Kingdom, Sadhu Selvaraj, Jim Bakker Show/The Kingdom Of Heaven Is Coming

Message 2019: Israel Split, US Divided, Sadhu Selvaraj

CS Commentary: Seems like this, which may be a splicing of different prophetic words in different places, includes some prophetic words from as early as 2014, and 2016-17. Sadhu talks about the significance of the number 70, how it relates to longevity of life, the nation of Israel, release from captivity, visitation of angels, etc. There is an interesting encounter with Michael that begins about the 10:00 mark: he speaks of 1948, 1967, and 2017 as significant dates for Israel and seems to prophesy another major Israeli war in 2017. This did not happen.

But, he speaks of the 70 year celebration of Israel as a nation as from 1947 (when the covenant was signed) to 2017. So the significance of 2017 for Israel is that her 70 years as a nation are ending. Sometime following 2017 Israel will go into another captivity. Dec 23, 2016, the UN passed a resolution to divide Israel into 2 states. Same thing happened with the resolution of 1948. The US initiated and allowed this resolution to be passed (Obama’s administration).

Nov 30, 2011 Sadhu had an open vision of an angel telling him about a betrayal of Israel by the US. Whoever divides Israel will also be divided. Zech 1:12-16 prophesies the division of the land.

How To Cleanse Your Spirit, Mind & Heart Daily (video, left), Sadhu Selvaraj, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Bill Bright of Campus Crusade for Christ spoke of the same sort of process back in the 1970’s and 1980’s – he called it ‘spiritual breathing’ and wrote a little blue booklet and a ‘transferable concept’ about it. The minute that you are conscious of sin, repent and confess it to God and claim forgiveness by faith (1 John 1:9). The prophet Bob Jones asked the Lord once many years ago “who is the most esteemed saint on the face of the earth?” The Lord’s response to him was a woman, Corrie Ten Boom, who had survived the Holocaust. When he asked “Why?” the Lord told him it was because she was aware of her sin and kept short accounts, confessing it throughout the day – as soon as she was aware of it.

A Vicious Civil War Is Coming To The Church (video, left), Neville Johnson, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: We agree with Neville’s interpretation of Acts 1, where Jesus is taken up in the clouds, then disappears into heaven. While studying in seminary almost two decades ago, we saw in Acts 1 that there is a continuous structure linked with the end of Luke. Luke-Acts were considered one book, and circulated as such in the early church. You cannot fully understand Acts 1 without… To continue reading, click here.

The Coming Civil War Among Christians (video, right), Neville Johnson, MastersPiece

Terry Bennett: The Prophetic Movement Is Dead In The Heart Of God/Public Figures In Sin Should Be Exposed Publicly, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: Some interesting comments on wealth as a test beginning about 12:00 in.

Terry Bennett: Hollywood Will Be Diminished And Silenced, Warriors Prayer Boot Camp

CS Commentary: This is a short excerpt of Terry’s message to The Gathering Place, Hollywood CA in 2018.

Common Sense Interpretation


CS Evaluation: Michael Snyder Says John Paul Jackson’s ‘Perfect Storm’ Prophecy Is Happening Now – Is It? Shawn A. Akers, Charisma

CS Evaluation: Though there is much continued potential for Jackson’s prophecy to begin to unfold, we don’t believe that we are there yet. Snyder mentions Trump’s impeachment, worsening manufacturing numbers, and ‘plummeting global trade’ as signs. Dubious. Jackson referred to a confluence of events as evidence of the ‘perfect storm.’ As John Paul himself says in the video below in Must See Videos (see our updated commentary), it is a confluence of crises in 5 areas: economic, government, religious, war, and geo-physical. It is not just one event in each area, but many events in each area that will occur at the same time. No, the ‘Perfect Storm’ prophecy is not here yet.

Predictions about the Future Price of Gold – see The Perfect Storm Commentary in Must See Videos above.

CS Evaluation: The Stock Markets, Money And The Bible, Michael Brown, Charisma

CS Evaluation: A pretty one-sided treatment of money and investing, and fear-based relative to the stock markets. Proverbs also has plenty of other wealth advice like ‘throw your seed on many waters’, etc.


How Can We Know The Truth? Examine The Founder Of Any Religion To Know The Truth About That Religion, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual LIfe

How Did Jesus Interpret The Scriptures? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Two Red Flags When Looking For A Church Or Any Kind Of Relationship, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Joseph’s View Of Dream Interpretation: If Interpretations ‘Belong To God’ What Does That Mean? Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

Dreams With People, Part 3: Celebrities (And Conspiracy Theories), Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

How Excesses And Extremes Are Diluting The Prophetic, Bert Farias, Charisma

CS Commentary: Kenneth E. Hagin, mentioned in this article, had ‘face to face’ experiences with Jesus which he shares in many of his books and is an example of the ‘Moses’ level of prophecy, delineated and explained in Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy.

Tertullian On Dreams, John Boruff

Dreams That Contain People: Are The People Literal Or Symbolic And What Do They Mean? Part 2, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Dreams That Contain People: Are the people literal or symbolic and what do they mean? Part 1, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

How Should You Respond To The Crazy Thing You Dreamed Last Night, John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries

A Dream From God Has 6 Clear Characteristics, John E. Thomas, Charisma

Dream Discernment: Discerning The Source of Dreams Is The Most Important Aspect Of Dream Interpretation, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

The Greatest Need Of The Prophetic Church Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Daily Do-ables: This Is What Resisting Temptation And Repentance Looks Like, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Church Must Be Done In A New Way Before New Things Will Come, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

The Number One Objection To Prophecy: Prophecy Is Not For Today, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Spiritual Life

The #2 Objection to Prophecy Today: If It Does Not Come True, It Is a False Prophecy Given by a False Prophet, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Interpretation

Why A Christian Can Have A Demon, John Eckhardt, Charisma

Articles/ Video

Correct Theology Or Tradition?

The Gift Of Prophecy Vs. The Ministry Of The Prophet (video, right), Jeremiah Johnson

CS Commentary: This is a good beginning on the distinction between the gift and the office. 1 Corinthians 12-14 delineates the gift, while Jeremiah 1, 18 and 23 elaborates on the office and true ministry of the prophet. While any believer may prophesy or operate in the gift at any time, there are those who have the gift of prophecy. Of those who have the gift there are fewer who are called into the ministry of a prophet. Miriam is a type of the ministry of a prophet; Moses is a type of the office of prophet (see Numbers 12). Of those who have the ministry of prophet, there are even fewer who attain the office of prophet. Even in the office of prophet, there are distinctions between personality, function, and call. For some of this theology, see 1-2 Kings. Also see Sadhu Selvaraj’s messages on prophets and the prophetic.

Dream Interpretation: War Is Coming To All Christians! (video, left) Servant Of God

CS Commentary: This is a great dream with a nice prophetic commentary from this sister following on the video. She posted the dream on September 5, 2017.

Note how the dream opens. The beginning of a dream is the most important part, because it sets the context and ‘field of interpretation.’

What is the field of interpretation here? A house that ‘looks like’ a ‘camp’ with ‘family and friends.’ Therefore, this dream is primarily about a situation among the dreamer’s family and friends that involves a house and ‘camp’ situation. But, that doesn’t mean that it does not have relevance for the larger Body of Christ – it does. Continue Reading here…

Can The Devil Manipulate Our Dreams? 700 Club’s Pat Robertson Speaks (video, right), 700 Club

CS Commentary: Tertullian and other Early Church Fathers confirm that the devil probably attacks and enters believer’s dreams even more than unbeliever’s in an attempt to deceive and mislead them. Some contemporary prophetic figures have suggested that no more than about 10-20% of a believer’s dreams are from God.

Video Compendium: Are You Called To The Office Of Prophet? Charisma

Video: What Do The Numbers In Your Dreams Mean? John E. Thomas, Streams Ministries/Charisma

How The Reformation Shaped The World (Through Luther The Modern Individual Was Born) (video, right), Prager U

Quote: “Of the 56 Signers of the Declaration Of Independence, all but one was a Protestant.”

The Omnipresence Of God: Can The Ordinary Person Walk With God Like Enoch?, Neville Johnson, You Tube

Quote: “Time and eternity are beginning to merge…2018 ushered in a new era…for us to know the times and the seasons is critical…just knowing the season can release grace and favor for us…Israel did not know the time they were living in and they missed out dramatically…there are levels of relationship [with God] and it starts with the omnipresence of God.”

Revelation, Part 3: The Tribulation, The Rapture, The Return, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense

Prophetic Dream – ‘And That’s The Way It Is:’ Walter Cronkite Prophesies Coming Financial/Economic Explosions, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy

Evaluating Prophets and Prophecy: We need truth over tradition, Seaborn Hall, Common Sense Prophecy


The Hook Interlocking Structure of Revelation, Seaborn Hall, Novum Testamentum
Note: This article, published in 2002, was the academic basis for the 3 part article on Revelation in the section above.

Click here for the Spiritual Life-Prophecy Interpretation Page

Review Of Some Of The Late Kim Clement’s Words

See this link.

Prophetic Words Prior To, And Concerning, The 2016 U.S. Presidential Election

See this link.

More Common Sense


‘The Plot Against The President’ Author Lee Smith, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

The Plot Against The President: The True Story of How Congressman Devin Nunes Uncovered the Biggest Political Scandal in U.S. History, Lee Smith


Ricky Gervais On Diet, Being Fat, Death, Hosting The Golden Globes, & God (video, left), Stephen Colbert, You Tube

Note: Gervais will host his 5th Golden Globes Awards show in January.

Distracted Driving: Phone Addicts Are The New Drunk Drivers Study Finds, Ina Fried, Axios 

Thousands Of Live WWII Explosives Lie Buried In The Ground. Don’t Pick One Up. Washington Post

Hong Kong Police Shoot Protestor, Man Set On Fire, AP, Politico

Over 100,000 Have Committed To Jesus As High School Students Host ‘Fields Of Faith,’ Jenny Rose Spaudo, Charisma


Epstein Definitely Committed Suicide (video, left), Huckabee

Dangers Of Bleach + Never Mix Bleach With These, Rebekah Edwards, Dr. Axe

Myths About Flu Vaccine Prove Deadly To Seniors, Patch

What It Means To Be An ENFP Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie


Ford Vs. Ferrari, Official Trailer (video, left), 20th Century Fox

‘Doctor Sleep’ Dismal Debut Terrifies Hollywood, Pamela McClintock, The Hollywood Reporter

Midway, New Trailer, Lionsgate Movies; Also see, ‘Midway’: Film Review, John DeFore, The Hollywood Reporter; CS Review: Ignore the critics on this one, they are cynical and liberal and against anything traditional. This film is in the tradition of ‘Pearl Harbor,’ ‘The Patriot’ and other films like those, though it doesn’t quite rise to that level, probably because it seeks to stay too close to the historical facts. This is always difficult for a film that is supposed to entertain, but this one does it extremely well, particularly during the first half. Some of the events of the second half are a little hard to follow and subsequently feel ‘watered down’, but the story still succeeds as entertainment and inspiring history. Plus, it puts you in the seat of WWII fighter and dive bomber pilots in a way few, if any, films have. You will leave the theater thankful for the blood and sacrifice of heroes that bought the freedom we have today with their lives. CS Grade: B+

2019: Schedule For Upcoming Movies As Of November 3, 2019, Movie Insider

Martin Scorsese: I Said Marvel Movies Aren’t Cinema. Let Me Explain. NY Times; Or see this link,

Quote: “In the past 20 years, as we all know, the movie business has changed on all fronts. But the most ominous change has happened stealthily and under cover of night: the gradual but steady elimination of risk.”


Taylor Swift Accused Of Using Fan Base In Calculated Manner, David Ng, Breitbart


NFL Fight Could Lead To Massive Fines (video, left), CNBC

They Shocked The World: What They’re Saying After Falcons Upset Win Over Saints, Michael King, 11 Alive; Also see, The ‘Different Perspective’ From Raheem Morris That Helped The Falcons Beat The Saints, Jason Butt, The Athletic; Also see, Wacky Award: New Orleans Saints Attempt To Troll Falcons…While Losing Badly? Andrew Joseph, USA Today

The Athletic 40: Reranking Top High School Basketball Prospects In The US, Brian Bennett, The Athletic

Jags QB Nick Foles Takes Reporters To Church, Will Maule, Faithwire


New 5G Security Threat Sparks Snooping Fears, Kate O’Flaherty, Forbes


Top 25 Destinations In The World, Trip Advisor

Is the Boeing 737 MAX Safe? Chris Woodyard, USA Today


Must See – Jordan Peterson’s Most Savage Comebacks (To Liberal Media And Academics) (video, left), Trigger Happy Media

Nobody Knows What Television Is Anymore, Peter Superman, Reason

Disney + Goes Live – Details Of When Original Series Will Debut, George Szalai, The Hollywood Reporter

Ricky Gervais To Host Golden Globes Jan 5th For A Record Fifth Time, Abid Rahman, The Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: Ricky Gervais is the only reason to watch an awards show anymore.

Contrary View – Ricky Gervais: Banal, Unfunny, And Not As Dangerous As He Thinks, Adam White, Independent UK

CS Commentary: White’s opinion is ‘banal, unfunny, and not as dangerous as he thinks’. Why not just be honest and say you like Tina and Amy better upfront and end it there? As we say up above, Gervais is the only remaining reason to watch any awards show.

Quotes Of The Month:

“How much time he gains who does not look to see what his neighbor says or does or thinks, but only at what he does himself, to make it just and holy.” – Marcus Aurelius (spoken shortly after finding out how much time his children spent each day on Facebook)

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