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The Euro Zone Crisis Ten Years Later (video, left), Bloomberg Markets and Finance

There Is No Substitute For The US Dollar: George Mason University Research Fellow (video, right), Bloomberg Markets and Finance

Winds Of Change: Stocks Rebound, Political Uncertainty Rises, Kara Murphy, CFA Chief Investment Officer, United Capital

Existing Home Sales Trending Flat, Upside Limited, Robert Hughes, AIER

Goldman Sachs Latest Firm To Pull Money From Fisher Investments, Total Now $2.7 Billion, Mercado/Son, CNBC

CS Commentary: Just to be clear, we’ve never been a fan of Fisher, and his comments are a bit strange; on the other hand, this seems to be another example of the lack of courage and commitment any public company has to stand by anyone accused of anything. Political correctness run amok. Also note, Goldman just purchased United Capital, another RIA that competes with Fisher, so pulling its funds may have more to do with that than with Fisher’s comments. CNBC does not even note that fact.

US Home Sales And Supply Of Existing Homes October 2019

Global Economic Growth Slowing, October 2019

Why Do Central Banks Keep Buying Gold? Metal Up Over 13% In 2019, Andrew Hecht, ETF Daily News

Gold Prices Can Get To $1700 In The Next 6 Months – Here’s How, Anna Golubova, Kitco

CS Commentary: From a gold outfit, so biased. As we’ve said previously, we expect gold to hit close to $1000 long before it reaches $1650.

Gold Bug Peter Schiff Sees Doom For Bitcoin, Christine Vasileva, Bitcoinist

The US Government Tried To Shut Down Bitcoin, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Bitcoin Fundamentals Remains Strong As Markets Stagnate, Charles Bovaird, Forbes

US Bond Total Returns 9/30/19

US Sector Total Returns 9/30/19

Why Ray Dalio Thinks We’re In The 1930’s, Yahoo Finance

9 Facts That Will Make You Think Differently About Wealth: How Millionaires Got Rich, Tanza Loudenback, Business Insider

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Top 5 Crypto’s Market Cap No Longer Includes Litecoin, 10/19/19

10/22/19 – Before Bitcoin Plunged To Around $7400

This Week: 

Billionaire Investor Peter Thiel Is Doubling Down On Bitcoin – Here’s Why, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

The Bitcoin Halvening Is Coming, Clem Chambers, Forbes

Bitcoin Is Poised For Sudden Major Move, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Bitcoin May Head To Low $7000’s According To Tone Vays, Valdrin Tahiri, Be In Crypto

Bitcoin Plummets To Lowest Level Since June As It Comes Under Fire From Congress, Kate Rooney, CNBC

Previous Weeks:

Bitcoin Stuck In A Range – To Face A Downward Break, Support At 200-Day MA (video, left), Crypto Markets, Cointelegraph

Crypto’s Next Stop Is $14,400 – Can We Bury Alt-Coins? (video, right) Crypto Trader, CNBC

Why Stellar Is Giving Away $124 Million In Cryptocurrency, Benjamin Pirus, Forbes

Bitcoin Fell Over 15% This Week

The Future Of Cryptocurrencies, Ksenia Semenova, Stratfor

Binance US Will Open User Registration Next Week, Joeri Cant, Cointelegraph

Trading Bitcoin Is Hard – 10 Things Every Beginning Trader Needs To Know, Scott Melker, Cointelegraph

Top 3 Coinbase Alternatives, Rajarshi Mitra, Blockgeeks

Billionaire Investor Eyes $1 Billion Crypto Hedge Fund, Daniel Kuhn, Coindesk

This Blockchain Executive Thinks We’re Seeing A Bitcoin Revival, Justin O’Connell, Forbes

Trade War Driving Chinese Investors To Bitcoin? Daniel Palmer, Coindesk

Stop Obsessing About Price, Bitcoin Today Is Stronger Than Ever, Tomer Federman, Medium

Mark Mobius Warns Bitcoin Is Not Bulletproof, Maggie Fitzgerald, CNBC; Also see, Bitcoin Warning: Serious Security Weakness Uncovered, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

The Three Largest Cryptocurrencies, Jill Mislinski, Advisor Perspectives

BTC November 2018 To September 2019

Crypto Prices And Market Cap 9/12/19

Ethereum Tied To Bitcoin? Libra At Risk? Outlook For September (video, right), Cointelegraph

The Teenager Who Made Millions On Bitcoin Is Staking It All On This Obscure Token, Colin Harper, Venture Beat; Also see, What Is Metal? A Beginner’s Guide

Bitcoin’s Bulls Now Have Target Of $13,200 Monthly Charts Suggest, Tomorrowland, Medium

Bitcoin’s Risk-Adjusted Returns Superior To S&P 500 And Gold, Charles Bovaird, Forbes

Bitcoin ETF Still Coming As SEC Concerns Largely Solved, Marie Huillet, Cointelegraph

Major Cryptocurrencies January 2016 Thru September 3, 2019

Bitcoin 2014 To 2019, 9/11/19

Bitcoin Suddenly Under $10,000, Next Critical Time October – Here’s Why, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

This Crypto Is Worth Less Than 1 Cent. Venture Capitalists Are Betting On Its Future. Leigh Chen, Coindesk

The Art Of Bitcoin Option Trading, Cointelegraph

Facebook Warns Investors That Libra Currency May Never See Light Of Day, Salvador Rodriguez, CNBC; Also see, The Hidden Gem In Facebook’s Libra Blockchain Whitepaper, Tomer Federman, Medium; Also see, As Facebook Struggles For Blockchain Support, A Truly Decentralized Challenger Emerges, Steven Ehrlich, Forbes; Also see, Facebook’s Global Coin Will Launch In 2020, Michael K. Spencer, Medium; Also see, Massive Crypto Exchange Binance Offering Margin Trading ‘Soon,’ Wealth Management; Also see, Binance Bets The Farm, Daniel Arnoff, MIT, Medium; Also see, We’ve Had Private Currencies Like Libra Before. It Was Chaos, MIT Tech/Medium

CS Commentary: Interesting perspective, particularly on China and cryptocurrency, but we don’t agree with the conclusion that Binance is in danger of losing its business because its separating exchanges.

Blockchain adoption is on the verge of early majority in the adoption cycle.

2019: The Year Of Mainstream Cryptocurrency Adoption (see chart left), Crypto Scientist, Medium; Also see, The Miami Dolphins Now Have An Official Crypto – It’s Litecoin, Daniel Palmer, Coindesk

Bitcoin Investors Are Not Just Crypto Enthusiasts, Samuel Steinberger, Wealth Management

With All Eyes On Bitcoin, Another Crypto Is Up Over 800% In 2019, Kyle Torpey, Forbes; Also see, Altcoin Phenomenon Finished, Value Will Flow To Bitcoin, Ana Alexandre, Cointelegraph

Bitcoin Rally Pre-Thanksgiving To Christmas 2017 – Will We See A Repeat?

New Research Shows Why Bitcoin Price May Skyrocket Later This Year (chart, right), Kyle Torpey, Forbes

The Overlooked Reason The United States Would Struggle To Ban Bitcoin, Kyle Torpey, Forbes

The Real Reason Ethereum, Ripples, XRP, And Litecoin Suddenly Rocketed, Billy Bambrough, Forbes

Insane 550% Gains Make Binance Best Performing Cryptocurrency Of 2019, Yashu Gola, CCN; Also see, Binance The Best Performing Crypto Of 2019 So Far, Use The Bitcoin

Comparing the Bitcoin ‘Bubble’ To Amazon During the Dot Com Era

Bitcoin’s Bubble Cycle More Bullish Than Amazon’s During Dot Com Era (chart, right), Marie Huilett, Cointelegraph

There’s Another Thing Behind Bitcoin’s 200% Rise This Year – It Has Nothing To Do With Facebook, Ryan Browne, CNBC; Also see, Bitcoin is (Probably) Here To Stay, Tyler Cowen, Bloomberg; Or see this link; Also see, Litecoin Outperforms Top 10 Cryptos Ahead Of August Reward Halving, Omkar Godbole, Coindesk

Why Is Harvard’s Endowment Jumping Into Crypto? Shoshanna Delvanthal, Investopedia; Also see, Why IBM’s Blockchain Isn’t A Real Blockchain, Stuart Popejoy, Cointelegraph

All Cryptocurrencies Ranked, Coinmarketcap

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Must-See Videos

Must See: Tesla From $250 To $4000? Cathie Woods Of ArK Invest Defends Her Call (video, left), CNBC

How The Real Estate Cycle Works (video, right), Phillip Anderson

Must See – ‘China Was Never Our Friend’: Kyle Bass, Hedge Fund CEO, Bloomberg

Ray Dalio’s All Weather Portfolio, Bite Size Biz; Also see, Must See – ‘Shoot The People You Love’: Ray Dalio Explains His Principles, And More, 60 Minutes

Could Bitcoin Still Go To $25K?, Fox Business

More Wealth Will Be Created In The Next 20 Years Than Ever Before (video, left), Phillip Anderson (2012)

Ray Dalio On Lessons From The Great Financial Crisis (video, right), CNBC

Is Now A Good Time To Buy Bitcoin? (video, left) Bloomberg Tech

Why Amazon Alexa And Google Assistant Are Becoming Omnipresent, CNBC

Common Sense Interpretation

(Start Here First To Understand The Investment Arena Big Picture)

JP Morgan Guide To The Markets, 3Q 2019 (video, left) Hong Kong

I Wrote A Popular Piece On ‘Lessons From The Madoff Fraud’, Then I Got Scammed – Here’s Why, Seaborn Hall, Medium

Yield Curve Inversion? Here’s How Markets Tend To Perform After One, Mark DeCambre, MarketWatch

CS Commentary: In addition to the two links below, see our Money-Interpretation Page for more on the Yield Curve Inversion. Also see, 5 Things Investors Need To Know About An Inverted Yield Curve, Watts/Oh, MarketWatch; Also see, Forget The Yield Curve – Here’s Who Will Prevent The U.S. From Entering A Recession, Barbara Kollmeyer, MarketWatch

Schwab: Fight Over Fiduciary Interpretation Is ‘Semantics,’ Diana Britton, Wealth Management

Safe Deposit Boxes Aren’t Safe, Stacy Cowley, NY Times; Also see, Its Time To Find A Safe Deposit Box Alternative, Lisa Rowan, Two Cents

Investopedia Top 100 Financial Advisors, 2019, Investopedia

CS Commentary: Read the fine print on methodology…and see our Money-Interpretation Page for more. Also see, The Investopedia Top 100 LIst Is Junk. Or, Is It? Robert Sofia, Wealth Management –  Interesting point of view, but absent the principles outlined on our Money-Interpretation Page remember this: Bernie Madoff had tons of influence and people trusted him because they had ‘heard’ how good he was and they likely knew someone who invested with him. None of that saved them.

Wells Fargo Securities Says Don’t Fear Volatility, CNBC; Also see, Wall Street Drops As Bond Market Stokes Recession Fears, Medha Singh, Reuters; Also see, In This Turbulent Market Buy When Fear Is High, Cody Willard, Marketwatch

Warren Buffett: This Is The #1 Mistake Parents Make When Teaching Kids About Money, Tom Popomaronis, CNBC

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New Book: The Faith Of Johnny Cash, Chris Woodward, Todd Starnes


Battleground: 7 Out Of 10 Say US ‘on the edge of Civil War,’ Paul Bedard, Washington Examiner; Also see, October 2019 Civility Poll, Georgetown University

Suicide Among 20-24 Year Olds In US Rising

Here’s A Look Inside $5 Billion – America’s Largest Mall And Theme Park, CNBC

DEA Agent Who Caught El Chapo Shocked At Mexican Release Of El Chapo’s Son: ‘There Is No Police Here’, Matt London, Fox News

I’m 69 With $5 Million – Where Should I Retire? Carey Hill, MarketWatch

CS Commentary: A pretty weak list in our opinion, but the tool at the end might be helpful. Why not Nashville, or Greenville, SC, or?

CDC: Youth Suicide Up 56%; Homicide Up 18%, Dr. Susan Berry, Breitbart


What’s Your Personality Type?

Surviving Jonestown: Escaping A Deadly Cult And A Maniac, Full Measure with Sharyl Attkisson

A Psychotherapist Shares The 7 Biggest Parenting Mistakes That Destroy Kid’s Self-Esteem, Amy Morin, CNBC

4 Myers-Briggs Personality Types Who Often End Up Being Single And Like It, Corrine Sullivan, Elite Daily; Also see, What It Means To Be An INFP Personality Type, Susan Storm, Psychology Junkie;

Also see, The Best Online Personality Test – 8 Styles Of Genius: What’s Yours?


The Reliant (video, left), Trailer

Kevin Sorbo Won’t Let Hollywood Stop Him From Defending Faith, Conservative Values, Jessilyn Lancaster, Movieguide/Charisma

‘Breakthrough’ Wins At Dove Awards, Charisma

Gal Gadot Of Wonder Woman To Star In Film About Christian Woman Who Saved 2500 Jewish Children From Nazis, CBN

Bombshell Trailer: Nicole Kidman’s Carlson Ready To Go To War, The Wrap


Bridges Burn (video, left), Need To Breathe; Also see, Official Music Video; Also see, Bridges Burn, Single Review

Quote: ” What I am getting from the song is that you need to let go of your past and everything from it that is weighing you down needs to be let go and put to pasture.  This will allow you to move forward in new directions.” CS Commentary: Our take on this lyric is that it is about the end of a romantic relationship where the parties are trying to find a new way forward in a different kind of relationship with the need for forgiveness and healing and all that that implies. But the beauty of the lyric is that it can probably be interpreted in a number of different ways.

Kanye West’s Album ‘Jesus Is King’ Delayed Over Christian Contents, Charisma

Demi Lovato Apologizes For Trip To Israel – Then Deletes Post, Tre Goins-Phillips, Faithwire


The End Is Near For Dan Quinn And The Falcons, Mark Cannizzaro, NY Post 

The Top 20 Guards In College Basketball, CJ Moore, The Athletic


What I Like Least About American, Delta, And United, Ben (Lucky), One Mile At A Time

Airlines Don’t Usually Hold Connecting Flights. That Could Be Changing. Terry Nguyen, Vox

8 Tips For Squeezing Everything Into Your Carry-On, Chelsea Stuart, Jetsetter

Delta Just Announced Major Upgrades To In-Flight Service, Especially On International Flights, Jeff Haden, Inc.

How Bad Are The Changes To Delta’s Amex Reserve Card? David Rae, Forbes


Jack Ryan, Season 2, Due Nov 1, Amazon (video, left), Official Trailer

ABC News Interview Did Not Help Hunter Biden’s Credibility At All, Erielle Davidson, The Federalist

The One Sign You Should Cancel Netflix And Try Something Else, Greg Brian, Cheat Sheet

ABC News Interview Did Not Help Hunter Biden’s Credibility At All, Erielle Davidson, The Federalist

A Guide To Navigating TV’s Biggest Fall Yet, Emily Jashinsky, The Federalist

Quotes Of The Month:

“The best propaganda is that which, as it were, works invisibly, penetrates the whole of life without the public having any knowledge of the propagandistic initiative.” – Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister, Nazi Germany

“What does Christianity mean today? National Socialism is a religion. All we lack is a religious genius capable of uprooting outmoded religious practices and putting new ones in their place.” – Joseph Goebbels, Propaganda Minister, Nazi Germany

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