What Is CS Money?

Common Sense Money Mission Statement

Common Sense Money is an independent, money-investment-cryptocurrency site that seeks to provide resources and interpretation for the money arena in the overall context of geo-economic events.

The money and investment arenas can appear complex and difficult to understand for the uninitiated and the average retail investor. In addition, the various certifications and licenses and designations among financial representatives, companies and advisors – CFP, CFA, MBA, AIF, etc. – can be confusing.

Common Sense Money’s mission is to seek to make what is obscure in the investment arena understandable. It is to help the average investor to know who and what to trust.

CS Money is not primarily a news site and we do not get involved in head fakes, the manipulative headlines – and possibly misleading information, and noise – that seek to shape viewer opinions over the short-term. We attempt to provide consistent interpretation of the real issues. CS provides at least one article or other resource per day, on a weekly basis, to this end.


Common Sense Money Methodology

For our specific interpretive view on various themes and issues, see the section Common Sense Interpretation and the Common Sense Interpretation – Money Page. Common Sense Money specifically uses the CS Interpretation section and page to demystify the investment arena and explain the overall landscape to beginning and retail investors. If you want to understand the Investment Arena Big Picture – start here first!

CS recommends that the average investor begin by studying the Fiduciary Pyramid on the Common Sense Interpretation page. Then proceed to other articles on that page and to the Common Sense Interpretation section on each week’s posting. This will give you a good overall picture of the arena. Then proceed to reading weekly articles and Editor’s Choice and the individual sections, like Cryptocurrency.

Article and link choices are designed to help you interpret the investment, economic, and cryptocurrency arenas. Links are updated every week between Friday and Sunday evening, and periodically throughout the week as deemed necessary. Post-Sunday-evening-link entries are carried over for at least a few days into the next week. All links are provided within a framework of major sections and themes.

Sometimes we provide a synopsis or commentary on links, sometimes we do not. When we do, they are labeled Synopsis, or Common Sense Commentary.


Common Sense Money (CSM) Disclosure

The publisher of Common Sense Interpretation owns a diversified holding of stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETF’s and the like. The publisher also owns a diversified holding of Cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Monero, Stellar Lumens, Ripple, EOS, DIG, and others.

Cryptocurrency should be viewed as a speculative investment. Don’t invest unless you can afford to lose all of your invested money! You may make great returns or you may lose everything. Total Cryptocurrency investment should not be more than 1-2% of your total net worth.

The views represented on this website should not be considered investment advice, but are for informational purposes only. Consult your own financial advisor for financial investment advice before making any financial decision.

For our full CSM Legal Disclosure, see here.