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Update: Senate Confirms Kavanaugh To Supreme Court 50-48, Rachel del Guidice, Daily Signal

Update: Judge Jeanine Piro Gets President Trump’s Reaction To Kavanaugh Confirmation And KS Rally (see video, left below), Justice With Jeanine, Fox News

Kavanaugh Nomination Clears Hurdle For Saturday Senate Vote, Fox Business (see below, right); Also see, Lindsey Graham: Senator Susan Collins Saved The Senate (video below), Hannity, Fox News

Watch Democrats Move The Goal Posts (see video, left), Tipping Point, One America News

I Am An Independent, Impartial Judge, Brett M. Kavanaugh, Wall Street Journal

I’m An Immigrant, Minority Woman Going Republican Over Democrat’s Treatment Of Kavanaugh, Adele Scalia, The Federalist; Also see, I’m A Latino Democrat – Thanks To Kavanaugh Circus I’m Voting Republican Mid-Terms, Tomas Mendoza, The Federalist; Also see, Letter To Senate About Kavanaugh Accuser Says She Liked Group Sex, Rachel Stolzfoos, The Federalist

An Open Letter From Rand Paul’s Wife To Senator Corey Booker, CNN

CS Commentary: The really sad and scary part is the CNN feels it necessary to put a disclaimer at the top of this letter.

How Lindsey Graham Single-Handedly Saved Kavanaugh’s Nomination, Joseph A. Wulfsohn, The Federalist

The Nine Major Flaws In Kavanaugh Accuser’s Testimony, Saraacarter.com; Also see, 61 Questions The FBI Should Ask Christine Blasey Ford, James M. Thunder, The Federalist; Also see, Christine Blasey Ford’s Ex-Boyfriend Letter To Senate Judiciary May Expose False Testimony, Sean Davis, The Federalist

Blue Wave Likely To Be Mere Ripple, Star Parker, Boston Herald; Also see, GOP Turns To Trump To Rescue Tennessee Senate Seat Vacated By Corker, Korecki/Cadelago, Politico


Editor’s Choice

White House Confident Kavanaugh Has Votes (see video, left), Fox News

Jeff Flake Isn’t A Truth Seeker – He’s A Coward, Jesse Kelly, The Federalist

As Catholic Sex Scandal Unfolds, Pope Francis Looks Increasingly Blameworthy, Krumholz/Delahunty, The Federalist

It’s Well Established In Psychological Research That Memories Are Unreliable, G. W. Thielman, The Federalist; Also see, Who Is Telling The Truth, Kavanaugh Or Ford? 10 Red Flags When Sexual Assault Claims Are Made, Adam Mill, The Federalist

Media Sink To New Lows In Smearing Of Kavanaugh, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist; Also see, The Smearing Of Brett Kavanaugh Is Truly Evil, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Quote: “Republican senators, however, seem to lack the discernment to understand when they’re getting played by people who hate them and want them destroyed.” Also see, video: What We Have Witnessed Is A ‘Travesty’, Mollie Hemingway, The Federalist

Kavanaugh And The Case For Mistaken Identity, Mike Huckabee

Culture War Continues: Mid-Term Elections About The America We Want To Become, Newt Gingrich

This Is How President Trump Wants To Be Remembered, Steve Strang, Charisma

Trump vs. Clinton


Election Central 2018, Real Clear Politics

CS Commentary: Note poll averages favor Democrats, but predicted results in the states favor Republicans in every category.

150+ Trump Accomplishments In First Year, WMD

Updated List Of Laws Hilary Clinton Has Potentially Violated, State of the Nation; Also see, FBI Probe Of Hillary’s Emails Shows That Law Was Broken, Newsmax


Israel and the world

What Is The World’s Most Dangerous Ideology? (see video, left) Raymond Ibrahim, Prager U

What Will It Take To Wake Up America? There Is No Moderate Islam, Adm. James A. Lyons, Townhall

Daily Memo: Trouble Brewing In The Middle East, US Stands Up To Weak China, Geopolitical Futures

Muslim Persecution Of Christians, March 2018, Raymond Ibrahim; Also see, Podcast: 9/11 Attacks In Context Of History Of Jihad, Raymond Ibrahim

The Brutal Truth About The Persecution Of Christians In China, Michael Brown, Townhall

The Second Most Important Decision Trump Has Made On Israel: Defunding UNRWA, Caroline Glick; Also see, The Immoral Foreign Policy Of The ‘Resistance’ Is A Power Play – Everyone Must Choose Sides, Caroline Glick


Must-see videos

Unanswered Questions About Christine Blasey Ford, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

China Trying To Get Rid Of President Trump (video, right), The Intelligence Report, Fox Business

Lindsey Graham: Thank Democrats For Uniting The Republican Party, Hannity, Fox News

Jim Jordan: Democratic Party Has Gone ‘Completely Crazy’, Lou Dobbs, Fox Business

Democrat’s Double Standard Over Keith Ellison Sexual Allegations, Hannity, Fox News

Google, Barstool Sports, & The Death Of Free Speech, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Lindsey Graham On Kavanaugh’s Day: Here’s A Montage (see video, left), Global News/You Tube

CS Commentary: Goes From South Carolina Senator Graham’s passionate, fiery comments at hearing to a pre-Kavanaugh testimony interview with the media to a post-Kavanaugh interview with Hannity. Graham was in career form on Kavanaugh’s day, eloquently supporting him all the way through.

Playing The Black Card, Candice Owens, Prager U (see video, right)


Short videos

Newt Gingrich: Bullies In America Are On The Left And They Have To Be Stopped (video, left), Mornings With Maria, Fox Business

Newt Gingrich: Mid-Term Elections Are About Two America’s, Hannity, Fox News

Mark Levin: Democrats Don’t Want Rule Of Law To Apply, Hannity, Fox News

Judge Kavanaugh’s Riveting Opening Statement: ‘You’ve Sown The Wind, You Will Reap The Whirlwind’, Fox News/You Tube

CS Commentary: This one’s not that short, goes about 45 minutes and covers Kavanaugh’s entire opening statement. Riveting, and worth viewing at least some of it.


Common Sense Interpretation

Ford Argued That Trauma Improved Her Memory – That’s Not What Science Says, Adam Barsouk, The Federalist; Also see, The Fragile Role Of Memory In The Kavanaugh Allegations, Scott Morefield, Townhall; Also see, Kavanaugh vs Ford: When Events Are Long Past, Memory Becomes Faulty, Thomas W. Kirby, Weekly Standard

How To Escape The Democrat Plantation (An Easy Guide) (video, left), Candice Owens

President Trump Speaks To UN: ‘America Will Never Apologize For Protecting Its Citizens’, 2018, Fox News/You Tube

Yale Study Reveals 22 to 29 Million Illegal Immigrants In US, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Dear Men: Democrats Have Put A Target On Your Back, The Tipping Point, One America News

Venezuelan Opposition Leader: Socialism Brought Chaos, Catastrophe, & Hyperinflation, Tucker Carlson, Fox News

The Truths Behind Our Current Political Turmoil, Victor Davis Hanson, Townhall

While The United States Sleeps, China Is Slowly Realizing Its Global Ambitions, Helen Raleigh, The Federalist; Also see, Good Faith Arguments On Socialism Don’t Start By Dismissing Its History, David Harsanyi, The Federalist; Also see, Podcast/Video: Lessons About Western Ignorance From 1400 Years Of Islamic Military History (In 30 Minutes), Raymond Ibrahim

Colleges: A Force For Evil, Walter E. Williams, Townhall

Q Believers Have Focused On Use Of Numbers Like 45 (Trump Is 45th President)

Exposed – Creator of ‘Qanon’ Speaks For The First Time, Jack Prosobiec, One America News

CS Commentary: Common Sense Interpretation published a comprehensive and objective analysis on ‘Q’ on Medium on 8/23/18 (see link below) that concluded that ” to believe that ‘Q’ is legitimate involves major leaps of faith over multiple inconsistencies in data.” This article by Posobiec, one of the initial propagators of the de-bunked Pizzagate conspiracy who eventually recanted his part in that phenomenon appears to de-bunk and expose ‘Q’. Posobiec now works for One America News, a pro-Trump network. This ‘proof’ is unlikely to convince ‘Q’ disciples. However, this, plus the preponderance of evidence presented in our report below in Editor’s Choice certainly raises ‘reasonable doubt’ that Q is genuine – and means that more likely than not ‘Q’ is a prank or a fraud. Ultimately though, one has to admit – as even Praying Medic has said – no one knows the identity of ‘Q.’ That still remains true. Also see, How The New York Times Op-ed Played Right Into The Qanon Conspiracy, The Daily Dot

The Elephantine Maze That Is ‘Q’

How Three Conspiracy Theorists Took ‘Q’ And Sparked Qanon, Brandy Zadrozny and Ben Collins, NBC; Also see, Reddit Bans Qanon Conspiracy Theory Forums, Fox News/NY Post: Also see, Michael Flynn Jr., Sean Spicer, Scott Adams, And Others All Deny ‘Q’ As Genuine, The Daily Beast; Also see, The Far Right Is Struggling To Contain QAnon After Giving It Life, NBC

Qanon: The Most Objective And Complete Assessment So Far – The uncomfortable truth about the Counter-Deep-State movement purportedly led by an anonymous ‘Trump Insider’, Seaborn Hall, Medium; Also see, Treason And Text Messages: Whom To Trust And What’s The Truth, Martin Geddes; Also see, Conspiracies Do Exist: Did The FBI Cover Up The Explosion Of TWA 800 In 1996? William F. Marshall, The Federalist; Also see, Why QAnon Followers Believe: The Psychology Of Embracing Far-Right Conspiracy Theories, Nicole Karlis, Salon

CS Commentary: ‘Q’ disciples are likely to dismiss this outright simply because Salon is a left leaning media outlet, however, the principles outlined are true for both left and right believers in conspiracies. The writer gives us insight into why we are attracted to things that explain the world we live in.

For the Common Sense Interpretation Page, Click Here


More Common Sense


Sword & Scimitar, Raymond Ibrahim

CS Commentary: Probably one of the most fascinating and important books on the history of Islam related to the ignorance of Western society ever written. Researched and resourced from primary Arabic and Greek sources. A must read.

The Sociopath Next Door, Martha Stout

CS Commentary: A great book for the environment of politics, because this is where a lot of the 4 out of 100 people who are psychopaths/sociopaths end up.


Twitter Censors Pro-Life Views, CEO Jack Dorsey ‘Flat out lying’, (see video, left), Tucker Carlson, Fox News

Famous Trials: The Trial Of O.J. Simpson – How OJ Got Away With Murder, Douglas O. Linder

Reasons Renting Is Better Than Buying, Amanda C. Haury, Investopedia

A Majority Of Teens Have Experienced Some Form Of Cyber-Bullying, Pew Research

How To Ask Someone To Pay You Back Without Being Awkward, Natalia Lusinski, Bustle

CS Commentary: One thing the article misses is that you should always loan – if you decide to loan, which we don’t necessarily endorse – with the understanding of how and when the money will be paid back. For example, before handing over any amount ask simply, “If I were to loan you what you asked, when will you be able to pay it all back?” This sets up an expectation for repayment right off the bat that will make it easier for you to go to them with the request in the future, assuming you need to do that, which you most likely will. Buying a meal for someone, we do not include in the category of loans because the next time you get together when the check comes you simply say, “I paid last time, so I’ll let you pick it up this time.”

Dallas Police Refuse To Release 911 Call Recording In Officer Shooting, Dallas News; Also see, Dallas Police Officer Charged With Manslaughter In Shooting, Star-Telegram; Also see, Dallas Police Department Fires Officer In ‘Wrong Apartment’ Shooting, Reuters; Also see, Dallas Officer Goes Home To Wrong Apartment, Kills Man Inside, Fox10Phoenix


Eating Fast Food: 9 Serious Side Effects, Dr. Axe

Why Your Critics Are Not The One’s Who Count, Dr. Brene Brown

CS Commentary: We don’t know all that Brown thinks or believes but what we like about her is that she is real, relatable, vulnerable, and always moving forward – and she shows the average person how they can be and do the same. Great words.


‘White Boy Rick’ Shines Needed Spotlight On Mandatory Minimums, Ellie Bufkin, The Federalist

Scary-Good ‘Venom’ Is Perfect Halloween Season Antihero, James Dawson, The Federalist

Nicholas Cage Back In Oscar Form With Revenge Film ‘Mandy’, Geoff Boucher, Deadline

‘A Star Is Born’ Film Review, David Rooney, Hollywood Reporter; Also see, Bradley Cooper On Personal Story Behind ‘A Star Is Born,’ NPR

CS Commentary: ‘A Star Is Born’ is probably the best film we’ve seen since ‘The Greatest Showman’. It is a great story with even greater music and will probably be nominated for Best Picture. However, Cooper and his co-writers could have updated the story a little further and injected more hope and understanding into what remains a decidedly ‘French’ film type attitude and ending. Hollywood films are largely ignorant of the hope faith in God provides – and it shows here more than ever.


This Is Me, The Greatest Showman, You Tube; Also see, The Other Side, The Greatest Showman, You Tube

Never Enough, From The Greatest Showman, Loren Allred, vocalist; Also see, Loren Allred, Live Performance


Yankees Face Must Win Game Against Red Sox, NJ.com

Sports Handicapper Picks Braves Over Dodgers In Five Games, Chris Vasile, Docsports

CS Commentary: That prediction does not look good as of Saturday. See, Kershaw Delivers Career Best Performance, ESPN; Also see, Braves Plan To Start Gausman Sunday In Pivotal Game 3 In Sun Trust Park, ESPN

NFL: Week 5 Betting Nuggets To Know For Every Game, ESPN


8 Days, 7 Nights, One Carry-On, Jetsetter; Also see, Jetsetter’s Guide To Getting A Hotel Room Upgrade, Jetsetter; Also see, 9 Smart Ways To Make Travel Less Stressful, Jetsetter

Jetsetter’s Guide To Tipping, Jetsetter

Pilot Prompted To Take Off Early, Seconds Before Earthquake Strikes Runway, God Reports


‘Sharp Objects’ TV Review, Hollywood Reporter

CS Commentary: For the first 7 of the 8 episodes, Gillian Flynn’s (Gone Girl) ‘Sharp Objects’ works beautifully, drawing you into to its shocking web of destruction. Even if you are like us and able to spot the true villain – who won’t be revealed until the last episode – the intensity of the ride is not diluted. This is a drama that pulls back the veil over dysfunctional families and systems, especially those in small towns, and is made even more relevant amid the false accusations of the Kavanaugh case. The only bone we have to pick with the series is the alternating frustration and elation of the last episode and the questions that it leaves – but everything is written with a sequel in mind these days, so maybe we’ll see these characters again.

Amazon Is Streaming The Uncut Version Of Robo-Cop, Paste Magazine

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“Freedom is obedience to self-formulated rules.” – Aristotle

“He who has never learned to obey cannot be a good commander.” – Aristotle


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