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I Fell For Facebook Fake News. Here’s Why Millions Of You Did Too, Geoffrey A. Fowler, Washington Post

Quote: “Facebook’s Lyons said pages posting misinformation most often have an economic motive.“

6 Big Moments In Trump-Stahl Rumble On 60 Minutes, Fred Lucas, The Daily Signal

The GOP’s October Comeback, Karl Rove, rove.com

Former Top FBI Official Doubles Down: Rosenstein Was Serious About Recording Trump, Sara Carter, sarahacarter.com

Inside Look: President Trump With Kanye West In The White House (video left), Fox News; Also see, Kanye And Trump Eat The Democrats For Lunch, Greg Gutfeld, Fox News

American Pastor Freed, Meets With – And Prays For – Trump In White House (video, right), Fox News; Also see, Trump Instrumental In Freeing Pastor, Fox News


Editor’s Choice

Hey Hollywood, Here Are Some Real – Not Fictional – Historical Epics To Produce, Raymond Ibrahim

Quote: “[The film Kingdom of Heaven] …conforms to the mainstream narrative, the “lesson,” [that is,] if you ignore another inconvenient fact: that the crusaders marched in the first place to alleviate the sufferings of their eastern co-religionists, which had reached an unbearable and all time high at the hands of Muslim Turks in the late eleventh century…that the crusades are the only instance in a millennium of warfare between Islam and the West that feature Christians marching onto Muslim territory—as opposed to century after century of the opposite—means that they will remain a favorite for Hollywood.”

Being Melania: Part 2 (video left), ABC News

CS Commentary: ABC spins it against Trump and tries to trap Melania but she holds her own against their correspondent.

10 Questions To Ask About The Khashoggi Affair Before Buying The Press Narrative, Lee Smith, The Federalist

5 Epic Pro-Life Smackdowns That Speak Truth To Abortion Power, Esther O’Reilly, The Federalist

The Hypocrisy Of The Leftist Press When It Comes To Melania, Laura Ainsworth, mikehuckabee.com

What Trump Has In Common With Winston Churchill And General Patton, Steve Strang, Charisma

Trump vs. Clinton


Election Central 2018, Real Clear Politics

CS Commentary: Note poll averages favor Democrats, but predicted results in the states favor Republicans in every category.

Rasmussen’s Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

150+ Trump Accomplishments In First Year, WMD

Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, State of the Nation; Also see, FBI Probe Of Hillary’s Emails Shows That Law Was Broken, Newsmax


Israel and the world

The World’s Most Persecuted Minority In the World: Christians, Raymond Ibrahim

Why Achieving Peace Between Palestinians And Israel Is Almost Impossible, Raymond Ibrahim

The Death Or Life Of A Christian ‘Blasphemer’ Will Show Pakistan To Be An Evil Or Still Tolerant Nation, Raymond Ibrahim

The UN’s Mob Mentality: Why There Should Be No More ‘Land For Peace’ In Israel, Caroline Glick

Israel, Palestinian Territories: Hamas Preparing For Limited War, Stratfor

Israel, Hamas: Headed For A War Neither Side Wants? Stratfor


Must-see videos

Watch Trump Outmatch 60 Minutes (video left), The Daily Wire

Trump: I Don’t Trust Everyone In White House (video right), 60 Minutes/You Tube

Change In President Trump’s Attitude, Bill O’Reilly

President Trump Defends Policies In Contentious 60 Minutes Interview, Fox News

35 Puns That Excoriate Taylor Swift’s Political Stance In 4 Minutes (video right), The Final Point, One America News


Short videos

Get Out And Vote Or Lunatics Will Be In Charge Of America: Devin Nunes, Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News

Body Language Expert On Key Moments From Ford’s Testimony On Kavanaugh, The Ingraham Angle, Fox News

Trump Awards Green Beret Medic With Medal Of Honor (video left), Fox News

NFL Cares About Global Reach – Not About America, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Get Out And Vote Or Lunatics Will Be In Charge Of America: Devin Nunes, Sunday Morning Futures, Fox News

Newt Gingrich: Bullies In America Are On The Left And They Have To Be Stopped, Mornings With Maria, Fox Business


Common Sense Interpretation

As Facts Emerge, Ford Looks Less And Less Credible, Victor Davis Hanson, American Greatness; Also see, After Kavanaugh Loss, Left Even More Unhinged, IBD

There Is No Such Thing As A Moderate Democrat, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist; Also see, The Democrats And Keyser Soze, Theo Caldwell, American Thinker

A New Era For The U.S.-China-Russia Triangle, Victor Davis Hanson, Real Clear Politics

Jeff Flake Isn’t A Truth Seeker – He’s A Coward, Jesse Kelly, The Federalist

This Is How President Trump Wants To Be Remembered, Steve Strang, Charisma

As Catholic Sex Scandal Unfolds, Pope Francis Looks Increasingly Blameworthy, Krumholz/Delahunty, The Federalist

I Am An Independent, Impartial Judge, Brett M. Kavanaugh, Wall Street Journal

How Lindsey Graham Single-Handedly Saved Kavanaugh’s Nomination, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, The Federalist

The Nine Major Flaws In Kavanaugh Accuser’s Testimony, Saraacarter.com; Also see, 61 Questions The FBI Should Ask Christine Blasey Ford, James M. Thunder, The Federalist; Also see, Christine Blasey Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend Letter To Senate Judiciary May Expose False Testimony, Sean Davis, The Federalist

It’s Well Established In Psychological Research That Memories Are Unreliable, G. W. Thielman, The Federalist; Also see, Who Is Telling The Truth, Kavanaugh Or Ford? 10 Red Flags When Sexual Assault Claims Are Made, Adam Mill, The Federalist

Ford Argued That Trauma Improved Her Memory – That’s Not What Science Says, Adam Barsouk, The Federalist; Also see, The Fragile Role Of Memory In The Kavanaugh Allegations, Scott Morefield, Townhall; Also see, Kavanaugh vs Ford: When Events Are Long Past, Memory Becomes Faulty, Thomas W. Kirby, Weekly Standard

How To Escape The Democrat Plantation (An Easy Guide) (video, left, above), Candice Owens

What Is The World’s Most Dangerous Ideology? (see video, left) Raymond Ibrahim, Prager U; Also see, What Will It Take To Wake Up America? There Is No Moderate Islam, Adm. James A. Lyons, Townhall

Muslim Persecution Of Christians, March 2018, Raymond Ibrahim; Also see, Podcast: 9/11 Attacks In Context Of History Of Jihad, Raymond Ibrahim

The Brutal Truth About The Persecution Of Christians In China, Michael Brown, Townhall

The Second Most Important Decision Trump Has Made On Israel: Defunding UNRWA, Caroline Glick; Also see, The Immoral Foreign Policy Of The ‘Resistance’ Is A Power Play – Everyone Must Choose Sides, Caroline Glick

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More Common Sense


Sword & Scimitar, Raymond Ibrahim

CS Commentary: Probably one of the most fascinating and important books on the history of Islam related to the ignorance of Western society ever written. Researched and resourced from primary Arabic and Greek sources. A must read.

The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout

CS Commentary: A great book for the environment of politics, because this is where a lot of the 4 out of 100 people who are psychopaths/sociopaths end up.


How C.S. Lewis’s Lord, Liar, Or Lunatic Argument To Prove Jesus Of Nazareth Is God Breaks Down, The Daily Wire

A Powerful Lesson: Starved Stuff In Relationships, Dave Knight Real Estate Team

Crazy Rich Asian Murders: dismemberment, maid murderers, and killer boyfriends, Ash Wood, Medium

Most Gruesome Murder In Los Angeles – Ever, Part 1, Crime Watch, You Tube; Also see, Most Gruesome Murder In Los Angeles – Ever, Part 2, Crime Watch, You Tube


25 Habits That Help You Get A Good Night’s Sleep, Don Colbert, M.D., Charisma

The Pros And Cons Of Cholesterol Lowering Drugs, Rebekah Edwards, Dr. Axe

BPA Toxic Effects & Symptoms: How BPA Destroys Your Body, Dr. Axe


This Movie Was In This Week’s Top Ten And Liberals Tried To Stop It, The Final Point, One America News

Three Solid Movies On The 2008 Financial Crisis, Jeffery A. Tucker, AIER

We went on an overseas trip recently and had a chance to watch several previously released films to pass the time on the flight. Here are our reviews:

Film Review: Miracle Season, B-

Film Review: Gentlemen’s Agreement, A


Steve Perry Of Journey Still Believes, Andy Greene, Rolling Stone

The Beatles’ Paul McCartney: Human and Still Having Fun, 60 Minutes Excerpt; Also see, The Beatles’ Paul McCartney: Story Behind ‘Michelle’, 60 Minutes/You Tube; Also see, The Beatles’ Paul McCartney: Lennon Only Paid Me A Compliment Once, You Tube


Dodgers Advance To World Series!!!, Sbnation

Major League Baseball Fall Classic: Los Angeles Dodgers vs. Boston Red Sox, mlb.com


8 Days, 7 Nights, One Carry-On, Jetsetter; Also see, Jetsetter’s Guide To Getting A Hotel Room Upgrade, Jetsetter; Also see, 9 Smart Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful, Jetsetter

Jetsetter’s Guide To Tipping, Jetsetter

Pilot Prompted To Take Off Early, Seconds Before Earthquake Strikes Runway, God Reports


We Need A Great TV Guide For The Internet Age, David Pierce, WSJ

‘Manifest’ TV Review, Daniel Fienberg, Hollywood Reporter; Also see, NBC’s ‘Lost’- Like Drama, ‘Manifest’ Will Explore Science vs Faith, Hollywood Reporter

Quotes Of The Month:

“You will never do anything in the world without courage. It is the greatest quality of the mind next to honor.” – Aristotle

“A friend to all is a friend to none.” – Aristotle

“There is no great genius without a mixture of madness.” – Aristotle


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