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Pastor Dana Coverstone had a series of prophetic dreams about current events that he began to share on the internet in late Spring 2020. We have interpreted most of his dreams on this site (see the links at the bottom of the page). We believe Dana’s dreams are from God and that they are prophetic about current events.

We do not believe that most of the first ones are apocalyptic in the sense that they are about the end of all things. A few of his last ones do look forward and warn about a future judgment of America that also complement what prophetic figures like Terry Bennett and Sadhu Selvaraj have also warned.

Dana’s first series of dreams address the current election period with some overlap and from different perspectives. There are common elements within the dreams and in some of the dreams there is a common guide or interlocutor.

We believe it is possible to see where we are within the sequence of individual dreams and by putting together those sequences from multiple of his dreams. We begin with what we term his second prophetic dream, then move to his sixth prophetic dream, then his Dark November Dream, and finish off with ‘The Data Dream’ – and we reproduce part of our interpretation from those dreams, along with some additional comments, below.

We put excerpts from Dana’s dreams and our interpretations at the time either in Red/Yellow Boxes or in brackets below. Our present comments are in the text either before or after, as noted.

Where Are We In Dana’s Dreams?

Second Dream: ‘Part 2’ – ‘Brace Yourself, Brace Yourself, Brace Yourself’

We will not repost the entire dream or its interpretation to save space and time. For those not familiar with the dreams, please refer back to the original post. In our original post, placed here in the blue bars, including the text in the Red Boxes, we summarized the interpretation as follows. Our new comments are place in between the original posts.

The smashing of the calendar by the Fist of God is symbolic for God – symbolized by the white figure at the opening of Part 2, and the Fist that smashes the calendar – putting an end to this present crisis in November 2020.

If this is correct, we would expect a return to a kind of normalcy by the first week of December.

We seem to have been somewhat wrong about the ‘fist’ smashing the crisis in November. So far there has been continued localized volatility. And there appears to be more volatility ahead if Trump reverses the election results. The ‘dark’ nature of the month has had to do with what looks like a Trump loss in the November 3 election. As voter fraud has come to light in some quarters this dark pall over the nation has started to increase. Will Trump be able to reverse the election in the courts or not? This is the cloud that hangs over much of the nation.

The ‘fist’ appears to be the fist of God beginning to smash the opposition by exposing corruption and voter fraud across the nation. So, we were partly right But, the crisis will not end this month. The fist of God will continue to operate through the next month or more at least.

We would also be surprised at this point if we return to a ‘kind of normalcy’ by the first week of December. But we will see.

Then we said this:

The white figure acts as God’s agent and guide for Part 2 of the dream. Along with the ‘three’s’, he puts the stamp of God on the message. The calendar is symbolic for the days of the crisis. Calendar = Crisis. The ‘Fist’ belongs to God.

When The Fist smashes the calendar, God is smashing the Crisis and ending it.

The white figure – white symbolic not only for holiness and purity, but like the white horse of Revelation, victory and overcoming – and the fist, put a bracket around the calendar section of the dream. This says strongly that the figure and the fist are related and that they will control this section of the calendar.


The words spoken at the end of Part 2 three times: ‘Brace Yourself’, ‘Brace Yourself’, ‘Brace Yourself’, then become part of the literary irony. This time what you really need to ‘brace yourself’ for is resurrection and a more positive outcome – at least for a season.

Again, we are still in the midst of the localized chaos and the overall darkness predicted for the month, and it does not appear that the crisis will be ‘smashed’ during this month. However, we still insist that the ‘Fist’ in this dream is not the fist of protest, but the ‘Fist’ of God. It is the fist that will smash the crisis – whether it happens in November or whether it takes a little longer through December and into the new year of 2021 before it fully happens.

Then we said…

America’s first civil war – not that these dreams yet depict a civil war, we don’t believe that they do – began when Abraham Lincoln was elected and South Carolina seceded from the Union.

The lead up to the November 2020 election could spur further unrest as the elites attempt to create a climate and economy difficult for Trump to be re-elected. Trump’s re-election would only spark further outrage.

Regardless, the promise of the dreams is that God will end the crisis. Whether it ends because Trump is re-elected and he ends it with a hard fist, or whether it ends some other way is not clearly shown. Such is the way with prophecy.

That said, it is almost impossible with prophecy to predict exactly how it will unfold. Prophecy is like a movie trailer – short, exciting and dynamic with much emotional impact. The fulfillment of prophecy is more like the making and producing of a film – it takes months or years, is full of hard work, half-steps, and never exactly lives up to your ideal, fantasy, or the picture and expectation that the prophecy created. It is real life, not fake life.

As we are in this part of the dream now, it is easy to see that we missed some of the details. Whether we were right on the overall interpretation of the crisis being ‘smashed’ by the fist remains to be seen. In our view, this would only happen if the current election results are reversed and either by a Supreme Court decision or an Electoral College – or a House – vote, Trump is proven to be the legal President.

But, as the paragraph above describes there may be another way not immediately recognizable in Dana’s dreams that only ‘hindsight’ will show.

Dana’s Sixth Dream – The Death of the Democratic Party

Here is what we said about Dana’s Sixth Dream, which we titled ‘What will  happen starting November 3, Election Day? The Death of the Democratic Party. Our interpretation also included the Red and Yellow Boxes.


Bent, torn, dirty: the days of November will be abnormal and it may be difficult to function normally during the month. When normal function is possible it will be pared back from the usual niceties. These will all be overcast days, meaning that hope will be tested. The outlook for the nation will not be positive.

When something is ‘bent, torn, dirty’ it is damaged. November will not be a normal month. It is likely to be more violent and shock inducing than anything the US has seen thus far.

Note that Dana’s dream #2, #5, and this dream intersect some and work together. Either the white figure, the finger, or the Voice appear in all of these dreams. In dream #2 the white figure points to September and October as increasingly volatile months – and brings a ‘fist’ to November. In dream #5, Dana is shown that the month of October will be moved by a ‘strong, but not violent’ wind. The finger points specifically to the 2nd and 3rd week of October and to Halloween, October 31. (We believe that there may be revelations from Attorney General Barr on or around these October dates – or before them, in September – concerning Obama Administration indictments that may cause unrest and riots to build.)

Here in the sixth dream there is a progression, confirming the ‘fist’ of the 2nd dream and that November will be an explosive month – but, from our interpretation of Dana’s previous dreams, we also believe it will be the month in which the crisis of rebellion will, largely, at least, be put down.

We were largely right in interpreting the general movement of the dream, but a little wrong on the specifics. It is very difficult to interpret specific details in dreams without knowing the dreamer and interviewing them about the dream context and the life context. Here is what we said at the time about some later segments in the dream:

Joe is leading the Democratic party, symbolized by the mules/donkeys.

This section of Dana’s dreams reveals the hidden and pernicious plan of the Democratic Party for the 2020 Election. Their plan is to blow up President Trump’s agenda for the nation, the existing system in America, and to totally reconfigure their Party so that it takes on a more radical intent.

A Donkey is the primary symbol for Democrats, as an Elephant is primary symbol for Republicans. They are also symbolized by the colors, blue and red, respectively.

Kamala is driving or directing the party, symbolized by the wagon and its payload, and her whipping of the mules and of Joe Biden. The cases of dynamite are the plan that the Democratic Party has for Trump, and for the nation. It will result in the same type of division that happened before and leading up to the Civil War. The loose sticks in the wicker basket are indicative of individual plans and ambitions in the midst of the Party.

Dana’s dream said this:

She [Hillary Clinton] had Donald Trump on his knees and she had a Roman’s gladiator knife to the left side of his throat [from behind him, apparently]. She was holding his head back and the skeleton key was dangling in front of his face. The skeleton key looked like it had blood and black mold all over it.

Where it was banging against the front of her shirt it looked like it had left a Nazi symbol. There was an image of a double SS lightning bolt – like those that appeared on SS Storm Trooper uniforms during WWII time – on the front of her shirt [dress?].

The wagon starts picking up speed and they are headed towards Hillary and Donald Trump. Hillary’s face was giddy – but next to her leg there was a large animal trap, like a Bear Trap.

We also said this…

Hillary was apparently wearing a Wilma Flintstone dress…we are not sure exactly what this looked like. If this is correct, we are not sure of the meaning – perhaps that she’s acting like a ‘cavemen’, or ‘pre-historic.’

The incomplete nature of it may be symbolic of Hillary’s partial preparation and success for the highest office in the land. She has been trying to ‘dress up’ but has fallen short. The dress is ‘incomplete.’ She has the key to death and she has a trophy or partial power (ring) that she acquired by shedding someone’s blood. The next scene confirms the methods she uses to obtain ‘victory.’

Trump being on his knees is symbolic for his precarious political position due to all of the attacks he has endured. Hillary is behind his back because he has been blindsided by the attacks, which have come from a place he could not foresee. Hillary, and her 2016 campaign, was the initiator of the attacks. She holds the knife to the left side of his neck because the attacks are from the ‘radical left.’

As the dream continued to develop, we said this…

Kamala’s and the wagon’s ‘target’ is both Hillary and Donald Trump. This is probably indicative of a power play by Kamala to control the Party and the nation in the future. Things naturally begin to ‘pick up speed’ or develop faster as the election gets closer and the Democrats believe that their power grab is going to work.


Hillary is ‘giddy’, which means that she is flush in the expectation that victory over Trump will be hers. She seems to have no awareness that the trap set for her is dangerous. Trump’s back is to Hillary and  his neck is exposed because he is the one exposed and vulnerable. Perhaps, this has given Hillary a false sense of security.

Here is what the dream says…

Suddenly Trump took his left hand and grabbed the key that was dangling in front of him and pulled it down. When he did that, he took his right hand and hit her with the back of his hand in the chin and she dropped the knife– as her face was being pulled down by his pull on the key. Hillary dropped the knife and stepped back. The President ran off quickly.

Then Hillary steps into the big trap. She is trying to get out, and trying to pick up the knife, but she can’t.

We have not come to this part of the dream yet. But, the dream seems to predict that Trump will escape from the overall trap of the Democrats which it rightly interprets as beginning with Hillary’s attacks on Trump and her attempts to take him down with the bogus Russia collusion claims.

We will move on the Dana’s Eighth Dream briefly, then return to this dream in the conclusion.

Dana’s Eighth Dream, Monday August 24, 2020: ‘Shock and Awe’: Dark November Storm

Dana’s eighth dream predicts a dark month of November where the sunlight and hope for the nation begins to emerge by the end of the month. We would encourage the reader to view/read the whole dream because it gives on reason for hope as we move into December towards Christmas. The dream begins like this:

Dana saw a calendar turned to the month of November. He saw shadows all over it. He saw a large, bright light in the sky – and then darkness. Then he began to make out what looked like a morning coming. The night was going away and the fog and the haze were drifting away.

In our interpretation of the above section, we said:

This section appears to be something like an overview of the whole message of this dream. November will be a dark month, but by the end of it there will be light and hope on the horizon.

Then, the dream, and our interpretation of it at the time, continues:

He saw that there were many Americans and they were in an emergency shelter. It could have been mostly along the Gulf Coast area.

These people were huddled together and they were shivering. There were individuals laying on cots and there were suitcases all over the place. A lot of desperate looks on the faces of most everyone.

Our interpretation was…

Hurricane Laura made landfall on August 27, 2002, just after Dana had these three dreams. However, this dream may be looking forward to what is just about to come to the Gulf Coast and using the symbol of Laura for what will happen to the nation as a whole.  

In November America will be in ‘emergency’ mode. It will be like an emotional hurricane goes through the nation. Americans may again be sheltered up within their homes to protect themselves. Some people may be displaced. There may be power outages in different parts of the nation.

There were encouragers in the crowd and they wore crosses – they stood out from everyone else because they had hope. They had smiles on their faces when everyone else was downtrodden and in despair, angry and frustrated, and confused. They were checking on people.

They were at times told to go away but they continued to do what they were doing.

Our interpretation was…

There remain two groups of people – those who see God in the trail and those who don’t. It is the Christians who see God in the trial and testing – and embrace the Cross of Christ – who will experience victory.

Businesses will continue to be destroyed or shutdown because of unrest. People continue to flee the big cities because of the chaos and confusion that is occurring in them. People no longer have the ‘energy’ or ‘fuel’ to live in larger cities – flight to surburbia and smaller towns will continue.

Dana saw businesses that were shuttered. In bigger cities he saw gas stations and people just walked away from them.


He saw headlines. One Headline: ‘Shock And Awe in The U.S.’ Another headline read: ‘UN Steps In To Help Host Nation.’

Our interpretation was…

This may be a symbolic headline: the nation will be shocked, but in awe of the grace of God. Or, part of the nation will be shocked, part of the nation will be in awe of the goodness and grace of God.

Again, we would encourage the reader to view this dream in its entirety. We were not exactly correct on some of the details of our interpretation, but in retrospect one can see that this dream correctly predicts the general state of the nation during the month of November and offers hope for the nation as we transition out of the month into December.

Dana’s ‘The Data Dream’

Dana’s ‘The Data Dream’ appears to predict the discovery of voter fraud in the November 3 election, the importance of Pennsylvania and Nevada as key states in Trump’s attempt to overturn the election, and finally, the death of VP Biden’s Presidential candidacy and the eventual reversal of the election. It also foreshadows a dark shadow cast over the future of America because of the division this election brings clearly into the light.

As the dream develops, Dana says…

As they were doing it the bigger cities were still sending up smoke signals (like in the Old Westerns). It was like the data points were sending up information about what had happened there.

Our interpretation was as follows:

Big cities from the West to the East will be the primary place of concern as to voter system integrity.

The smoke signals are signs that something is wrong, but not evidence yet. ‘Something had happened there’ – the smoke signals are the ‘signs’ that something has taken place – they are the whistleblowers.

They will all be symbolized or represented most by Philadelphia.

As of this date we now know this to be true. Voter and election fraud has come to light and the primary places it has been shown to be problematic are Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, and Atlanta, as well as some key counties in AZ and NV. The ‘Bg cities’ motif of Dana’s dream appears to be accurate.

Then there was a Countdown Clock. It was on the other side of the Mississippi River. It was counting down 10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1. When it reached the number 1, cities in eastern side of the Midwest began having the same flash points and they began to smoke and the circuits were fried.


He could hear the lab coat guys yelling the system is going up, its going up, then, it’s going down, it’s going down. The Circuits are going to fry, they’re going to fry, then flash points and smoke.

Our interpretation was…

Countdown clock – a certain time when things will come to light. It will no longer be guesses, smoke signals or signs, it will be clear that there is voter corruption and fraud. But it is also a time limit – it appears that it will go down to the last minute.

Trump officials trying to investigate the system are having some success and some failure. The system is either a system of integrity or it is corrupt and will be shown to be all together in question. The system ‘going to fry’ is the entire voting system in America being called into question: ‘Is it all corrupt?’

We can now understand the ‘Countdown Clock’ a little better. As the “Timeline for the Election’ below shows, there is a countdown within which these things must come to light and be proved. December 8 is the last date for State legislatures to certify electors to vote in the Electoral College.

When the flashes reached Philadelphia, the network line that was red(it looked like a fire hose, pulsating with LED lights inside of it). When it got to Philadelphia the network line went into where the Liberty Bell was sitting and went underneath the Liberty Bell. When the pressure began to build up (like water in a fire hose) it got under the Bell and blew up and the Bell went straight up into the air.


When it did, the Liberty Bell split in half.


It fell in such a way that the round area of the bell landed on the ground and the halves of the Bell rocked back and forth. The crack of the Bell became what split the whole thing in half. It stopped rocking back and forth after what seemed like several minutes of rocking back and forth.


Then the Liberty Bell began to melt. It was like the heat source from the data points and the fire hose began to melt it.

Election and voter fraud will show that our liberty has not been as we thought. Others have controlled our choices and limited our freedom. The revelation of our lack of liberty will reveal a ‘crack’ in our Capitol and in our nation. For more, see our interpretation of Dana’s ‘Data Dream.’

What Happens Next? ‘The obvious winner is not so obvious.’

Returning to Dana’ Sixth Dream, we interpreted this phrase above to mean that Trump would win, but that there would be a fight after he won that would put the result in question.

We now know that the phrase above actually meant the exact opposite. Biden would appear to be the winner – but it will take uncovering voter fraud and deception in the US voting system for Trump’s landslide victory to come to light. This is what Dana’s sixth dream is really saying.

Here is the relevant part of Dana’s Sixth Dream and what we said about it initially:

Dana saw:


Cities on fire.

Headlines that read: ‘Trump Victory Challenged Everywhere’. It was on digital marquees in New York’s Time Square and places like that.

There were protestors in the street that were weary and asleep and they were dirty and dingy like they had not slept or showered in weeks.


This bell rang.


Suddenly these people woke up and came to life and started salivating like ‘Pavlov’s dog.’ Big buckets of saliva – it seemed to stay in their shirts.

Dana saw people screaming and getting violent over the election results to the point that people were firing weapons randomly into the sky. People were angry and people were mad.


Dana saw a person with a sign or a plaque (like the kind you see when someone is carrying a ‘The world is about to end’ sign). It said: ‘The obvious winner is not so obvious.’

He held his head in shame [meaning the person carrying the sign?]

The crowd was in a frenzy with hatred and anger – they were hitting each other with their signs and banners.

Our interpretation was…

The bell is what rings before fighters come out to fight’ in the ring. The ‘bell’ is symbolic for whatever signals to the protestors to become violent. It says they are being controlled from the outside – just like Pavlov’s dog. The ‘bell’ may be November 3, or more likely, the results of November 3 and the signal from the losing side to contest the election and ‘protest’ it.

Buckets of saliva that stay on their shirts – Suddenly, they have unlimited passion and enthusiasm for continued ‘protests’ and revolt.

‘The obvious winner is not so obvious,’ means that there is one obvious winner of the election – Trump – but, sadly it will not be so ‘obvious’ to these who are controlled by some outside force, like Pavlov’s dog. They will not be able to see past their own uncontrollable  frenzy.

So, here it is apparent that our interpretation in general was correct – but we got the details reversed. It is not Trump who won, but Biden, at least, who has appeared to win. ‘The obvious winner is not so obvious’ means something a little different: The obvious winner is Trump, but voter and election fraud obscures the fact that he won – and the greatness of his victory – from most of the public.

There is passion on both sides of the debate – but one can see that the violent protests are coming from the side of the Left and will only increase if the election result is reversed and overturned. We are not here yet – but the dream appears to predict that we will be here shortly.

What Happens Next?

What happens next?

Timeline to Certify and Determine the Outcome of The Election

States Certify Election Results – Different state to state, late November and early December

Last Day For States to Resolve Election Disputes and Appoint New Electors — December 8

Electors in Electoral College Cast Their Ballots — December 14

President of the Senate receives Electoral Vote Certificates – December 23

*Congress counts Electoral Votes (sitting VP presides) – January 6*

*[If neither candidate receives 270 Electoral votes on December 14, a joint session of the new Congress convenes January 6 – the House votes for President, one vote per state; Senate votes for Vice-President, one vote per Senator]

Inauguration Day – January 20

[If a Presidential candidate is not declared by this date, the VP-Elect becomes interim President. If a VP-Elect has not been decided, the Speaker of the House becomes interim President.]

Here is what Dana’s ‘Data Dream’ says towards the end:

Then, the scene changed. He saw a rotunda in the Capitol.


There was a closed casket in the middle of the Rotunda. The sign on the casket stated: INSIDE IS THE DEMOCRATIC CANDIDATE FOR THE OFFICE OF PRESIDENT. There was a calendar hanging above the casket and on the paper of the calendar was written a date: DECEMBER 17. The calendar also had the date of December 17 circled.


One of the sons of the Democratic Presidential candidate was there, but not the other. The candidate’s wife was there and she was looking down at the ground. Nobody was crying.


There were senators from both parties and they had their heads down and they were looking at the floor and shaking their heads back and forth as in a violent ‘NO.’ They were making fists and shaking their heads violently. Their shoes were not on their feet. All of their shoes were piled at the entrance to the Rotunda. All of the Congressman and Senators were barefooted. A couple of females had pantyhose or stocking on their feet.


Then, a prominent Senator stood up and demanded to see the body. That is when the Sergeant of Arms rushed up with several Marines and said ‘There will be no viewing of the body today or ever again.’

If Dana’s dreams are really prophetic then we would expect Trump to be successful in his attempts to overturn this election and that VP Biden’s candidacy will be dead in the water by Christmas or shortly after. December 8 is the last day for State Legislatures to certify electors to vote in the Electoral College on December 14.

Al Gore conceded the 2000 election on December 10 – so the first weeks of December are key for the ultimate decision of the election. One would expect Supreme Court deliberations and decisions that will lead into the December 8 state decisions and the December 14 Electoral College vote.

Dana’s ‘Data Dream’ predicts that Biden’s candidacy will be ‘dead’ by December 17.

As we said in our initial interpretation, we would expect this not to be so obvious on that date, but one never knows. It certainly makes more sense that something subtle on or around that date will point to the death of his candidacy and that the election will be finally decided in a House vote on January 6 (see the Timeline in the Yellow Box above). This also seems to be the general tone of the Congressional scene in Dana’s ‘Data Dream.’ But, we will see.

We encourage you to review our interpretations of the above dreams for more. In addition, see Dana’s December Dream, link below, for more on where we are presently in Dana’s dreams.


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